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Nice guys vs bad guys

Nice guys vs bad guys

Nice guys vs bad guys

Bad guys always seem to get women. I am sure that you have heard this before and I am sure that you probably most likely have seen it first-hand.

This is a typical scenario for most guys, you find that a girl that you are friends with keeps ending up with the bad guy!. Even though she cries on your shoulder about how much the bad guy mistreats her time and time again she keeps going back to him.

Why? You know you are much better than that guy and you know you would not treat her that way yet she still goes back to him and probably just sees you as her friend.

What I am going to go through next is the main attributes of a bad guy and then the nice guy and what the differences between the two are.

Bad Guys

The reason why bad guys tend to get the girl more than the nice guy is simply that they have many traits that women find more attractive than nice guys.

First of all, they are more sure of themselves and their reality which means that they know what they want in life and they don’t need anyone else and especially women to validate them on this.

The bad guy is comfortable in who he is as a man and is not afraid to give his opinion and he does not care if his opinion might clash or upset others.

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This is very attractive to women and as much as a woman might consciously disapprove and even get into an argument with him, subconsciously she wants to be challenged and she wants this.

As much as she might verbally put him down, she will subconsciously find it thrilling and passionate to be challenged by a guy like this.

There is also a thrill for her in that all her friends’ including you might tell her that he is no good for her in the long run, this adds more of a thrill as she sees him as forbidden fruit and there is also a challenge that she sees in that she might be able to tame him.

Nice Guys

The main reason that nice guys end up finishing last is almost the exact opposite of everything that I have mentioned about the bad guy.

Nice guys vs bad guys

On paper, the nice guy is exactly what women want, nice, kind, faithful and reliable, basically someone that they can trust and that they can have their future children with.

Unfortunately, these traits end up making the nice guy appear bland and boring. In the long run these are definitely the traits that she wants but yet she can’t find in the bad guy. It is essentially human nature for us to want what we cannot have.

The irony is that the few times that we hear of the bad guy settling down, the woman ends up getting bored and leaving him and looking for a new challenge.

The Solution

It seems hopeless when we examine the facts like this that we as men cannot seem to win with women. Yet you can. I am not saying to become that bad guy that messes the girl about and cheats on her. You do not have to completely change yourself for her.

(Accepting your control is limited plays hand-in-hand with your level of confidence. Reading this article will certainly help: Confidence Course).

You can instead model some of the traits of the so-called bad guy. What the bad guy ultimately commands from her is respect and you don’t have to treat her like dirt to make her respect you.

The main qualities that she finds attractive in the bad guy is his alpha behavior. Essentially a guy who as I mentioned earlier someone that is not afraid to be himself, to be able to express himself and take control and challenge the girl without trying to win her approval or caring what she thinks of him.

This is something that you can strive to be and it is one of the main courses that we teach at Kamalifestyles.

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