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Pick up lines for flirting

Pick up lines for flirting

The science behind attraction between men and women is phenomenal. When you desire a woman, your body and mindset adjust to attract the woman. Pheromone doses in your body go up in an attempt to naturally attract the woman you desire.


However, most guys don’t become successful in getting the women they want because of what they have to do consciously to get the woman. For example, approaching the woman and striking an intriguing interaction that will leave the woman wanting more.


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In this article, you’ll explore pick up lines for flirting that can get you the woman you want. We’ll explore women’s sweet spots where you can launch your flirty pickup lines. You’ll also get a bonus of exploring common mistakes guys make with pick up lines for flirting.


How you break the ice with a woman is crucial because it determines the flow which your conversation will take. The right pickup lines for flirting can build a positive first impression.


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Pick up lines for flirting

Most guys like picking up girls with cheesy lines like, “Are you tired, you have been running in my mind throughout. I hope you didn’t hurt when you fell from heaven because you are an angel.”


Cheesy pickup lines are unoriginal and it will make you look inexperienced or dishonest. Most girls associate cheesy pickup lines with guys that are not looking for something serious. It can work if the woman is looking to be playful but it rarely happens.


The pickup line you approach a woman with can subject you to an extensive qualification process because the woman is trying to determine your intention and character.


On the other hand, approaching a woman with skillful flirting pickup lines can trigger interest in a woman. She’ll want to know more of what you are made of, which will bypass her need to qualify you.


Let’s look at pick up lines for flirting:


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1.   Starting a conversation


It’s tricky to get the woman you want with just a pick-up line. Nevertheless, pickup lines can offer an awesome conversation starter with any woman. Clever pickup lines can lighten the mood and make a woman more receptive to your approach.


Flirting pickup lines to start a conversation are mostly tailored to draw the woman’s attention to you in a light way. Flirting in the pickup line gives away your intention and the woman will understand why you’ve approached her.


The common blunder that most guys make is coming too strong with their pickup lines. That can trigger the woman to erect her emotional wall. You still need to build rapport with a woman and get her in a comfort zone.


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Examples of flirty pick up lines to start a conversation:


▪    I come bearing greetings from those that find your smile gracious.


▪    I thought you should know, but the paparazzi you were avoiding are across the street.


▪   I was coming to flirt with you but your smile made everything go away!


2.   Build confidence in the conversation


It’s normal for most guys to experience approach anxiety when they approach a woman they are attracted to. Women, on the other hand, are skeptical about guys that approach them. Building confidence in the conversation can help you to overcome the initial anxiety phase.


Flirty pick up lines can be used to loosen the mood and put you and the woman at ease in the conversation. Women enjoy being appreciated and flirting can be structured in a way a woman sees it as appreciation rather than flirting.



Your confidence will grow as the woman engages you in the conversation and displays positive body language dating coaching for men. Examples:


▪    I could listen to you talk the whole day. You have a melodious voice.


▪    You have an amazing sense of humor for someone that looks so professional.


3.   Escalate with the woman


Escalating your conversation with a woman can open doors to new interactions that will build an intimate relationship. Most guys find it challenging to transition from small talk to conversations that really matter. The absence of escalation in a conversation can certainly land you in the friend’s zone.


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Flirty pick up lines can be a sneaky way to escalate with a woman. It creates space for you to digress from the topic without a perfect bridge or transitional phrase.


Mastering the art of flirting allows you to introduce flirty pick up lines that can be instrumental in building sexual tension. Introducing sexual innuendos as flirty pick up lines in your conversation can help you gauge a woman’s interest in you.


However, escalation with flirty pick up lines cannot work in isolation. Mastering body language that compliments what you are saying can give you an awesome presentation.




▪    The lights here don’t do you justice. I know an awesome place around that will compliment that stunning smile.


▪    Talking to you just shows me how much I’ve been missing. I wouldn’t mind if I had you for the rest of my life.


4.   Situational flirting


Mastering situational flirting can help you come up with instant pickup lines that will impress a woman. Situational flirting is about looking for humor in your environment or in what you say during the conversation that can lighten the mood.


Most women are attracted to guys that approach them with situational flirty pick up lines because they seem genuine. It also puts a woman in a neutral place to interact with you.


Going all out from the beginning with flirty pick up lines can increase tension because most women wouldn’t know how to react.




Her: It’s so hot today.


You: Yeah, I think we should pour cold water on you because your hotness will hike global warming at this point.


5.   Pick up lines for flirting over text


Online dating is booming in this new age. However, most guys are not having it easy because of the difference between flirting face-to-face and through text.


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Texting eliminates communication relayed by body language and that’s something you have to consider when you are using flirty pick-up lines to get a girl. Let’s look at pickup lines that actually work via text:


Build trust and comfort


Building trust and comfort via text is a sure way to guarantee that your flirting attempts will hit a home run. Most guys approach the woman and start dropping flirting bars on them. However, without trust and comfort, your attempts will hit an emotional wall.


There are playful flirting techniques that you can use to communicate your interest. A simple compliment about a woman’s hobby or interest will go a long way in establishing trust and comfort than sexual or physical compliments.




You are a very skilled archer. I would love some training sessions because I have two left hands. (Humor and compliments are the best combinations to trigger trust and interest.)


Evoke emotions


Flirting over text can be tricky because you don’t see the woman’s reaction and response to whatever you are saying. You also have to consider that you might not be the only one chatting with her at that moment.


Inspiring the woman to experience various emotions that you could connect with can make you memorable and trigger a woman’s interest in you. The emotions you inspire in a woman are what will compel her to want to meet you.


There are many ways that you can throw a flirting punchline that will get a woman to think of you. The best way to approach flirting pick-up lines is to understand the timing you drop them.


You can become a master of flirtation and get the women you want when you understand your skills and personality. Most of the time guys feel the pressure of flirting because the technique they are using doesn’t fit their personality or situation.



You can build your skills today and attract women with your flirting skills. Kamalifestyles offers a wide range of products and materials that will strengthen your pick up lines for flirting, the core of your flirting skills, and make you flexible in any situation.


Flirting is a form of persuasion that will improve your game and make you swift at forming pickup lines for the women you desire.


Emre Ilkme

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