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Number one tip to succeed in dating!

Number one tip to succeed in dating!

Hi guys it’s Maria here and so today I’m going to be talking to you about tips to succeed in dating. So the guys we coach at Kamalifestyles often ask us for our number one tips and strategies to score with those really gorgeous girls. They also ask us what our single number one top tip is to succeed in dating and meeting gorgeous women. I mean It’s quite hard to isolate a number one tip, to say that one tip has precedent over any other tip, however I think beyond having the best skills to meet women and pick up women and beyond having the best techniques to pick up girls, the most important tip is to dedicate time and effort in developing this aspect of your life and becoming fully immersed in it.

Number one tip to succeed in dating!

Guys we live in a society where people just expect everything on a plate, absolutely everything. People expect everything will come to them with minimal effort and minimal action. I guess technology has made us lazy and has given us those bad habits. People think that dating will just sort itself out and that they can just leave it say until the weekend or for another day. And then the weekend comes, there’s another distraction and they postpone it again and again until it’s completely forgotten about. People have become so lazy and are not willing to put in the effort in these things. They usually say things like: it’s just not worth the effort and the time. But guys that’s not how successful people think, not at all.

And guys as always I hope you enjoyed that and don’t forget to check out as we offer a number of different programmes in order to improve your dating skills and techniques but as well as your overall confidence and awareness around women. And please do stay tuned for many more free videos from myself and from the rest of the Kama team. I’m Maria and I’ll see you next time !

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Maria is infield trainer and she regularly publishes infield approach videos on different dating topics on KamaTV. She is always on the road training our clients and filming regularly for our youtube channel. Maria gives very honest dating advice from a female perspective and she is always direct and give her honest feedback to our clients and youtube viewers.

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