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My girlfriend left me and started dating some rich guy!

My girlfriend left me and started dating some rich guy!

Hey guys it’s Iain here again. Just wanted to share with you an interesting situation a guy brought up with whom I was consulting recently. Let me tell you all about it, his situation was as follows.

My girlfriend left me and started dating some rich guy. I want her back. Please help.

We all know that things in life happen and that often gets in the way of what we thought we knew or hoped. Love is where this is rather apparent. It is so unpredictable that what you thought you knew could change into something that never crossed your mind ever.

For instance, I can almost bet that the thought of your girl leaving you for a richer man never crossed your mind. So to answer your question, here are things you need to have in mind:

Acknowledge that there is more to a good relationship than money.

If money were all that mattered, all the rich guys out there would be the happiest. Since it is not, they probably have the highest divorce rates. While wealth makes life more comfortable, it does not necessarily mean that your ex will be living her happiest life.

Rich guys quickly lose the attention they get from women because most of them lack desirable qualities; as a result, they try buying off women with money and gifts.

Another thing about rich guys is that they think that money solves everything. As a result, they neglect their women emotionally hoping that the money will keep them attracted. Whilst wealth initially covers up all his flaws, your ex will slowly get to learn the kind of person he is. His shortcoming and imperfections become apparent, and she will be looking for a way out.

Understand the other reasons why she left.

It is natural to feel betrayed and let down when a woman you loved leaves you for a richer guy. At this point, you will likely see her as a gold digger and primitive. While this is the most natural reaction in such a case, you will have generalized everything wrong.

My girlfriend left me and started dating some rich guy!

Women will rarely leave a man they love for one reason. You can bet that there are other reasons she left. You don’t know them.

If you stand a chance at getting her back, you need to understand the other reasons she left you. Failure to do this will lead you to do things she doesn’t want to be done because you do not have the entire picture. It will, therefore, be pointless getting her back. You, however, need to do this without her help to avoid pushing her further away.

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