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Nice Guy Syndrome

Nice guy Syndrome

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about Nice guy syndrome.
It is heartbreaking to say this but being a nice guy never works when it comes to attracting women or getting freaky. Nice guys all seem to be the same and we want a guy who is different from the pack. Women tend to think that nice guys can never get things done which is a turn-off. Dating should be something unpredictable but nice guy strive for perfection and it makes the relationship boring because you have no reason to fight with him.

You don’t make any real demands

The reason you have not got into her pants is that you are waiting for her to tell you it’s time. Only a small percentage of us will tell you to get your guns up and get freaky. Majority of us will just look at you and wonder if you are missing an organ. Nice guys are always afraid of taking risks because they don’t want to offend us. Sometimes we put up a wall to see how strong you are and nice guys avoid going over the safe threshold. When you are nice you will be on a constant trip of anxiety, what will she think if you act in a certain way?

You get your confidence trashed

Sometimes we start a fight so that we disagree and have make-up sex. It’s hot and intense. Nice guys are afraid of disagreements and fights in a relationship. When a girl is not afraid of losing you because you are mister perfect then know you are losing her. When you are trying to impress a girl you like and you keep doing everything she asks for you become like her genie in the bottle; it’s also a show of lack of confidence. We want men who can say no and make us submissive to them.

You seem like too much work

When you extra nice it comes out like you are pretending. Nice guys have a tendency of having more personalities which becomes difficult for us to know who we are dealing with. The feeling of being in control can be sexy but nice guys give you too much control which makes it lose its thrill. We have to make all the hard decisions because you want us to feel good. So we tend to avoid nice guys because you communicate dishonesty, low self-esteem, and boredom.

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