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How to Touch Her While Kissing?

How to Touch Her While Kissing?

Kissing a woman is amazing! But the real question is, how do you touch a girl while kissing? I am sure you want everything to go smoothly, but you do not know what to do with your hands during the kiss.

This is something that a lot of men are curious about! Fortunately, there are numerous possibilities.

Kissing entails more than simply pressing your lips against your partner. It’s a lot better than that. We all know that the first time can sometimes be bad but in 2022, there’s no excuse to be a bad kisser.

To be a good kisser, you have to understand how to use your body in ways that make it enticing for your woman. I’m going to give you some extremely helpful ideas and show you how to touch her while kissing, whether you’re making out for the first time or consider yourself a make-out master.

I guarantee that after you put everything you’ve learned here today into practice, your bae will be kissing you with passion and desire like you’ve not experienced before.

When using your hands, it’s crucial to consider her comfort level, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Before touching sensitive areas of her body, get her permission or check in with her.

1.      Begin slowly and sensually.

You never want to come out as aggressive right away. No. Take it easy and slow. You’re gradually creating an environment that will be well worth the wait. And the longer you spend on it, the more satisfying the eventual outcome will be.

Work your way gradually. You may never know where this make-out session is taking you; though I’m pretty sure I already know. That’s why you are here now to master how to touch her while kissing.

2.      Touch her waist

If you’ve never kissed her before and aren’t sure what to do with your hands, this is a decent alternative. While kissing, place your hands softly on her waist or gently clasp her hips.

How to Touch Her While Kissing?

It’s a tried-and-true classic move that all romance movies swear by. Women enjoy being held around the waist because it has a non-sexual yet intimate quality to it. It’s also a move that subtly illuminates your masculinity and makes the woman submit to your advance.

3.      Hold each other’s hands. 

First of all, remove the idea that holding hands cannot be sexy. There are so many lesser-known erogenous zones on a woman’s body and fingers are among that list. Hold one of her hands in yours and lightly caress it with yours.

During the kiss, you can also hold both of her hands, interlock your fingers with hers and play with her fingers. If you’re feeling very close to her, this is a terrific alternative that comes across as really lovely.

You’ll be able to tell which kissing move she prefers if you pay attention to how she holds your hand or how tightly she holds it. When you are confused on how to touch her while kissing, the hands are always a safe space to start your touch exploration.

4.      Touch her face. 

Most people don’t like their faces touched. But that’s a boundary that you cross when you start kissing. Touching her face while kissing her might make the kiss more intimate.

You may, for example, hold her face with both hands and gently draw it closer to yours. You could even softly stroke her cheek, neck, or even earlobe. Because the ear is a sensitive location, softly massaging it may be a turn-on for her.

5.      Run your fingers through her hair. 

This action always works, whether you’re kissing her for the first time or you’re with your longtime girlfriend. Run your fingers through her hair with one or both hands. Slow down and take it easy!

You could even wind a strand of her hair around your finger as you kiss her if she has long hair. Some women even enjoy having their hair lightly pulled if they’re feeling brave! This is a move you should save for someone you are more intimate with.

It’s a simple technique when exploring how to touch her while kissing that has the potential of great arousal. It’s a perfect move when you want to escalate the kiss to something more.

6.      Run your fingers down her chest

Be a tease and run your fingers down her chest in a playful manner, but don’t go too far south. It’s a very big turn-on. Anything is preferable to doing nothing, so as long as you attempt to make it spicy, you can’t go wrong.

7.      Run your fingers down her spine

Find her spine with your fingertips and start just below her shoulder blades if you want to be a little more handsy and you’re sure she’ll like it. Then, when you make out each vertebrate in her backbone, carefully touch each one.

8.      Wrap your arms around her and hug her. 

Wrapping your arms around her is a great way to touch her while kissing. This communicates to her that you’re having fun with the kiss. You may choose to put your arms over her shoulders or waist, depending on your height and what feels most comfortable to you. Both are excellent choices.

9.      Attempt to draw the other person closer to you. 

If you want to take the kiss to the next level, gently pull her closer to you by the waist until your bodies are mashed up against each other as if you’re hugging. Slowly slam your bodies together to prevent crushing them together! Slower movement feels more intimate and offers her more time to react to what’s going on.

10.  Put your hands in the rear pockets of their pants. 

You can slide your hands into her back pockets if she is wearing jeans. This will not only bring her closer to your body, but it will also allow you to sensually touch her through her clothing.

11.  Grab her butt

This one is a little more difficult. If you’re not sure if she’ll enjoy it, you should wait till she does. Grabbing her butt while kissing will undoubtedly turn up the heat. But, before you do anything, double-check that you and your partner are on the same page. Consent is crucial.

12.  Let her guide your hands 

By placing your hands on her body, some women are decisive in what they want and they will guide you. She may, for example, softly place one of your hands on her breast, waist, or thighs. She will drop your hand and slow down a little if she is struggling or seems uncomfortable in any way.

13.  Grasp her Breasts

If you’re sure she is okay taking things to the next level, move your hands slightly down and squeeze her breasts and nipples now and then. This will make her more sexually aroused. You can also slip your hand beneath her shirt and explore her stomach and breast area.

There are a variety of strategies for moving your hands around while kissing your girl, but make sure you don’t come across as overly technical. The wisest course of action would be to simply go with the flow.

14.  Stroke the insides of her thighs

I recommend that you don’t do this on the first date. Instead of letting your hands flop around clumsily, stroke her inner thighs as she is kissing you. This is excellent foreplay and will undoubtedly make her feel something.

I’m not going to get into graphic details, but just thinking about gently stroking my woman’s thighs makes me want to rush back home to her.


In conclusion, if you’re in a quiet place, feel at ease with her, and have a mutual desire to do more than just kiss. Start exploring the rest of her body with your hands.

If you’re confident that she is ready to take things to the next level, unbutton her shirt, unzip her pants, or remove her clothes slowly. Slow down so you can get a sense of how she is reacting. Slow down if she appears apprehensive.

P.S Never grab a woman by the throat. You’ll see that all the time in porn but it does not mean she will enjoy it. An ex-girlfriend once told me that a man grabbing her throat, even a man she loved, was her worst fear and nightmare. Every woman is different. Consent is key!

I do hope this has given you some useful insight on how to touch her while kissing.

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