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Importance Of Conversation Mastery

Importance Of Conversation Mastery

Importance Of Conversation Mastery

Many guys come to me looking for advice for the best pick-up line for a girl and the mistake in that is that they do not seem to think any further than what to say initially to a girl.

I suppose they are looking for that magic pill or quick solution to making a girl that they like suddenly feel attracted to them. I can give some good opening lines as some will work better than others but an opening line is simply a way for you to start talking to a girl that you are attracted to and its actually what you say afterward that counts.

An opening line is a great way for you as a guy to make a good introduction or make good impact and touching on this almost any opening line will work as long as you are dressed well, look as best as you can physically and most importantly that you appear confident.

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Make Assumptions

Once you have successfully started talking to a girl, you need to genuinely want to make an effort to get to know her and also not do what most other guys do. Most guys make the mistake of bombarding her with questions like asking where she is from and what she does for a living.

This is actually one of the main reasons why women reject a lot of guys, think about it from her point of view, she has probably been working all week and she wants to go out with her friends at the weekend and the last thing that she wants to do is be barraged by run of the mill boring questions.

So instead of asking boring questions instead make assumptions or statements like saying that she looks Spanish or that she looks like a doctor or teacher. Doing this not only makes you stand out from all other guys but also you are catching her interest as all of us as human beings are intrigued by who we appear to other people.

Leading The Conversation

Men are not the only guilty party when it comes to asking boring questions and when you manage to hook a girls interest she will obviously want to know more about you and because she is not used to this type of interaction she will not know how to talk with you so she will start asking you where are you from and what you do, unfortunately even though this is not your fault she will get bored of her own conversation so it is up to you to lead the conversation to where you want it to go.

Importance Of Conversation Mastery

You don’t have to answer every question she asks you if you do not want to. Just gently change the subject and talk about something more interesting.

Bringing Out Your Best Self

The whole point of the conversation is to give her the chance to get to know the real you in terms of what you love to do as a passion and what makes you laugh and the best way to do this is through the art of telling a good story.

For example if you like to travel a lot you can have a story prepared about a really interesting holiday you had and what you did. The story should have a structure in order to give you the chance to bring out your sense of humour and other qualities.

Telling a story is a great way of demonstrating your value as an interesting guy that has experienced a lot of the world and any girl will be intrigued by this

The biggest mistake that most guys make is that they make the “me too mistake” which is essentially thinking that if he agrees about everything she says like for example if she says that she hates dogs and you say that you do too.

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This is fine if you genuinely share a view with her but most guys will say it again and again just to agree with her and win her affection as a result.

This will eventually put her off as you will appear as not being authentic or true to yourself. Most guys do this as they are afraid to show their real selves which is a cop out.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and share your own personal views about topics, she will respect you more for it and if she doesn’t then she has flaws of her own and you should not jump through her hoops to please her.

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