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How to tell if she’s had bigger?

How to tell if she's had bigger?

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The aim of this article is to provide you with some useful insights on how to tell if she’s had bigger.

How to tell if she’s had bigger?

I will start this article with one misconception that men have about women and the size of their magic wands.

Men think that all women prefer bigger and having a big rod can quickly satisfy us. On the contrary, the size of your wand doesn’t matter as much if you are good at what you do.

How to tell if she’s had bigger?

Penetration is just one aspect of sex but sex involves so much that if well explored, your woman will always be satisfied no matter the size of your wands. But with that said I know most of you have wondered if you are the biggest, she’s ever got.

Okay, I don’t think we are honest enough to tell you the truth because men are sensitive when it comes to their magic wands. So, you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

In this blog, we are going to look at how to tell if she’s had bigger.

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The physical feel

Now, I talked to my friends about how they can tell if their girls have had bigger. Most of them said to me that they could feel it during sex. So, when you feel like my cookie jar is a bit loose for you, you automatically assume that I have had it bigger before.

I know we are not the most present people during sex, especially if we are not fully aroused, but why would you think about the guy who hit it before you? You’ll be competing with a ghost because you don’t know what he used to do. At the end you give me the worst 15 seconds of my life.

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The truth is you cannot tell by the “physical feel” if a girl has had it bigger. The same way your tools come in different sizes and shapes is the same way with our cookie jars. Some will always feel like it’s their first time even after doing it for years. Some will welcome you and wonder how many have been welcomed while in the real sense, you are the only one.

Guys, another reason why “physical feel” as a way of telling if she’s had bigger is a misconception is because of our elasticity. A cookie jar can take a proper beat down and survive. Take this, for instance, we give birth, and our cookie jar stretches, but after some time it’s like it never happened.

Her reactions during sex

You know it’s fascinating what I learned whilst researching this topic. Apparently, if we don’t moan loud enough, it can be a sign that we have had it bigger. If you are the kind of guy who thinks that, drop everything you are doing and come listen. I don’t want you to lose a good person because of the sexual misconceptions out there.

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Did you know that the noises can be made not because you are enjoying sex but because you want to speed up your partner’s ejaculation? Studies show that the sounds we make during sex boost our partner’s confidence, and that stimulates you to explode fast. So, hearing her moan and calling your ancestor’s names is not a sign that you’re hitting the right spot or you are bigger, and she has the challenge to endure your tool.

I know that men sometimes look at us to see if we flinch as they take it all in. So, if we don’t flinch that might be a sign that we’ve had bigger and we haven’t even noticed you coming. Guys, really? Flinching can be a sign of discomfort or pain because she’s not where you want her to be.

Naturally, when we are well aroused, our cookie jars blossom in preparation for you. That means that your first penetration will be received with a wave of pleasure, and that doesn’t make us flinch. So, guys our reactions during sex cannot be used as a benchmark to show if we’ve had bigger.

She doesn’t climax

Okay, reaching orgasm for us can be a physical exercise. Getting your woman to climax needs you to understand her body well. Know her sensitive areas and get your sex game right.

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However, most men assume that since he cannot make her orgasm it because she’s had bigger. You need to know that you can have a world record-breaking tool and still be unable to make your girl orgasm.

Research shows that most women orgasm during foreplay as compared to during penetration. So, the problem might not be your tool but your skills. Improve your foreplay skills and take time to learn about her body, and you will make her orgasm each time.

There is no proven way to tell if she’s had bigger. However, the only definite way to know if she’s had bigger before is if you ask her. I know most men wouldn’t ask because the answer might not be in their favor. So, instead of wondering because it might make you lousy or give you some performance anxiety issues, try and understand your girl’s body and make your sex life fun.

Sadly that’s all from me today. But I hope this has shed some light on how to tell if she’s had bigger.

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