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Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching

What do you do in a world where dating and relationships have more than a million variables in play? How do you approach something that changes every day?

I have always been fascinated with men that attract and score women they desire. I have been a dating coach for many years helping men build dating confidence and realign their approach techniques to what women desire.

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But where does the real solution to every guy improving their dating skills lie? YOUR MIND!

Your mind is the most powerful tool because everything you believe and the scope of your abilities and skills are rooted there.

The studies I’ve conducted over the years and the vast information I gathered helped me come up with better ways to help men. A good example is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that I designed to assist guys to change how they interact with women and approach dating. It’s a program that has been a huge success.

I’ll take you through a different journey. Here you’ll understand the ultimate change that will make you whatever you picture yourself in a relationship and the dating coach for men.

In this blog, we’ll look at mindset coaching. Your thought process can make you confident about something or trigger fear which is usually a self-preservation technique.

Why is mindset coaching important in dating and relationships?.

As a kid, there’s nothing you thought you couldn’t achieve. You believed that you could become anything even if it was your favorite cartoon character. Where did that self-confidence and belief that you could do anything go?

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At some point, you thought it was impossible, or you were told that your idea is crazy. You believed that what you could do is impossible and that structured your mindset about it.

Not every guy grows up getting all the attention of beautiful girls. You saw your friends or other guys getting more attention than you and that changes something in you subconsciously. You approached a girl even in kindergarten and it turned out to be a shaming moment.

Mindset coaching is important in dating because it goes to where your self-doubt about dating, women, and relationships started. It aims at helping you identify the belittling self-thoughts that prevent you from becoming the guy you desire.

Think about it, guys with money still struggle getting women. You’ve seen women that are considered to be the most gorgeous women in the world dating guys that are classed as average or not sexy. It triggers the question of what attracts women?

Guys that enjoy success with women have one thing in common and that’s a superior mindset about approaching women, dating, and themselves.

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Mindset coaching allows you to rewire your beliefs about dating, women, and yourself that will propel you to be more successful.

Common misconceptions about women and dating

  • Women are attracted to men with good physical looks or loaded wallets. It’s a myth that influences most men’s perceptions of women and dating. It can drain your confidence to approach beautiful women if you think you don’t have either.
  • Men and women come from different moons. It’s a popular misconception that changes how men approach women. It’s an analogy that can make it confusing for a guy when you approach a woman because you don’t know where to start.
  • To score a woman you have to get it right on the first date. Most men experience the pressure of making the first date perfect. It’s challenging to have a perfect first date with a woman you just met. You’re likely to face conversation challenges or hurdles that don’t necessarily have to define the success of the first date.
  • Women think men are only interested in sex. It might seem like an innocent statement. But what it does is it subconsciously puts you on the defense when you approach a woman. You’ll feel the need to prove to a woman that you are not interested in sex.
  • You can figure out dating and relationships alone. Getting an experienced person to guide you through dating and relationships doesn’t mean that you are a loser. It’s a skill that does not come naturally to everyone and a little help can make you better in your art of pursuing women.

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How does mindset coaching make you better in relationships and dating?

We’ve seen that our perception is key to the success that we experience in different aspects of our lives. But how does mindset coaching make you better in relationships and dating?

Identify belittling beliefs

Mindset coaching allows you to find the cause why you are not successful in dating as you’d desire. Limiting beliefs and mindset are primary barriers that prevent most guys from achieving their full potential in dating and relationships.

The goal is to identify and find a counter mindset that will help you become the best version of yourself. For example, you have insecurities that make you feel like you are not good enough.

Limiting beliefs can trigger anxiety or negatively affect your confidence around women. You’ll know what you want to say but you’ll lack the words and actions to help you get the girl you desire.

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Understanding the stem of the insecurities can open avenues to help you overcome them. However, for every limiting behavior that you eliminate you have to replace it with a healthy one.

Mindset coaching guides you through the process to come up with new behaviors that will build you.

Rebuilding trust

A mindset coach will take their time to understand your perception and thought process about women, dating, and you. What relationship do you have with yourself regarding these aspects?

Mindset coaching takes you back to where it all starts. That is trusting yourself that you can get the women you desire.

When you trust that you can do it, you start seeing things differently. What you thought was out of reach will now seem like something you can achieve.

Rebuilding trust with yourself allows you to also build your confidence which is crucial in dating. Not only women but anyone will be skeptical to follow your lead when you lack confidence.

Provide support on your development process

Mastering a new mindset that will give you the success you desire might not be an easy journey. Mindset coaching enables you to have the assistance you need to grow in your journey.

You’ll still experience challenges even after you’ve changed your perception. Not all women you approach will be attracted to you. But how do you handle rejection when you encounter it?

As a coach, I’ll help you master skills that will make you a master in your game. For example, building your confidence around women.

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However, as much as I’ll help you master new skills that build your confidence in yourself and skills, I’ll also provide support for when you encounter challenges.

Adopting a new mindset can be fragile because you can slip back if things don’t pick up as you expect.

Increase emotional intelligence

I always say that people are different and blanketing solutions is never efficient. Understanding what works for you as an individual can give you better results.

Mindset coaching helps you increase your emotional intelligence which is important in dating. You’ll not always get what you want and knowing how to deal with your emotions in a different situation can make you calm throughout.

You’ll also understand how your actions and words affect other people which can make you a pleasant person to be around. Women will be attracted to you because you have a balance of logic and emotion in your interaction.

You’ll display superior leadership skills that most women find attractive when you know how to manage your emotions. You’ll be calm in a hyper emotional situation which puts you in a good position to be objective and come up with solutions.

Final Take

Mindset coaching is a better technique to start working on yourself and building the skills you want. It promotes permanence because it goes to the root of the problem and helps you to find better alternatives to achieve the best versions of yourself.

Kamalifestyles has always been at the forefront to help men become the best versions of themselves in relationships and dating. Most of the skills that you’ll master will help you develop an irresistible personality that will attract women to you.

Change how you think and it will change how you live!

Do you want to drastically improve your dating life?

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