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How to Tell If She Wants To Kiss You?

How to Tell If She Wants To Kiss You?

Hi guys Annabel Mizel here from Today I will be talking about How to Tell If She Wants To Kiss You
Most guys have had the embarrassing moment when you lean in for a kiss and she pulls away. It can be heartbreaking but you have to understand that kissing is special to women. We also only kiss a guy we like or have a crush on. We also send signals when we want a kiss because we are shy to reach out for you. The tell signs are very subtle and you may not notice them. To be on top your game you need to master the slight gestures that a woman sends. Here is how to tell if she wants to kiss you:

Flirting with you

We are masters when it comes to using the power of seduction. Women are natural at it and they often get what they want. These are outright gestures that she wants you. However, not all women are bold to use it but it is the easiest way to tell when a girl wants to kiss you. Watch out for this signs:

• She bites the side of her lower lip or licking it in a seductive way while maintaining eye contact.
• Softening her gaze to make it erotic.
• Talking about kissing and other topics that raise sexual tension.
• Staring at your lips often then maintaining eye contact.

Opens up to your touch

We are very sensitive when it comes to protecting our personal space. A woman opening up to your touch means that she trusts and is comfortable with you. When you touch her safe areas like her hand or shoulders and she reacts in a shy or girly way then she is interested in you. Try taking your touch to the next level like playing with her hair, necklace, or wrapping your arm around her waist. If her response is positives then you don’t need a genie in the bottle to tell you your kissing wishes have come true.

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