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I can’t get it up | How to fix erectile dysfunction?

I can't get it up | How to fix erectile dysfunction?

Hello everyone, its expert dating coach Annabella Rose here again. So today I am going to talk about how to fix erectile dysfunction. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

I can’t get it up | How to fix erectile dysfunction?

A healthy sexual relationship can be beneficial in increasing the intimacy and bond in your relationship. However, like every aspect of a relationship, the sex relationship can face some turbulence. Erectile dysfunction is of those challenges that put your relationship to the test.

We understand that erectile dysfunction can be an emotional and psychological drainer. In this challenge, both you and your partner have a role to play to make sure that your relationship does not fall apart. In this video, we are going to explore the possible remedies of erectile dysfunction.

Get your diet right

Your body is the reflection of what you give it. A healthy diet can help you avoid a lot of diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular problems, which are also known to be causes of erectile dysfunction.

So, before you panic and leave your sex life in the woods, try eating healthy foods. Food such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains can help you remedy erectile dysfunction. You can also throw in some aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, strawberries, and chocolate to boost your sex drive.

Shed off some wait

Shedding off some few extra pounds might be the only thing you need to fix erectile dysfunction. There are serious health problems that are caused by weight gain, which includes erectile dysfunction. A guy with a bigger waist is more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction as compared to a guy with a smaller waist.

Get a proper gym and a trainer who can help you healthily lose weight. Exercises such as walking are known to increase blood flow. Improved blood flow can help with fixing erectile dysfunctional. A bonus to this is that you’ll feel more confident. Confidence in your sex life can improve your relationship. If you are cycling as an exercise, take note of your bike’s seat.

I can’t get it up | How to fix erectile dysfunction?

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