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How to tell if a girl likes you over text

how to tell if a girl likes you over text

It’s already challenging sometimes to tell if a woman likes you when you meet. How is it possible to know if she likes you via text?

Women communicate differently from men and that’s where the communication disconnect starts. The mixed signals you get when talking to a girl are because of the disconnect in communication.

How to tell if a girl likes you over text

Most guys master the art of reading body language and a woman’s nonverbal cues to avoid receiving mixed signals and appeal to the girls. Texting also has a set of nonverbal cues that can show you if a girl is into you.

In this blog, you’ll get to explore various signs of how to tell if a girl likes you over text.

It’s important to learn the signs of attraction via text. Most of the time girls are subtle with their signs and if you don’t pinpoint it on time, you might lose her.

Let’s look at the signs to tell if a girl is into you via text so that you always have the advantage:

1.    You text each other a lot.

Texting is a virtual way of spending time together. And everyone likes talking to people that make them happy or at least listen to them. When you notice that you talk a lot with a girl, it’s time to revisit your conversation thread.

If you notice that you text so much even at odd times of the night, then high chances are the girl is enjoying your company and might even be into you. However, the trick when using this sign to gauge if a woman is into you is looking at the content of your chats.

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A girl might text you frequently because you are funny and she’s bored. Or she simply just likes your company.

You’ll know a girl is into you when she texts frequently and the conversation gets emotional, funny, and a bit of argument.

2.    Your texts are personal and inquisitive

Another way of how to tell if a girl likes you over text is the type and quality of conversation you have.

It’s natural to desire emotional security when you like someone. That drives you to dig all the information you can get about the person to understand them better. Also, we strive to understand the people we like so that we understand how best to treat them.

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A girl that’s into you will ask you a lot of personal questions over text. She’ll want to know if you are dating, searching for a soulmate, or having casual fun. When a girl starts asking intimate and very personal questions, that’s a sign that she’s testing the water to gauge her chances with you.

She’ll also open up to you about herself. If you feel that you know more about a girl than even her friends because of her texts, that is a huge sign that she’s into you.

3.    She starts conversations.

Most women have a subtle approach when trying to show interest. But one foolproof way to know if a girl likes you via text is if she starts the conversation. That’s a sign that the girl wants to engage you, and women frequently engage guys they are comfortable with.

Women are very cautious about who they entertain and how. A woman that’s not into you will thank the heavens if you don’t text her. She’ll try to avoid you or you won’t cross her mind as someone she needs to talk to.

However, a girl that’s into you will look for any reason to talk to you. That can compel her to initiate conversations. She can start the conversation with a funny meme, good morning text, or a question.

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4.    She sends you long texts.

Texts are usually the highlighted part of what we want to say. That’s why sometimes summarizing what you want to say in a text triggers miscommunication. That brings us to another foolproof sign of how to tell if a girl likes you over text which is receiving lengthy texts from her.

Women are very choosy about the guys they give attention to. Texting takes an excruciatingly long time to communicate, especially long messages. So, when a woman is sending you texts that look like an encyclopedia then you have caught her interest and attention.

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In addition to that, texts are susceptible to miscommunication. That might mean for someone to communicate clearly they’ll have to send long texts.

Signs a girl likes you over text

When a girl likes you, she’ll want to avoid any miscommunications while texting. It’s an indication that she wants to impress you because she likes you.

5.    You text on different platforms spontaneously.

Averagely people connect with people they know on three social media platforms. And almost all if not all social media platforms allow direct messaging.

You can tell if a girl likes you over text by how much she’s engaging you. You’ll have more to talk about because she’s interested in you.

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A girl’s interest in you will make you seem intriguing. You’ll find yourself exploring different topics on different social media platforms at the same time. She’ll want to keep the conversation going.

How do you definitely know that she’s smitten? You’ll find it easy to keep up with texting her on different platforms.

6.    She notices when you introduce something new about yourself.

You’ll know if a girl likes you over text by how much she knows about you. Beautiful girls chat with a lot of guys. She’ll not keep up with everything that every guy might be telling her.

You are lucky if she doesn’t confuse what someone else told her with what you told her. When a girl likes you she becomes keen on understanding you.

She’ll notice the new things that you reveal about yourself to her because it feeds the curiosity she has about you.

You’ll know she definitely likes you when each time you introduce something new about yourself, she does not only recognize it but also tries to find out more about it. For instance:

You: I like playing the violin sometimes. (You’ve introduced something new)

Her: Wow, I didn’t know that. How long have you been playing? (You’ve caught her curiosity and she wants to find out more.)

You: As long as I can remember actually.

Her: I would love to hear you play someday. (She’s showing interest in your interests which is a good sign.)

7.    She qualifies herself.

The ultimate sign that a woman likes you over text is when you notice she qualifies herself to you frequently. When a girl is not interested in you, she’ll avoid giving you reasons that might make you want to continue communication with dating coaching for men.

how to tell if a girl likes you over text

Girls qualify themselves to guys they like. When a girl likes you, she’ll try to impress you in different ways that will make her more appealing to you than any other girl that might be in your inbox.

There are sneaky ways to get a girl to qualify herself. Furthermore, you can know if a girl is qualifying herself because she likes you when she tries to isolate herself from stereotypes that disqualify women from men.

For instance:

You: It’s a turnoff when a girl snoops through a guy’s phone. It shows a lack of trust. (You’ve highlighted a deal-breaker.)

Her: Yeah. I am the type. Communication beats sneaking around to get one-sided information. (She qualifies herself by building your confidence in her.)

8.    She allows the conversation to escalate.

Now, if you were waiting for the stars to align, this is the sign for you. You’ll know a girl likes you over text by how far she lets the conversation escalate.

There are still boundaries in texts. Most women avoid sexual topics with guys they are not interested in or comfortable with.

Nevertheless, a woman that likes you will want to explore you in all possible ways. She’ll be cool with you escalating the conversation from small talk to sexual.

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Flirting with a girl can trigger strong sexual tension. That shows an emotional connection that won’t be possible if there’s no trust, comfort, and attraction.

Watch how she responds to your flirting techniques and sexual innuendos. If she actively participates, that’s a sign that she’s into you.

9.    She gets mad when you don’t reply.

Another sign of how to know if a girl likes you over text is if she gets mad when you don’t reply or you reply late. A girl that’s not into you will not even realize if you texted or not.

Girls desire the attention of the guys they like. When she initiates the conversation or keeps it going, it’s because she’s enjoying the attention she’s getting from you.

You might have been busy the whole day, had a presentation that would change your life, got hit by a plane, but she’ll still be mad if you don’t text because she didn’t get attention from you.

Her emotional reaction to the situation shows her emotional attachment. Emotional connection is a good sign if you’re trying to figure out if a girl likes you over text.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be careful not to get trapped with a needy woman that will throw tantrums every time things don’t go her way.

10.    She sends you pics.

You’ll be amazed by how many guys ask for a girl’s pic and they get turned down or get a meme instead. You’ll know a girl likes you when she randomly sends you pictures of herself.

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It’s a qualification technique that women use over text. A woman will first start by sharing with you the best pics of herself. But she’ll be comfortable sending you pics without her makeup on when she feels that she has qualified for you.

Final Take

There are so many foolproof ways of telling if a girl likes you over text. However, to be accurate with your judgment it’s important to understand the girl.

Shy girls express themselves differently from daring girls even through text. Understanding the girl allows you to know how much she’s stretching her boundaries to accommodate you. The more a girl likes you the more she’ll stretch her boundaries for you.

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