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Kissing techniques that make her toes curl

Kissing techniques that make her toes curl

A while ago, George decided to spend the day at his local shopping mall. Laden with boutiques, the mall was the perfect place to meet women during the day.

Before long, he saw a beautiful woman shopping in a boutique and approached her. His opener was strong and confident and he created attraction instantly. They spent most of the morning together, browsing and chatting, before sharing an impromptu lunch.

Kissing techniques

George escalated touching at the perfect pace and by the end of lunch, Kathy’s body language was showing him that she was ready to be kissed.

Having recently completed a Kama Lifestyle dating course, George was confident that the kissing techniques he learned would leave her purring. His coach also discussed everything from how to kiss a girl to how to French kiss.

To test whether Kathy was ready for a kiss, George leaned over and ran his fingers through her hair while complementing her on the style.

This ‘invasion’ of her personal space, and her acceptance of it, showed him that the perfect moment had arrived. Their table was in a corner, sheltered from the other diners and quite concealed, creating the perfect amount of privacy in a non-threatening setting.

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Before leaning closer, he thought back to the kissing techniques he’d learned from his Kama Lifestyles coach:

1. Make sure your breath is fresh and your mouth tastes good. Bad breath and the impression of illness or poor dental hygiene will make you fail before you start.

2. Make sure she’s ready. Create attraction, intimacy and sexual tension through touch and body language and let it build.

3. Be confident and relaxed. This means not being overeager or rushed – the first kiss is an important part of seduction and should be savoured.

4. Don’t get nervous and forget to breathe. Try to keep your breathing as natural as possible and avoid heavy breathing.

5. Tilt your head a little to save yourself from that awkward meeting of noses that makes you look like a teenager at a school dance.

6. Begin with a gentle, closed mouth kiss.

7. If she accepts your kiss, open your mouth slightly.

8. Touch her, but never grope her. This is especially important if it’s a first kiss.

9. Use your tongue: just touch her tongue lightly with yours and wait for her to reciprocate. Never be forceful and never push your tongue into her mouth.

10. Read her body language and learn what she responds to.

11. Don’t slobber or bite. Drinking a glass of water before you kiss her will help you wash away excess saliva.

12. Break the kiss before she does, but without being abrupt. Remember, you’re in control.

13. The kissing techniques training George completed explained the importance of kissing. Women see kissing differently than men do.

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While many women judge men within the first thirty seconds of meeting them, on factors like attitude, confidence and social status, the next criterion in deciding whether they’ve met a possible partner lies in the kiss.

Women judge men on their ability to kiss and are far less likely to progress sexually or emotionally with a bad kisser. In a woman’s eyes, a bad kisser will be a bad lover and he won’t meet her emotional needs.

Keeping the kissing techniques he’d learned in mind, George leaned in and, in one smooth motion, kissed Kathy. He started slowly and gently. She kissed him back, more intensely than he had anticipated.

He broke of the kiss after a few moments, taking care not to be abrupt. He left her wanting more and went home with her phone number and a date arranged for the weekend.

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