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Picking up foreign girls

Picking up foreign girls

Hi Guys and Girls it’s me, Iain Myles here, the executive dating coach for So today’s video is going to be a little bit different than usual because in today’s video I’m going to centre the conversation on language barriers when interacting with the opposite sex for the first time.

Okay, so I’m going to talk about language barriers, and specifically, I’m going to talk about how to communicate with women who are non- native speakers in your language. Which, in my case, are the women who are not native speakers of the English language. Now I know you might want to meet, date and end- up with a woman who speaks your native language, I know that and that’s fine and I understand that. And I’m not preaching for you to change your life goals here, certainly not! And you will get to hook- up with women who are native speakers too! But just hear me out here as there are a whole host of benefits and skills to gain, when interacting with non- native speakers, okay, which I will talk about. So open your mind just for a moment.

But I must say though, I really could not care less if she speaks good English or not. I really don’t care. If the girl’s attractive, if she’s energetic, and if she’s nice, I just do not care. I suppose I used to care more when I was younger, and when I was less experienced in terms of dating. I suppose over- time I became much more traveled in terms of dating women. I basically saw more of the opposite sex, I met many different types of women from many different cultures and backgrounds, and so I realised the important things to appreciate which have nothing to do with the way she speaks. But let’s not go too astray now, I will come back to this matter perhaps with Annabella at KamaCouch, as I could talk about this forever!

foreign girls

So anyway, today’s video will also include a piece of infield footage where I’m communicating and attracting a girl who’s a non- native speaker. I basically cold- approach her, right off from the street, and I get her onto a date with me, just on the spot. She was a really gorgeous girl and I was really attracted to her, so I hope you enjoy the clip.

But guys, before we get going though, I just want to remind you of the new book I’d released a few weeks ago. It’s called Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide & Cure for Approach Anxiety and so, as the title suggests, the book is all about the anxieties and the pressures a man faces when he’s dating and when he’s approaching gorgeous women for the very first time. And I have to say, what I love most about this book is the fact that I look at approach anxiety at so many different angles, from the scientific to the practical. Why do I do this? Well it’s so you get to see it from different perspectives and viewpoints. The goal here is to really shift your reality when it comes to cold- approaching women, to ease the pressure off from you when you talk to that beautiful girl for the first time in order to allow for better communication, and therefore better success with women overall. And guys, as you can imagine, I had spent a really really long time writing this book, and I have poured into it all of my life’s experiences on social anxiety too, so definitely check it out! If you want to find out more, you can click on the link in the videos description right down below, and you can also click on the card right above and it will take you to my new book. Okay, so I think it’s about time we have a look at the interaction of me and the girl I approached on the street. So let’s see how we got on together, and let’s see what we can learn, so stay tuned!

Alright so I hope you liked that little piece of infield footage there. I wanted to show you this because the girl was clearly a non- native speaker of English. Okay so this leads me onto my next point.

When you go out and when you start getting into this stuff – when you start approaching women for the very first time, you may come across various mental obstacles or should I say, you may develop various limiting beliefs in relation to this, which will prevent you from taking action when you’re there. One of those beliefs may be in relation to the way in which the girl communicates. For example, if the girl’s a non- native speaker (just like the girl I showed you in the footage) and if her language is not that good, you may find it difficult to engage with her. It might be that she’s new to the country and so doesn’t speak the language very well. And you may find it annoying or frustrating when you’re not understood or when you can’t understand her, I get it. You may even just feel like giving up and you slowly lose interest in the interaction. Frankly this is absurd, especially if you were initially really attracted to the girl.

And so the thought of throwing in the towel so- to- speak is natural because you’ve grown up in your native land and you’ve socialised with native speakers of your language too. So there is a linguistic and a cultural understanding in your interactions. However when speaking to a foreign girl, there’s clearly a misunderstanding.

I mean look the reality is is that when you live in a big city, such as London, New York or LA, you will come across a lot of foreign women and they may not always be native speakers of the language. That’s something you will have to accept. And it shouldn’t limit you from interacting with them in the very slightest. So what are the solutions?

up foreign girls

Well, you can’t magically kick all of them out and you can’t change the way they speak. So you need to run with it. But the main thing here is to carry- on and to be patient. Yes you need to be patient. Be patient with her and slow the conversation right down until you’re both on the same page. It can be difficult to be patient, especially when you’re not understood, but be smart about it guys – you’re going to hook up with a beautiful girl, you’re not going to be debating with her when you’re in bed together!

