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mastering dating and attraction

mastering dating and attraction

mastering dating and attraction

Most clients come to me to improve their dating lives, every guy has different goals but the overall goal that they all share is that they all want more women in their life.

For me there is nothing better than approaching a girl that I fancy and generating attraction and getting her number whether it would be in a bar or in a coffee shop.

And it is essentially the main reason that all guys approach me that they want to gain confidence with women and meet beautiful women.

(I’d advise you to work on your confidence to be able to stand up to your partner: Confidence Pillars).

But the one thing that I began to notice when I first started out that the better that I got at approaching women and generating attraction, the better my overall life began to improve.

Social Circle

First of all your social circle will gradually begin to improve and expand. You will obviously make friends with guys in a similar position to yourself in wanting to improve their attraction skills with women but over time you will become more sociable anyway.

To be able to consistently approach women in a confident manner and generate attraction through conversation skills on a consistent basis requires a lot of social skill and when you master this element you will naturally do it when you are meeting both guys and women on a day to day basis.

Essentially making people like you will become second nature to you because if you can chat up a beautiful woman you can chat to strangers who are essentially friends you have not yet met.

Attracting Good People Into Your Life

As I said you will become better socially and you will start to attract a lot of people into your life. Not only will you become better socially you will get better at reading people and their intentions.

Obviously the better you become in yourself as person you will attract other positive likeminded people but you will find that some people from your old life will not approve of your new life and friends.

(If you require some further help you should almost definitely read this: How to stop thinking about your ex).

As I said before if they genuinely want the best for you as a person then they will eventually come around to supporting you in whatever you choose to do and if not, then as much as you don’t want to lose a lifelong friend you will eventually come to realise that you are better off without them in your life.

And in the future you will become better at attracting the positive people and avoiding the bad negative people.

h2>Other Areas In Your Life

Other areas that you will notice improvements in will be in your job where you will become more confident in handling yourself in how you get things done and in how you socialise with your co-workers and most importantly how you socialize with your boss.

mastering dating and attraction

This will happen naturally happen as you will be better able to bring out your best traits and personality and this will also be useful when you are going for a job interview or a promotion because of your ability to convey yourself and your best skills and traits in a confident manner.

Confidence Boost

You will also become more confident and at peace with who you are as a man. The reason for this is that your ability to be able to handle rejection.

When I first started out at approaching women I got rejected a lot and it was mainly down to me being new to approaching and I did not feel confident in myself because I never did it before.

But the more I did it the better I got at approaching women and I got rejected a lot less as a result.

I still get rejected sometimes but I came to realise a long time ago that the reason most women reject guys can actually be nothing to do with the guy at all and it could be down to other factors like she could be in a bad mood or she could have a boyfriend.

The more I realised this the easier it became for me to handle rejection.

And when this happens you will find it harder to get affected by rejection and overall what anyone might think of you because whatever someone might think of you whether it be a girl you approached or a guy that does not like you it is their problem and not yours and you are should not be defined by what other people think of you.

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Iain Myles is an internationally recognised dating coach and co-owner of the UK’s largest dating coaching company, Kamalifestyles. Iain is also an internet sensation thanks to the multiple viral videos posted through the YouTube channel KamaTV, which has grossed over 100 million views.

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