[New Concept] Subtle & Apparent ✏

[New Concept] Subtle & Apparent ✏

Do you know what gives me sleepless nights?

It is when I lie down and think to myself…

What is it that actually creates a connection between a man and a woman?

[New Concept] Subtle & Apparent ✏

After pondering about this for years and years upon end, I have finally come to a solution!

But before I tell you what it is, I will have to introduce to two brand new concepts.

The connection basically occurs on two different plains or levels.

The subtle


The apparent

They are both levels you should understand when interacting with a woman if you want to build a rock solid connection with her.

So, the first level, the subtle. This is all about how you come across.

What ideas are you bringing to the table and into the woman’s mind?

How does she perceive you?

The subtle level is all about body language, vibe, and tonality, rather than what you say verbally.

It entails portraying yourself in a not so serious way.

Now, the circumstances by which you have met each other, determines how fast flirtation moves from the subtle level to the apparent level, which is our second level of connection.

[New Concept] Subtle & Apparent ✏

As the name of the latter suggests, it is a distinct level, which means you verbalise your appreciation, attraction, and sexual interest.

Here, you are still not doing it in a serious way.

But you are being more bold and articulating your feelings to create a spark.

Look.. in case these concepts are still not crystal clear, not to worry!

Because the video I have prepared (below) demonstrates the points in much greater depth.

The moral of the story is: you must implement each of the levels to create a SOLID connection with your girl.

Hope you found the video insightful.

Look forward to seeing you at my webinar this Sunday!

All the best,

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