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The Importance of Getting The Kiss

The Importance of Getting The Kiss

The Importance of Getting The Kiss

On a regular night if you approach a lot of women, you will undoubtable get a lot of numbers but you will get a lot of cold numbers as in you will not see them again. The main reason for this is that women get approached a lot on a night out and they are used to giving out their numbers.

The Importance of Getting The Kiss, The most effective way of guaranteeing that you will see her again is by kissing her as it is the best way of developing a close bond.

Eye Contact

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when interacting with women is that their eye contact is
poor. Before I go any further I do not mean that they do not make enough eye contact, although that is an issue but it is more about gauging when to give eye contact and when not to.

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For example most guys make the mistake of looking away at crucial moments especially during silences during conversations. This shows that the guy is awkward and unsure of himself, instead you should always be the last person to break eye contact, this is great for creating sexual tension if you do it right and it is a great way to progress towards the kiss.

Gauging Her Interest

Guys can be incredibly poor at reading body language and by just being more aware and better at reading body language you can greatly increase your chances. This is crucial for gauging her interest and vital to when knowing when to taking it to the next step. Clear ex

amples of this would be are her pupils dilated? How close is she standing to you? How comfortable is she when you play with her hair or hold her hand?

Not Taking It Further

It is important that you always push it further with her and that you are aware of what stage of the seduction that you are in. If she is close to you and she is comfortable looking into your eyes then you are obviously well into the comfort building stage and it’s time to take it to the seduction stage.

If you do not take it to the next stage then you could possibly lose her. Remember at all stages in the interaction you as the guy are expected to take the lead and if she sees you hesitate she will see weakness and you could lose her interest as a result.

Not Kinoing Her Enough

One of the most crucial elements of kiss closing successfully is that you should be kinoing her right throughout the interaction as she will be quite use to you touching her. One of the biggest reasons why guys try and go for the kiss and fail is that they do not touch her enough.

By doing this more she will be far more receptive to you going to kiss her as she will be already comfortable with you touching her already.

It is important that you stay out of your head through the conversation and do not be afraid to take risks. The worst thing that can happen is that she will walk away from you, if this happens be aware where you may have went wrong and move on.

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When I first started out I made a lot of mistakes when going for the kiss and this was mainly because I did not touch her enough. It is important that you make these mistakes instead of playing it safe as it is the quickest way that you will learn and succeed in your interactions.

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