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On the 27th of August KamaLifeStyles

Dating Coaches fly into Ibiza for 7 days of

intensive dating bootcamp and mastery!

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Ibiza Bootcamp

For seven day Kamalifestyles team will take you on a journey that will change your dating life forever. This is the most advanced program on the market and it is strictly designed for those who are serious about achieving the best results possible and completely transform their success with women.

This is including flight and accommodation. Yes you did read and hear right!!! We are flying you to Ibiza and giving you the accommodation including in the price. As I said this is no ordinary bootcamp it will be life changing experience for you.

Ibiza Bootcamp will sell fast so to secure your place sign up as soon as possible.
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PRICE £2950, including accommodation and flight

This is no ordinary boot camp. This is no ordinary holiday. It’s a life changing experience. The maximum number of students we are taking is 10. We will be staying in the very best location, in the centre of all of the Ibiza hotspots. Our dating seminars will be held every day, and later we will hit the each and clubs, and, to make thingbs even more exciting, you and your group will be given assignments and missions to complete.

The Bootcamp is designed to engage you with practical steps that enhance your confidence in meeting, attracting and connecting with more women.

This not your average Dating SEMINAR, with some guy talking for hours. The Bootcamp will run small practical groups and sets for personalized and in detail training. Every single guy who spends the week with us in Ibiza will benefit from this experience, and change the way they meet and interact with women forever!

Topics covered over the 7 days are:

Day 1

  • How to present yourself
  • Fashion & Grooming
  • How to lead the date
  • Leading at the social places
  • Motivation and Confidence
  • How to Approach
  • Attraction
  • Conversation Killers
  • Crucial Mistakes and how to avoid them

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, beach will start after the theory training

Day 2

  • How to approach in the day time
  • How to stop
  • Getting the number
  • How to control your fears and overcome your anxiety
  • Logistics on the Beach
  • Day time vs Night Time
  • What to say and How to say
  • How to project confidence
  • How to approach in bars and clubs
  • Night logistics

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, beach will start after the theory training

Day 3

  • Hook Theory
  • Bridging the Conversation
  • Understanding Female Emotions
  • How Logic Works in dating
  • NLP Techniques, Future Projections &Anchoring
  • Identifying Personal Patterns
  • Advanced Phone Techniques
  • Kinaesthetic: The Correct Way to Touch
  • Routines for the Beach
  • Advanced Techniques for building rapport
  • Masculine identity vs Feminine identity

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, beach will start after the theory training

Day 4

  • Eliminating Crucial Body Language mistakes
  • Examining Attractive Body Language
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Confidence Booster Routines
  • Body Language Routines
  • Using your Body to Communicate
  • Body Language Interpretation
  • Social Distances
  • Alpha identity

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, beach will start after the theory training

Day 5 The inner self

  • Confidence Building
  • Affirmations
  • Changing Negative Beliefs
  • Positive Beliefs & How to Insert them into your Mind
  • Stopping Self-Sabotage
  • Reframing Negative Beliefs

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, beach will start after the theory training

Day 6

  • Analysis and feedback
  • Questions and Answers
    The Ibiza Bootcamp will help you achieve the highest levels of success and mastery of meeting, attracting beautiful Women in the centre of all of the ibiza hotspot.

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PRICE £2950, including accommodation and flight


27th of August – 3rd of September Ibiza/San Antonio

darren 1

Richard S, 35

I’d say I was a pretty normal guy in terms of my confidence before I came to Kamalifestyles. I wasn’t sure how much it was going to benefit me but I didn’t see any other way of improving to give myself the best chance of finding someone. The trip itself was life changing. The whole atmosphere was great being with the other guys in the same boat as I and it was a great experience learning together. I managed to conquer all of my approach fears with the guidance of the Kama instructors, when I got back I found my confidence had hit a new all time high. I am now comfortable approaching any woman I like and 3 months later I met wife so I think it’s safe to say it was worth it!

darren 2

Danny, 28

I’ve never had a girlfriend before and never been on a date either and because I work so hard that made it even more difficult for me to meet someone. And so I thought for my holiday this Summer I’d make a change and do something to better myself by going to Ibiza with the Kama guys to try sort this problem of mine out. Wow. Well it was amazing. My mindset transformed. The old unconfident me was left behind. The instructors were really great, with you every step of the way to support you in becoming a better self. I came back feeling so good, with so much belief in myself and my ability to meet my future girlfriend. Thank you Kamalifestyles.

darren 3

Pat K, 32

Before coming to KamaLifestyles, I had only had one previous relationship as an introverted shy guy but after spending a week in Ibiza with the guys, I became a totally different person. I had a new-found confidence to approach and attract women. Not only did I learn a lot about women and dating in general but the experience also opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know about myself. I can’t thank the Kama team enough in helping me to improve my dating life, these changes are going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

darren 4

Kieran, 26

I’ve had a couple of relationships in the past but without much success. Mainly because of a lack of confidence, I was single for 3 years before flying out to Ibiza with Kamalifestyles. During the 7 days it felt like we learnt everything there was to know about dating, attraction, confidence etc. After the Ibiza bootcamp, the guys maintained contact with me which I thought was great and I got into a relationship with a lovely girl, all thanks to Kamalifestyles!!

darren 5

Jay, 40

I used to suffer from approach anxiety, and despite having previous relationships in the past, I wanted to find it easier to meet women so I wouldn’t be held back by my fears in the future. Going to Ibiza with Kamalifestyles taught me just how to do that. We covered such a large range of topics and went into so much depth, I felt like I learned more value than I did at university! It was an incredible experience and I’d highly recommend Kamalifestyles’ services to any guy looking to improve himself in the dating game.