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How To Text Girls

How To Text Girls

How To Text Girls

Girls are more emotional about relationships than guys are. While this makes it a little harder for some guys to understand how male-female relationships work, it also means that texting is a great way to build rapport and attraction.

Keep the 10 following hints in mind and you’ll soon become a master texter.

Pick the Best Time

Night time is the best time for texting girls, especially later at night when she’s just slipped into bed and you have her full attention.

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Don’t text her when you know she’s busy – make her look forward to each text instead of seeing each one as an interruption. Don’t text her all day long either.

Pick a time when she’s chattiest and keep to that time slot every day. She’ll learn to anticipate your texts and look forward to them.

Keep the First Text Casual and Short

Don’t get over anxious or think too much about the first text. If you get too anxious you’ll seem needy.

How To Text Girls

If you know how to text girls you’ll agree that a warm, simple line leaves the conversation open.

Sending her something short that makes her smile is a good start.

Keep it Simple and Short

Once you’ve got the conversation going, keep it flowing by keeping texts short and simple. If she has to wait too long for a response she may lose focus or get bored. Quick messages back and forth builds intensity and intimacy.

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Show Interest in Her Life

Take a moment to ask how her day was, what she did and what she’s up to. This will let her know that you’re interested in her on an emotional level and will help her to open up to you.

Give Her a Nickname

Giving someone a pet name is a quick and easy way to add something personal and unique to your interactions. It creates an intimacy by creating a bond between you.

Know When to Flirt

Flirting is a crucial part of learning how to text girls.

You should never flirt every single time you chat or she may become bored with you. However, some opportunities are too good to pass up. Wait for the right moment to tease her, challenge her, and flirt with her.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Naughtiness

A little naughtiness adds intimacy. Don’t confuse naughtiness with crassness – she’ll be far more likely to respond to mischief.

Initiate naughty conversations by telling her you just got out of the shower or by texting her when you know she’s in bed.

Use Emoticons

Emoticons add emotion and expression to texts. Unless she told you that she hates emoticons, add a kiss and a smile when you say goodnight, and don’t be afraid of exclamation marks.

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Create Your Own Memories

Making your own memories is a great way to build a bond and create intimacy. Tell her about your favourite place, movie, or song – this way she’ll be reminded of you throughout the day.

Leave Her Feeling Good

When you say goodbye, compliment her or get a little soppy. If you leave her feeling warm inside (and hopefully a little aroused), you’re well on your way to success with how to text girls.

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