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Never lose faith! How to succeed when approaching women

Never lose faith! How to succeed when approaching women

Hi Guys it’s Maria here and so today I’m going to be talking to you about how faith, the verb that is, plays into dating and how striving for that faith will allow you to achieve amazing success with women.

Guys never ever lose faith, never lose that faith factor when you’re out and about and trying to find that girl. I mean I can’t stress how vital this is and how important this is, this really is the crux of dating. And I know how it is, when you’re out and when you’re getting rejected left, right and center it sometimes might seem just impossible and that all of the odds seem like they’re stacked against you. For instance, you might find yourself walking around one day and you’re doing some day time approaches. It might just so happen to be one of those quieter days, one of those cloudy days or one of those bad days when none of the girls are hooking up and they all seem really miserable. And this is absolutely normal, it happens sometime and a lot of even experienced guys we’ve coached have this too. So anyway you might be walking around for hours and hours upon end and without much luck, no numbers and no dates. But, GUYS, don’t miss the important lesson here as when the odds seem like they’re stacked up against you, that really is the last time you should quit and the last time you should call it off.

Never lose faith! How to succeed when approaching women

Guys it’s in these moments that you need to throw away your logic, because your logic will be corrupted by your emotions and you simply won’t be able to think it through rationally at the time and you won’t be able to figure out what to do next to succeed, the brain just won’t be able to do it. Instead, you need to learn to access a different part of your mind. You need to start accessing your faith. Okay and just to clarify I don’t mean you need to ask your priest what to do when you’re out haha, no, what I mean is you need to believe it’s going to happen for you, take that leap of faith, and you need to train that stubborn part of yourself to keep trying, to keep moving and to keep carrying on. And for sure, it’s easy to see it happening when we’re comfortably sat down in your bedroom and watching this video, and in theory everything’s easy and it always makes sense. Yes But! my question to you is, do you have the character and do you have that inner strength to able to carry on, to be able to keep fighting when all of the odds are stacked- up against you? Gents That is something that you need to train, it’s definitely something that can be trained, and I know it won’t be easy when you’re first put into these situations and it’s absolutely okay so just accept it and don’t fight it. But over time this faith- factor will become a muscle which will grow stronger and stronger and stronger. Guys this really is the difference between the winners and the losers, the guys who have those hot chicks under their arm and the guys who leave empty handed – okay take for example when Tyson Fury was knocked down in his boxing fight against Deontay Wilder.

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Maria Lidze, Infield Trainer

Maria is infield trainer and she regularly publishes infield approach videos on different dating topics on KamaTV. She is always on the road training our clients and filming regularly for our youtube channel. Maria gives very honest dating advice from a female perspective and she is always direct and give her honest feedback to our clients and youtube viewers.

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