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Never rush when meeting women

Hi Ladies and Gents, it’s me Iain Myles here, the executive dating coach from KamaTV and from And so today is MY DAY as I’m going to be showing you a really thrilling infield clip, whereby I approach a girl who’s initially lying down on the beach – she’s actually on her own – and I basically strike- up a conversation with her and I end up hooking up with her, after we spend a bit of time together. Now it was really fun and the girl was awesome company. But Before we get to it though, I just want to remind you to click on that red box we know as the subscribe button which you can find below the video. And also don’t forget turn on the notifications by clicking on that little bell icon so you never ever miss anything from either myself or from the rest of the Kama Crew. Okay so the time has come and without further adieu, let’s have a look at the footage and let’s see how I got on with this girl, so stay tuned.

Right now that was really interesting. And the girl was really cool – we really got along well together and she was actually quite friendly. Okay, so what can we learn from the footage and from the interaction as a whole? Well you see I think the main take- away from this is: to never rush an interaction you may have with a girl.

When meeting women

What do I mean by this? Well look, there always seems to be some sort of hype in terms of hooking- up with a girl as quickly as possible – and I totally get it. You will often see various self- proclaimed seduction experts publishing these types of videos, online, glorifying this to the guys watching. I won’t name or shame but you know who they are. They will basically make you watch them “hook up” with a girl in under 10 minutes or whatever, which is great… or is it really? You see, when watching this stuff I would really take it with a pinch of salt. I mean, for sure, it does happen and it can happen given the right circumstance and the right energy. But it’s simply not going to happen to you all the time, it’s not. And it’s also not something that you can always control – so sorry to burst your bubble! And furthermore and more importantly, this belief about how quickly you should escalate with a girl can also really sabotage you when you’re meeting new women for the first time or when you’re going onto dates with new women for the very first time.

How can it sabotage you? Well you’re going to come into a date with an unrealistic expectation that you have to get with her in a certain period of time and that you have some sort of time limit to achieve this, which is wrong. A lot of guys think that, say, by midnight she might call the quits on you, so you have until then to make the moves. I mean, come on! So my advice to you here is is really to take your time when you’re with the girl. Don’t think that you have any sort of time- limit and don’t put unnecessary pressure upon yourself. I would go even further to say that you should try to spend as much time with her on the date as possible. Okay and we’ll get to the nitty gritty of that. But you basically want to maximise the time you’re together because essentially she’ll get to know you much better and that is very comforting for the woman. In the same way, when you look back at the footage, I spent quite a bit of time with the girl I met from the beach. When you look back, we went to a beach bar together and we were there all the way until after sunset! So the moral of the story here is, definitely take your time with her and don’t rush the interaction. Really do take your time.

Okay at this stage, some guys might be celebrating, cheering, and thinking that they can just rock- up to the girl and stand next to her like some sort of friendly Labrador. NO, definitely not! You obviously need to be trying to take the interaction forward whilst you’re with her for an extended period of time. The time factor will basically allow you to escalate with her more, and more gradually, which is why I emphasise it. So never allow yourself to be mute and always take steps forward to generate that attraction with her. Which you can do by touching her hands, smelling her perfume perhaps, you know the typical sort of things you would do to get closer to her!

Okay so coming back to spending time with her. A way in which you can achieve this, or help you achieve it, is to take her to multiple venues during the interaction, and try not to stick to the same venue for the entire period of time. I mean there’s nothing wrong with sticking around at the same venue, however it’s always better to mix things up. The reason why I say this is because it builds a kind of familiarity with you and her as you’re spending more time together – it builds that connection, and it’s comforting in her mind because it feels like she’s shared various experiences with you – it gives that off that perception, so definitely mix things up and take her to multiple venues and places. And, you know, the beauty about this is, you can even take it on a micro- level too. In the sense that, even simply by moving around a few times in the same venue – that will also have the same impact of building that familiarity with her. So for instance, you might feel uncomfortable in the seat you’re sitting in or, even better, you might spot a couch which you two could share somewhere across the venue. You can basically suggest to her to move to the coach. Okay, and this is what I mean by taking it to a micro- level. As you’re moving around the same venue and you’re building that familiarity with her.

