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Is it better to take risks or play it safe?

Is it better to take risks or play it safe?

Is it better to take risks or play it safe? Hi whats up KamaTV… this is Emre from So today I am here with another exciting video and giving you best insight on dating. Gentlemen we are not one of the marketing gurus here and actually we teach the real stuff and show you how to do it. The insights and skills that are taught by us are based on years of experience in the real world. When put into practice, they have worked for countless our clients and other guys, and I know it will work for you. So before we start let’s click that magical and fabulous subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many more videos will be coming to your way. So let’s watch the footage.

Is it better to take risks or play it safe?

Let’s assume we were all starting over on the same level, where no one was more experienced or skilled than the other, and it was totally up to us how we spent the next ten years of our lives. We would all take different paths depending on our interests it could be any area dating, finance, fitness, business you name it!. However, how quickly we would succeed is entirely dependent on the choices we would make. Let’s say at the end of two years, there will be two types of people. The ones who have not moved an inch because they found comfort and decided to play it safe in the safety of what they knew. The second type of people would be the ones who have significantly succeeded because they chose to take a risk and get into the unknown to explore and create opportunities. Dating and approaching women works based on the same principle if you don’t take risks you will never move an inch. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with staying in the same place. You can accept a mediocre life or get stuck in a rotten and abusive relationship or even be single for life or abstain from sexual relations for some reasons. If you are satisfied with it, then by all mean. Turn off this video as there is not much point for you to watch any further. However, if you don’t like your current situation and are not willing to take risks to change it, then that’s on your conscious and you need to take the accountability. Gentlemen, risking or playing it safe is a personal decision that you can’t force on anyone and taking risks in dating is vital for your success or in other areas of your life.

Emre is author, dating coach and CEO founder of Kamalifestyles. He has written books which sold thousands of copies over a decade. Emre trained and coached many clients from all over the world and men of all ages on how to improve their confidence, relationships and dating. He has expertise in confidence, approach and attraction and has been featured in top newspapers and radios. He is passionate on helping his clients to achieve great outcomes and make sure they are not held back by the limitations.

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