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How to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you

How to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you

Misinterpreting a woman’s signs of desire can put you in an awkward position.

It can be an embarrassing situation to drop your pants when the woman wasn’t intending for that.

A woman might like you but not be sexually interested in you.

The complexities of sexual desires prompt people to send unique signals.

Girl wants to sleep with you

The signals are usually misinterpreted because we translate them from what we would do.

When a woman shows sexual interest in you and you come out too strong, she might have last-minute withdrawal.

The signs are not a green light that she’s ready to have sex with you.

Sometimes it’s an indication of possible sexual interest that you need to build on.

Women desire sex as much as men do. But most women are shy about openly sharing their sexual desires with guys. One is because women fear being rejected by a guy they like.

The other reason that women don’t make their signs obvious is that they enjoy the thrill of being pursued. It makes a woman feel special.

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In this blog, you learn more about women’s subtle signals when they want to sleep with you.

You’ll understand the thin boundary of when a woman is being nice and when she wants you to give her the magic wand. Let’s look at the signs a woman wants to sleep with you.

How to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you

  • Engaging you in a flirtatious conversation
  • She touches you
  • Her body language suggests she wants it
  • She invites you to her place
  • She’s permissive to your advances
  • Flirty eyes
  • She is passionate about you
  • She wants to be alone with you
  • She qualifies herself

1.    Engaging you in a flirtatious conversation

The first sign that a woman wants to sleep with you is if she engages you in a flirtatious conversation.

A flirty conversation can lead to you knowing a lot of intimate things about a woman especially her sexual desires. Flirting is a sneaky way of building sexual tension.

She’s building sexual tension between you, but she’s banking on you to act on it.

A woman that wants to sleep with you, will want to explore your sexual weakness.

She’ll ask you about your fantasies because that’s where your sexual desires are most intense. She can even try to put herself at the center of it.

For example, you say you like women in glasses, and she sends you a photo wearing glasses and a little seductive look.

That is a woman that’s trying to capture your sexual attention.

If you are unsure about this sign, try to change the conversation to something less flirty. A woman that wants to sleep with you will find a way to return the conversation back to being flirty.

2.    She touches you

Touch can be a very powerful sign of desire.

A woman that wants to sleep with you, feels safe and comfortable around you. You become more familiar with her the more her emotions grow towards you.

That can make a woman subconsciously start touching you. In her mind, she has touched you in the most wishful areas you could think of. Her touching your face when talking will seem subtle.

When a woman wants to have sex with you, she’ll want to create physical chemistry. Touching you can be her way of encouraging you to touch her.

You’ll know if her touch is sexually inspired by how she accelerates.

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Most women will start touching a guy’s arm as a way of establishing their presence. A woman that wants to sleep with you will start touching your chest, neck, hair, or knee.

Touch can also trigger intense sexual tension which looks like a good idea for a woman that wants to sleep with you.

When meeting her, she might hug you for longer and squeeze a bit harder.

3.    Her body language suggests she wants it

A woman’s body language can tell you if she wants to have sex with you. Women are the masters of seduction. Men can be easily sexually aroused by what they see.

That makes it easy for a woman to use body language to seduce you.

Women are very choosy about men they let too close to them. However, she’ll want to be as close to you as possible if she is sexually interested in you.

That proximity creates an intimacy that favors her desires.

A woman’s posture can tell you if she wants you. When a woman is sexually attracted to you, she will want you to see her femininity.

She’ll act more feminine around you. The woman’s posture will expose her physical strengths.

She might push back her hair for you to see her face or show a little cleavage to get you confused.

Most guys get turned on when a girl plays with her lips. A woman will lick and bite her lips seductively if she’s interested in sleeping with you.

She might make it appear innocent but she knows exactly what she’s doing.

4.     She invites you to her place

A woman can invite you to her place directly or indirectly. She might ask you if you want to go in. In this case, she’s also testing your attraction towards her. Or she will ask you for a favor that involves getting into her house.

Most guys will not turn down doing a favor of a woman. She will also make it sound innocent not to give you any ideas.

But she knows that you’ll be alone with her in the house.

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You can tell if a woman wants to sleep with you with the effort she puts in while you are at her place. She might wear something sexually provocative to get your attention.

Some women will be extra nice and pamper you while you are at her house.

If she’s putting more effort that highlights her feminine side, then you are in for a bumpy ride.

5.    She’s permissive to your advances

If a woman is not interested in you, she declines any advance you make. However, if she’s interested in you, she displays positive responses to encourage you to continue.

The type of access that you get is what will determine if the girl wants to have sex with you.

A woman can allow a guy to touch her because she wants to be friends. But touch will be restricted to some places.

When a woman wants to sleep with you, she allows you to touch her in sensitive places like the inside of her thighs.

Most women want to impress guys they want to sleep with. That makes them more agreeable to doing things for you.

6.    Flirty eyes

Women send mixed signals because they want to hide their emotions. However, there are nonverbal cues that can show you if a woman is sexually interested in you.

You can tell if a girl is interested in you by how she stares at you.

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Eyes are a window to our soul. It’s challenging for people to fake emotions with their eyes. A girl looking at you in a flirty way is a sign of attraction.

But you need other signs to show you how deep the attraction goes and if she wants to do it with you.

For example, if she’s looking at you in a flirty way, and she bites the side of her lower lip, that’s a sign of sexual desire.

7.     She is passionate about you

Sexual attraction can have a compelling force. You’ll know a woman wants to sleep with you with the passion she shows you.

If you have established a relationship and you can kiss, she’ll be very passionate about it. It inspires intimacy and women get very intimate with guys they intend to sleep with.

When the kiss is passionate but you are not sure if she wants to have sex, look how she touches you.

If she wants to sleep with you, she’ll touch you in the most unholy places to provoke your sexual feelings.

She’ll not restrict her kiss to your mouth. She’ll try to kiss your neck or be playful with her kisses.

Sexual desire triggers intense passion which can be challenging for a girl to hide.

8.    She wants to be alone with you

Privacy is one thing that a woman desires when she’s with the man she’s sexually attracted to.

She will take a raincheck on a date in a restaurant, and opt for a lazy time and watch movies with you at home.

When you are in a crowded place, a woman that wants to sleep with you will try to isolate you.

Women are shy about being seen seducing a guy. That’s why most women that are sexually attracted to a guy, will try to be alone with him.

The next time a girl is telling you to pay the bill and go chill in the house, brace yourself for exclusive seduction.

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9.    She qualifies herself

When a woman wants to sleep with you, she will show you her worth. She will indirectly try and show you why you should hit it.

It’s the same thing guys do when they want to sleep with a girl. The difference is guys make their signs obvious.

Strong sexual desire exposes people emotionally and makes them vulnerable. A woman that wants you will be willing to expose herself to you.

She might even confide in you about the guys that are trying to slide to her bed. It’s a way of showing you that there are other guys that crave for me but I chose you.

A woman that qualifies herself to you wants to impress you and she might want more.

There are so many signs that a woman might show you when she wants to sleep with you. Other women use negative reinforcement to get your attention.

A woman might play hard to get so that you chase after her. She knows she’ll give you the cookie, she just wants you to work for it.

You can never be really certain that a woman wants to sleep with you if she’s not clearly told you.

It’s important to ask for consent even if a girl is showing all the signs. Treating a woman with respect will make her feel more comfortable with you.

She’ll reduce the mind games that women play as a test.

However, a woman might want to sleep with you then she changes her mind.

Mastering the art of seduction will put you in a position to remove doubt and retain her in the moment.

You’ll be magnetic when you are seductive to a woman that wants to sleep with you.

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