An internship at Kamalifestyles will help inspire you towards living a life of happiness. Our interns get real life and work experience that will provide the confidence you need to live a life on your terms.

Our internships are incredibly diverse so no matter where your passion or skill sets may lie there is a department where you would fit right at home.

The length of our internships usually last 3-12 months the structure and nature of which would entirely depend on the type intern you would be.

We have a wide range of internships available for you where you can acquire valuable skills and knowledge including:

• PR & Media
• Youtube
• Online marketing
• Sales
• Coaching
• Customer Support
• Filming
• Copywriting
• Presenting

This is just to name only but a few of course the list is much longer!

Please review the available internships on our website and pick the departments that spark your interest the most. Also it would be great if you could tell us a little bit about your life journey so far and why you decided to apply for an internship with Kamalifestyles.

At Kamalifestyles we treat our interns like a family member and if you decide to embark on this journey with us we will have your back! Please don’t forget to email your cover letter where you will have an opportunity to explain why you are applying to intern with us.

Please send a cover letter and resume to