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Night game pick up adventures!

Night game pick up adventures!

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Gents today I will break down the night game interaction that I had and I will give some insight that you can intercoperate in your own game.. So let’s watch the footage

Approaching a woman and picking up, can be a hard game if you don’t know the dynamics. Anyone who is seeking to perfect his night game with girls needs to have good inner game. Your inner game determines how well you will get with her, and is spiced up by how you back up everything you say.

Inner game and practice

If you are looking for a way in which you can up your game with women, start approaching and practising. Golden rule is get out of the house! It will simply help you build confidence within yourself, while with and around women. Most men are normally very nervous around women, and cannot chat up or approach with ease. However, with the practice, you can first build your confidence while around these women, and then know how to talk to them. Regularly going out will be beneficial to you, be sure to take it seriously and you will improve a lot and start hooking girls very soon. Never forget it is your inner game that will determine whether you can get the girl or not. Success in dating will come through by having the information, practising, being assertive and also have a good inner game. I always benefited from being direct and to the point, and never use silly stupid tactics that will drive girls away. You cannot trick them as they are not stupid! The best way to do this is by true to yourself and your values, and developing your authentic personality with a solid inner game.

Pick up adventures

Don’t get me wrong here… It is not my intention to get into the “do looks matter” discussion here… it does matter and it doesn’t matter! but for your own goodness make sure your style is good and engaging… you know that you can control this. There are those ladies who will fall for you just because of your looks and dressing, while other will first need to understand your inner self before they can give any attention to you. This is the reason why you are always advised to keep yourself well groomed for both sides well and effectively. All in all, having good looks alone is not enough to capture a woman’s heart. At night clubs and bars most people wear nice clothes. Gents definitely show them that you do care about yourself and dress nice. I always calibrate my dressing style and value to the venue show that I really care about myself and others.

Well you will say now ; some guys they walk up to a group of beautiful women in a bar and start a conversation with them, and the women respond immediately to him, laughing at his jokes and flirting with him but they are the ones who are rich, or tall, handsome (again do looks matter thing or that money thing)… and you will say I am not rich or tall or good looking bla blabla…! Guys I disagree don’t compare yourself with others you don’t know their journey… you don’t know what they have practiced! Gents most of them are the ones who has an understanding of the inner game and outer game and know what to do and really confident personalities… in other words they are experienced and gone out more and approached more, got rejected more and they are not comparing themselves with others… Gents take the hint!

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