And how else can you approach this? How else can we spend more time with her on a date? Well I suppose you should really just enjoy the interaction with her and really enjoy the intimacy you’re creating and sharing with her. And that, on its own, will allow you to spend more time with her. A way in which you can do this is basically by expressing and talking about what you love talking about, that’s it. Don’t feel like you need to impress her by being someone you’re not, just talk about what you enjoy and what makes you happy. If you love talking about history then talk about it, if you love talking about football, then talk about it, and you’ll see that the passion in your conversation will come out, and the time really will fly because you’re enjoying yourself there. So have a think about it, think about what it is you love talking about with your male friends and express yourself.

And I just want to come back to what I mentioned earlier, in terms of escalating with her quickly. You can certainly try to escalate with her faster. You definitely can and you can probably pull it off too. However, more often than not, Your strike rate will be higher in aggregate when you spend longer durations of time on dates than if you try to be a wizard and take her back within 10 minutes each time. Guys I’ve been field- testing this for many years and I can tell you that it’s the case. I’m always really sceptical when I see guys take girls back within 10 minutes, especially when the energy’s low – a lot of the time the footage is staged, so just be conscious of that too.

Okay so when I take clients out on our Residential Training Programme, I will get them to go onto dates just like this – just as you witnessed in the infield footage. When we’re together, I will motivate them to approach girls they don’t know and I will persuade them to go onto dates with them. The dates will literally be on the spot, the moment they meet the girls. You may think that this is absolutely impossible and you may wonder how you will be able to pull this off? You might also think that surely the footage of me and the girl hooking up together is staged? Well you see, when we go out together I will first demonstrate in front of you how to do it. Okay so the first hour will be a demonstration by myself and the team, where we will show you how to spark that attraction with a girl we don’t know. And then when you see it done, with your own eyes, you will see that’s is totally real and that it does work. Your reality will suddenly change, there and then. And this shift in your reality will allow you to get the success yourself. You will see that it’s actually really easy once you see it done with your own eyes. Because seeing in real- life is believing and not simply watching it online. And remember that you will never be left alone because I will be coaching you one- on- one, so we can communicate about any difficulties you may have and we can work together to eliminate them during the course of the programme. So at this stage, you have to step back and ask yourself, “Do you want to learn this stuff for real? Or do you want to continue watching other self- proclaimed dating gurus tell you how to get success, by watching them speak online?”. Okay so have a think about it, and when you decide you want to embark on this amazing journey, then click on the link in the video’s description right down below or click on the card above to get to our Residential Training page.

Guys it really is up to you now. So think about it and think, deep down, what it is you truly want in this life. Where do you want to be? What do you what to be doing? But most importantly, what kind of girl do you want to be with? And also realise that you CAN do so much better than where you are right now too! You are worth so much more that you can’t even imagine, and you have so much talent to bring to the table that is yet to materialise that you just won’t believe! So really think about it, take a step back from your daily routine and start realising your full potential.

The act of visualisation in achieving your goals is so important and so powerful because what you imagine does come true, eventually. And I’m speaking for myself here because I never had amazing success with women when I was younger, many years ago. I didn’t! And that made me unhappy in life. And I think deep- down inside of me, I always felt that I could do better with myself. I really and truly wanted to do better and I would do whatever it takes to get what I want. But I always liked imagining things, and so I imagined a world where I was getting amazing success, I always dream of being with that dream girl and I always imagined myself having great confidence when I’m out and about at the bars and the clubs. So really have a think about what it is you want and try to imagine it in your mind, because this will bringer it closer to you each day. And you know, life is just way too short not to be getting what we want, not to be enjoying the fruits of the earth. Because we’re only here for a limited amount of time, so do you really want to be looking back, in regret, on what could’ve been or what should’ve been? I don’t think so! So give yourself the courage to step forward, to finally decide on what you’re going to do and to take action towards this.

So today you were joined by none other than Iain Myles, and I shall see you next time!

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