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How To Tell She Sleeps Around

How To Tell She Sleeps Around

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell whether a woman is likely to cheat or not?

Tell She Sleeps Around

Just imagine the grief, the pain and the heartache it would save.


Let me just make one thing clear…

I support my fellow women, but truth be told…

Some girls do NOT have the best intentions when it comes to dating, and that can ruin a good picture for the majority of us.

And being part of a company of relationship experts and dating coaches for men, I have more than enough proof of how infidelity causes pain in relationships.

According to surveys done, it is actually the leading cause of most breakups.

It destroys personal lives and disrupts careers.

That is why I get it when men ask me for advice on knowing if a woman is promiscuous or not.

So, how can you spot out promiscuous women?

Let me show you precisely how.

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Early warning signs

Recognising the red flags will allow you to know if she is seeking long-term commitment with you.

How To Tell She Sleeps Around. That way, you can avoid the jokers and focus your time and energy in building relationships with someone faithful who is willing to be exclusive with you. When around her, does she seem to be interested in other men?

Does she have the “wandering eye”?

Individuals on the dating scene who have not made up their mind or are not looking for something serious believe that having variety is what spices life.

For instance, such a woman will think that even when in a relationship with you, she still needs to constantly search for the next person.

Some other indicators to infidelity may include but are not limited to sexual attitudes and values that are not compatible or unexplained resistance to intimacy.

They seem to have an interest in meeting other alternatives.

For example, she is in dating apps while dating you.

She cherishes her independence over a strong intimate bond

Trust me on this, we easily give up our independence and try to settle down with a man we like and see a future with.

So, the next time she tells you or shows signs of open relationship, just run.

They tend to have a very low commitment within a romantic relationship, and this right here is a character that she has promiscuously written in bold black and white for you.

This is just her way of telling you that she is always searching for a new and attractive romantic partner and that you should not be offended when the next best thing comes along.

Find out about her standards and values

So, when is the right time to ask for her views on relationships?

I say sooner rather than later.

This is for the same reason that people are more likely to cheat if their values and attitudes are not compatible with each other.

But it should not come out as a cross-examination because this might push her into defensive mode.

A casual and straightforward chat about relationships in general (not yours specifically) can reveal some relevant information about her beliefs and views.

Also, her social media might be a good starting point.

Many people view it as a safe place to express their sexual opinions, especially when they follow online groups of like-minded enthusiasts.

Trust your guts

If something just seems to feel off, then it means you are not comfortable with the vibe she is bringing.

If you are okay when around other people except for her, something must be wrong.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but you cannot dismiss what your body’s vibe is trying to pass.

If you are on your toes most of the time she is around, that even your sleep schedule changes…

This is not the effect of being in love but rather a way of your body switching to alert mode.

When you are trying very hard to keep that relationship afloat, chances are very high it will end in disaster.

She alleges and tries to prove that you are promiscuous

A woman who accuses you like this simply cannot understand how a decent looking person like you could say no to suitors.

Especially when she cannot do that.

It is called projection.

She is just subconsciously projecting how she would act if she finds herself in that position.

So, if any guy accuses me of something like that, I immediately know we need to go our separate ways.

An informed decision equals a healthy future relationship

I always believe in rules, and sometimes there could be an exception.

But I think that a person’s behaviour will give you a heads up on their inclination towards cheating.

And seeing these problematic characteristics early in the relationship or even before you commit to dating will really help you avoid making bad choices.

And in the long run, you would have saved yourself and her from wasting each other’s time and any problems down the road.

But remember.

The list is not exhaustive, and I am sure there are 🚨 plenty of other signs.

But the ones I have given you are meant to help with a quick check of the signs that you can notice within a few weeks of meeting her.

Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love,

Gaby x