But also, think about the advantages of it from a personal development perspective too. When you slow the conversation all the way down you can think more about how you’re saying things, and how you’re positioning your body. It’s really good because you have some breathing space and you have some time to compose yourself if you’re feeling a bit of anxiety. I know what you’re thinking, you probably can’t be bothered to stick around and be patient with her, however that mindset is not a healthy one, it’s not going to serve you well, and it will limit you later on in all aspects of your life – be it dating or even in business. So don’t really think too much of it, set your prejudices aside when you’re speaking to her and be open minded to it – I mean I often interact with women from various different types of backgrounds and from different ethnicities and I must say I’ve learnt so much, it’s almost like you’re getting a free ticket ride around the world, it’s truly time well spent. So definitely gravitate yourself towards those opportunities, and be patient when you’re interacting with her.

Just going back to what I said a moment ago about being patient – it’s great because it gives you some space to manoeuvre, what I mean is – it will allow you to think about how you’re communicating, how you’re coming across. Which is really important for those guys who are starting to get into this stuff for the first time. Okay, so being patient will allow you to maintain more eye contact with her, when you’re listening to her speak or when you’re communicating things slowly. Believe me it will just come out because you’re focusing more. And you see eye contact is really important, because it builds that connection with your lady. And typically, when a guy starts this for the first time, he will have a tremendous amount of difficulty maintaining that eye contact because he will feel so nervous being there. Without even him knowing it, his eye contact will waver too much and the girl won’t feel that connection with him. When you get more and more experienced, your eye contact will improve and you will be sub- communicating so much more through your eyes. And it really is the gateway, you can tell everything by the eyes. It’s difficult to fake it too, because your confidence and your fears are sub- communicated through your eyes. Just have a think about it when you speak to someone or when you’re on a date with a girl, and just be aware of where you’re looking. You will find yourself looking away when you’re about to speak, if you’re a bit more anxious. But try to centre your eyes throughout the entire interaction.

And so, as I was talking about before, by slowing things all the way down too, you can actually make a conscious effort to maintain better eye contact with your girl. What I’ve observed is that, she will have better eye contact with you too when she’s trying to focus on you so it will be easier for you to reciprocate that eye contact.

Guys I can’t stress how important this is because when you maintain that great eye contact, you will find your speech will automatically improve too because it’s not going to allow you to look around and think too much. You will find that your speech will flow so much better so definitely work on maintaining that eye contact with her by slowing things down.

So yeah, as you can see there are a whole host of benefits you can learn by engaging with women who are non- native speakers. If you’re a staunch conservative but you’re really into your personal development then it would be foolish to disregard these chicks. Plus guys, there are so many attractive foreign women too. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Sometimes you come across them and it’s like, oh my god, why haven’t I traveled here before. I kind of never understood those guys who are so adamant to stick to that one stereotypical – type of girl, like that blonde girl with blue eyes for example, who speaks the same native language. And some of those guys would disregard anything else, outright. It’s just so narrow- minded and uncultured, and tasteless. I mean look, there’s nothing wrong with that too, everyone has a taste. However when you do this stuff and you’re in a big city, it’s going to really limit you, your development and your eventual success in the long- run if you limit your pool of choice. You don’t need to stress about it because you will eventually meet that type of girl you’ve always wanted, you will. But you need to develop yourself first, and you need to be open to developing yourself and your communication before you can achieve that.

Okay, I’ve kind of gone astray a bit since the beginning of the video. So the key points here to remember is to be patient when you’re meeting non- native speakers, girls, of your language. Just continue the interaction for as long as you can and see how it turns out. And based on this, remember to be aware of how you’re sub- communicating – position yourself and your body and also think about your eye contact. Okay so you don’t need to stare her down either like you’re the Night King from the Game of Thrones. Just simply be aware of where you’re looking when you’re speaking, and even that will make a profound difference to the way in which you’re communicating with her.

Alright so I hope you liked the insights in my video today and I hope it’s given you some ideas when you’re out and about. And ideas which you can implement when you’re interacting with women who are non- native speakers. And guys, please do put your comments and put your thoughts on the topic in the comments section right down below, always curious to hear your voice on my videos too!

Guys there will be many many more videos, of all sorts, coming your way soon at KamaTV, so definitely stay tuned as we’ve got so much in store for you. Also, if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to support the cause by clicking on that subscribe button and turning on that little bell icon – which will ensure you never ever miss anything from either myself or from the rest of the gang at Kamalifestyles. So today you were joined by Iain Myles, and I shall see you soon!

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