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Persuading her | 5 tips that will change your dating game

Persuading her | 5 tips that will change your dating game

Persuading her | 5 tips that will change your dating game

Hey guys. It’s me Iain Myles here your dating coach from You know I’ve made it my mission to bring you the hottest topics that will make you irresistible with women. Now, persuading women might seem like running on glass for most guys.

Persuading her | 5 tips that will change your dating game

You are in the club, and you spot this hot woman, and she looks like she wants you, but when you approach her, she turns you down. When you want to get women hooked to you, you need more than a few cheesy pick-up lines and rehearsed stories.

In today’s video, we will look at five tips of persuasion that will change your dating game. So before I start guys, you know what to do, click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be so many videos coming your way.

Make the conversation about her

The first rule of the universe for all men who bask in the success of getting women is making the woman the centerpiece of the conversation. And please don’t confuse making her the center of the conversation and making her a suspect in the interrogation room.

People love talking about themselves, and women can talk about everything good and evil that has ever happened to them if you let them. Driving the conversation towards her will make her open up.

Persuading her | 5 tips that will change your dating game

The more she tells you about the good, bad, and ugly, unconsciously she is forming an emotional connection with you. You can use that emotional connection as leverage to ask her out.

Also, if you want to persuade a lady, you need to know what excites and drowns her. Letting her take control of the conversation will help you understand her.

Then you can use the information you’ve gathered about her to persuade her. For example, she is a big sucker for art. You can ask her out to an art gala. It will be hard for her to say no because it’s something she enjoys doing.

Embrace the possibility of rejection

No matter how good you are, you will sometimes get rejected. The truth is rejection is more painful than knocking your toe on the chair. However, the fear of rejection welcomes desperation. You will do whatever it takes to get the woman you like, and she will reject you because of your despair.

Once you make a woman feel like she will be doing you a favor by being with you, she will not want you. Embrace the possibility that you might get rejected. It is not personal. Maybe you are not her type, or she got hurt, and she’s not over it.

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