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How to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman

How to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman
The nature of female friendships is very different from how guys interact with each other when they are good friends. Most women have very flexible touch boundaries with their female friends. That’s one of the reasons that make it very confusing for most guys to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman or just a platonic connection. If you walk into a bar and you see a gorgeous woman with a female companion, most guys will overlook the female companion as potential competition and go ahead to game the woman they want. But women can also put up a tough competition than some guys when it comes to approaching and scoring a girl. After all, they are women and they have a few cheat codes up their sleeves.

woman is flirting with another woman

I was recently approached by a guy whose wife was cheating on him with her female best friend. He knew the woman and sometimes she’ll show up when the guy is not around and he never gave it two thoughts. However, it was a devastating experience for him when he found out what was happening and his confidence was in the gutters. Over the years, people have developed sexual open-mindedness which is phenomenal. However, some guys are experiencing foul play from their partners without realizing it. To prevent impact your confidence and self-worth experiences when you find out you’ve been blind for something that has always been in front of you is what is inspiring me to write this blog.
Nevertheless, you’ll find this blog helpful if you are gaming a woman that’s desired by another woman. Gentlemen, when you are going against a woman in scoring a girl, a special skill set and finesse are needed. You’ll also get to learn female flirting cues as displayed by a woman flirting with another woman. Let’s dive in and explore how to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman: 1.      She has a special interest in women. The first way of how to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman is the degree of interest that she develops in the woman. Most women are comfortable and feel safe around other women. That can prompt them to have sensitive topics without developing any deep connection prior. Masters of flirting understand that to hit a home run in your game, you have to understand what turns on the girl and which desires take her on a frenzy. When a woman is flirting with another woman, she’ll want to know her chances of getting the woman. It will inspire her to dig deeper to understand the girl’s sexual commitments and desires. She’ll want to know if the woman is dating and her sexual preference. She’ll desire to know what the woman thinks of being attracted to a woman and the chances of it happening. Women are not very different from guys when it comes to gaming and scoring women. She’ll have the advantage of trust and comfort, but she’ll want to know most of the things that you’d also be interested in if you were flirting with a girl. 2.      She displays too much masculine energy The next technique of how to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman is the woman flirting displays more masculine energy than feminine. Although, this in isolation might not be a surefire sign but to be sure there’s flirting going on you need more than one piece of the puzzle. A woman that’s gaming another woman will have to overcome the fear of rejection and display supreme confidence. People are unique in how they express attraction. However, when you are flirting with a woman you desire, the aim is to inspire her feminine side and trigger sexual attraction. The display of masculine energy sets aside the woman from other women (She’ll not be mistaken for just a friend). You can tell a woman with too much masculine energy by observing her nonverbal cues. For example, how she’s dressed can give you an insight into her personality. Also, girls with too much masculine energy tend to be more aggressive and territorial. 3.      The nonverbal cues tell it all It’s hard to miss someone’s intentions when you know the right nonverbal cues to look out for. Reading a woman’s nonverbal cues is a surefire way of How to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman. It can get confusing because some women grab each other’s boobs and behind and claim to be only friends. But when the relationship is purely platonic, you’ll not get a sexual vibe. A woman that’s flirting with another woman will display sexual nonverbal cues. For example, she’ll touch the other woman with an intention to create sexual tension. That will prompt her to be more delicate but intense with her touch and where she touches. A woman can still game another woman from across the room using seductive nonverbal cues. The level and intensity of eye contact can tell you if a woman is flirting with another woman. If you notice her giving the other woman bedroom eyes and a lower lip lick then bite, know she’s high on the flirting kite. You can look at a woman’s nonverbal cues and how she relates with her surrounding to determine if she’s flirting. A woman gaming a woman will still feel intimidated when a guy approaches the other woman. You’ll notice overprotectiveness or jealousy from the girl’s body language and nonverbal signals dating coach for men. 4.      Compliments come pouring in Women have a lot to complement each other on. They might start with shoes, hair, makeup, and all the things women enjoy doing. That makes it easy for a woman flirting with another woman pass as being friendly. However, you can tell if a woman is flirting with another woman by the way she compliments her. When you are sexually attracted to a person, your mind creates fantasies about them. You’ll give a sexual vibe in your conversation because that’s the silent but dominant intention in your mind. The same also happens when a woman is sexually around a woman she’s attracted to. The surefire compliments of flirting are ones that praise the woman’s feminine features. That’s a sign that she’s using compliments to inspire and connect with the woman’s feminine side. If you are in a crowd, you’ll notice that all the compliments are directed to one girl. 5.      She tries to isolate her When you are flirting with a girl and building sexual tension or chemistry, you escalate gradually. You can start with subtle sexual innuendos then escalate to some flirting that triggers intense sexual attraction. Isolating the woman you desire creates an ample stage for you to show what you are made of. When a woman is flirting with another woman, at some point she’ll have to isolate her to escalate her game. But before she physically isolates her, she’ll try to mentally and emotionally isolate her from the crowd. One of the sneakiest ways that skillful people use to isolate a person they are attracted to is through conversation. You’ll notice that the woman tries to make a conversation that’s private from the rest of the crowd. Building a personal bond makes it easier for the woman to isolate her target physically. 6.      She acts awkward Women that approach and flirt with other women also experience being nervous and anxious. When a woman is attracted to another woman, she might lack the right words or actions to express her emotions. One of the foolproof ways of how to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman is by gauging a woman’s actions or reactions to certain things. For example, a woman will not go on her knees apologizing when she accidentally touches another woman’s boobs or ass. But a man would apologize profusely because his actions might be considered sexual. A woman that’s trying to flirt with another woman will behave awkwardly because she sees the interaction from a sexual perspective. That can inspire some discomfort, which might manifest as awkwardness. When there’s a disconnect in communication, things evidently get awkward. Furthermore, a woman might act awkwardly because she’s uncomfortable flirting with other people watching her. She’ll act like a kid stealing a cookie when talking to the woman she wants. 7.      She clearly flirting I always say, if it looks like a duck, walks, and sounds like one, it is a duck. If you are questioning whether a woman is flirting with another woman, you might be right. Some women are out and proud to score beautiful girls and have a share of fun. Consider what has made you think; she might be flirting rather than having a friendly interaction. For example, you saw her touching the other woman in a kind of seductive way. Remember what we said about masculine energy? A woman that’s flirting using touch will do it in a manner that stimulates sexual arousal. You pick a lot of nonverbal cues that you might not consciously pinpoint, but trusting your guy can sometimes point you in the right direction. You can master the art of flirting by visiting You’ll find a wide range of information and material that has been proven to work. Mastering your art in something boosts your confidence in it. 8.     Parting Shot One flirting sign is not enough to draw the conclusion that a woman is flirting with another due to the nature of female relationships. But how to tell if a woman is flirting with another woman can be simple if you understand what you are looking for. I have given you some of the common signs that most guys miss. Do you want to drastically improve your dating life? Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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