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How to win a girl’s heart with text messages

How to win a girl's heart with text messages

Are you feeling like your dating life is going to rugs since the pandemic started? Is it challenging for you to connect with girls over text? Well, you are about to change that today and become a master in your text game.


Texting has become the new normal in the dating game. The lockdowns and curfews have changed how we interact greatly. It’s challenging to meet new people and make a meaningful connection when everyone is super cautious about being safe.


A good rapport is crucial if you want to score a girl. Texting a girl you’ve met before can be easy because you have an existing rapport.


However, texting a girl you’ve never met can be a completely different ball game. Most guys struggle to establish a rapport with girls over text.


In this blog, you’ll explore how to win a girl’s heart with text messages. It won’t matter if you’ve met the girl or not because these are sure-fire techniques to impress a girl and make her want you.


1.      Build a conversation


I find reading books to be powerful because they give the imagination a chance to wander the wild. Texting can make a guy very persuasive if he understands how to inspire imagination in certain areas.


How to win a girl’s heart with text messages

How to win a girl’s heart with text messages will depend on how interested you keep the girl in your conversations. It’s easy for a girl to ignore you over texts or text back after a week in which you’ll not have the same momentum you had when you sent her the text.


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Building an engaging conversation over text can make a girl hooked on talking to you. My experience as a dating coach for men has taught me that if you can capture a girl’s mind, you can get what you desire from her.


The trick to building an engaging conversation over text is to first understand what interests the girl and what can spark a little controversy with her. That allows you to manipulate the emotions in the conversations to inspire the feelings you want to connect to.


2.      Use the playful text technique


Texting is an engaging form of communication because of the attention it requires. There are guys that after texting them you feel like the world is a bit darker than you left it. Serious topics that inspire deep emotions can scare girls from texting you.


Building your sense of humor in texting can make you magnetic to the girl you desire. Just like a magician, the trick to using humor is the power that it gives you in the conversation. You can use your mastery of humor to subtly disqualify topics that you are not ready to share or make your stand known.


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When most women want to start a conversation, they’ll ask an obvious question just to get you talking. However, if you give them a direct answer, it can inspire awkward silence or another obvious question.


You can use the playful texting technique to build a conversation once you notice she wants to start a conversation. It will keep her engaged and she’ll slowly open up to you. Doing that a few days in a row can take you deeper in her emotional space than you might imagine.


For example,


Her: Hey, how are you? (Even if you were carried by a tornado on your way to work, don’t start a conversation with negativity.)


You: Hi, I’m just here painting a smile of you in my mind. (Your response is supposed to lighten the mood to build a conversation.)


3.      Show your interest


During the seminars I carry out, it’s a common consensus among guys that showing interest over the phone is more challenging than in person. There’s the aspect of miscommunication that can bring down a conversation you’ve been trying to build for a while.


Nevertheless, it’s not easy for girls to show you they are interested in you before they know what you are about. She’ll want to know if you feel the same way before going public with her feelings.



How to win a girl’s heart with text messages can be simple when she understands your intention and interest. She’ll have the confidence that she’s not alone in the feeling which will inspire her to gradually be flexible with her boundaries.


When a girl knows that you are interested in dating them and she’s still texting you, there’s a big chance that she feels something for you. Show her through text that she has won your heart and she’ll be more open to letting you win hers.


4.      Get to know the girl


Guys are always secretly competing to get the beautiful girls. Each guy will bring their A-game in an attempt to impress the girl. Trying to beat the other guys by also flexing about yourself can put you to where the rest of the guys were put.


Getting to know the girl is a sleek technique of how to win a girl’s heart with text messages. The more you learn about her the better you get in your approach to win her heart.


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You’ll know what she likes and dislikes, values, interests, and hobbies. You’ll know which topics to introduce to keep the conversation going. It’s not easy to run out of things to say when you know a person.


However, girls also know that they become vulnerable to a guy that knows more about them. You’ll have to create trust and comfort for the girl to start opening up to you.


5.      Build sexual tension


Texting is the best tool to build sexual tension because of the freedom of imagination it inspires. Sexual attraction can be a compelling force if you want to win a girl’s heart. It encourages a deep emotional connection.


First, you have to be honest with yourself about the existing boundaries in your relationship. When you start building sexual tension when there’s no trust and comfort, things might look really weird for you.


Sexual tension through texting is built gradually and you have to be keen on the response you get because it will reflect the mood. If you notice that a girl is uncomfortable with sexual topics, slowly back down and continue facilitating comfort.


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Texting can make women bold about their sexuality and sexual fantasies and that’s an advantage that you can use to build an irresistible sexual attraction.


6.      Create a healthy dependency


Healthy dependency can form a solid emotional connection between people. That makes it one of the sleek techniques you can use to win a girl’s heart over text messages.


Partners rely on each other in a relationship. It creates a healthy dependency which boosts the value of one person to the other. When a person feels they need you, they play their end to keep you in the relationship.


How to win a girl’s heart with text messages

Listening is one sneaky way to create a healthy dependency with a girl over text. Build a relationship that when she needs to talk to someone the first person that she wants to text is you.


When you show genuine interest in a girl’s life, she’ll start sharing with you more about herself. She’ll grow closer to you the more she opens up. By the time she realizes how deep she has let you, she’ll be hearing wedding bells.


7.      Make her feel special


It’s not a walk in the park for most guys when they try to make a girl feel special over text. However, it can be easy to make a girl feel special without doing much while texting.


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Most guys drift towards giving the girl pet names to make her feel special while texting. However, it seems superficial to girls especially when you are trying to win her heart.



It’s an easy technique to make a girl feel special over text is to call her by what she desires most. For example, she’s putting a lot of effort into art classes, you can say something like “How’s our modern day Leonardo da Vinci?” It will have a bigger impact because you’ve complimented what she has a strong desirable connection to.


Another simple way to make a girl feel special over text is to acknowledge her intelligence or mastery in something she’s good at. You can ask for help on something she’s good at and give a compliment to the brilliance of the solution she gave you. She’ll feel appreciated and that’s how you start loosening up boundaries.


8.      Communicate clearly


Communication is vital when you are considering ways of how to win a girl’s heart. A single miscommunication during texting can have diverse implications on your quest. A girl can refuse to text back and that will be the end of it.


It’s wise to observe a girl’s texting patterns and style. It will give you an idea of how to structure your texting language to enhance communication. For example, if she uses emoji more often, mimicking that character can make her more responsive to your texts.


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Conversations are fluid whether you have them in person or via text. Sometimes they take an unprecedented turn which can encourage miscommunication.


Topics that trigger high emotional stakes or require elaborate descriptions can jeopardize your communication. Their susceptibility to biases can cause miscommunication.


Final Take


How to win a girl’s heart with text messages is a sleek way to forge a relationship in these modern dating scenes. Understanding what you want and what the girl desires gives you power when texting.


It’s important to remember that women still want to feel the same way as they would if you approached them in person. Mastering the ability to trigger those emotions will make you a master in your texting game.


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Emre Ilkme

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