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Insecurities Guys have that Girls Hate

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from and I am back with yet another video. Today I will be taking about Insecurities Guys have that Girls Hate as I have received many emails on this topic so I said to myself it is time to drill down and give you the best advice. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

Guys have that Girls Hate

No one is perfect; no one is a full package. We all struggle with insecurities; even the most confident and those who seem to have it all figured out. We all have minor or significant things about our lives that we wish we could change — all of which is entirely human. However, some insecurities do not hold water at all. Sorry to say this guys, but there are some insecurities you have that are incredibly annoying. Come to think of it; all our shortcomings are annoying and stupid if you look at them from an objective viewpoint.
Since we are talking about you today, what are some of the insecurities that men have that are a total put off to women?

1. Height.

Height is by far the most spread out insecurity among men. The society has brought us all up with the notion that since the man should be the head in an intimate heterosexual relationship, they should also have physic that matches this masculinity. Well, this should be the case from a physiological standpoint, but what can you do if the height is not something you had since birth? It is not like you have bone added onto you so that you acquire the six-foot height all of you guys seem to believe I what will get you, women.

The reason most of us find this annoying is that, in as much as we would want you a few inches taller, there is nothing you can do about your height, you are stuck with it. Since you are stuck with it, you might as well start embracing it as part of who you are. Otherwise, your height issues will only be a burden to us as it will result in inferiority complex that will call for us to reassure you every minute and honestly, who has time for that?

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