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How to tell if a girl is avoiding you

How to tell if a girl is avoiding you
It can be a lonely feeling for anyone to notice that the person they are attracted to is drifting away. Various reasons can prompt a girl to avoid you. Nevertheless, it does not eliminate the confusion and wonder of what might have happened. It’s not always that a girl avoids you, that it means she’s not interested in you. A girl can avoid you even if she likes you to send a message or to give you a taste of an alternate reality that she’s not part of. It’s crucial to notice early if a girl is avoiding you if you want to take charge of the situation. When a girl avoids you for long without being resolved, the emotional bond will start getting diluted. You’ll end up losing a girl that you would not have lost. It’s a challenge for most guys sometimes to identify if a girl is avoiding them or just playing games. Whatever the case, don’t take a gamble!
In this blog, you’ll explore various ways of how to tell if a girl is avoiding you. You’ll get to understand the difference between a girl that’s avoiding you but wants you to pursue her and one that wants you to let go. 1.      You feel it in your gut. Your gut instinct is very powerful when it comes to how to tell if a girl is avoiding you. Our intuitions are attached to our basic sense of survival. There’s no definite way of understanding how gut instincts occur.

Girl is avoiding you

Nevertheless, your subconscious mind picks up cues and recognizes patterns that you are not conscious about. Your subconscious can take note of broken patterns and that’s what might come to you as gut instinct because your conscious mind can’t explain it. (If you go to a party you need to be able to grab her attention: how to get a girls attention). When you are feeling that something is off with how a girl is interacting with you, chances are you are right. There are emotions in you that are left unquenched which can prompt you to feel the absence. 2.      Drop in communication Proper communication builds and sustains the connections you forge with girls. When a girl is interested in you, she’ll tear the veil of communication barrier to foster the emotional connection between you. That makes communication a key part to consider when trying to figure out how to tell if a girl is avoiding you. A girl that’s avoiding you will make contact challenging. She might not be obvious about it, but you can’t miss a drop in communication. Since relationships are unique, it’s wise to take a critical look at your communication patterns before you feel the drift. You’ll know she’s avoiding you if the communication patterns have negatively changed. For instance, you were meeting almost every week for dinner but now you only communicate over the phone. If she wants you to let her go, she might not even pick your calls or respond to your messages. 3.      Distant nonverbal cues Another way of how to tell if a girl is avoiding you is through her body language and nonverbal cues. It’s easy to be deceived when you only follow the verbal cues because body language and nonverbal cues give hidden intentions away. When a girl is avoiding you, she intentionally or unintentionally detaches emotionally and sometimes even mentally from you. The signs of emotional and mental detachment can be vivid in the girl’s body language and nonverbal cues. (I’d highly advise you read this article for more tips: How to flirt with a girl at the grocery store). Here are some distant nonverbal cues that will show you a girl is avoiding you:
    • She flinches when you initiate physical contact even though you have physical chemistry before. It is a sign that she’s uncomfortable with the touch which can give away where she is at emotionally with you.
    • She starts to avoid eye contact with you. Eye contact is an important aspect of communication because it builds a connection and shows you the other person’s interest in the conversation. A girl that’s avoiding you will also want to avoid the connection.
    • She increases the distance between you. Proximity to a girl usually translates to the level of intimacy or trust and comfort that exists between you. A girl that’s trying to avoid you will not feel comfortable being too close to you. You’ll notice more distance between you than usual.
  • Her upper body and legs are facing the exit. It’s a subconscious sign that the girl is waiting for the moment she’ll find the perfect opportunity to leave. It’s also a sign that she’s not fully attentive to what you are saying.
4.      She makes you feel isolated in a crowd. One common misconception about knowing whether a girl is avoiding you is thinking that she’ll not spend time with you. Your girlfriend can avoid you even if you are still leaving under the same roof and sharing a bed. In some instances, a girl will not acknowledge your presence if she’s trying to avoid you. Take a note of how she interacts with other people and how she interacts with you. She’ll be willing to enthusiastically engage other people, and she might ignore your comments and contributions in the conversation if she’s avoiding you. (Here’s another incredibly useful article for you to read: How to attract a girl from work without coming on too strong). When a girl makes you feel isolated in a group, it’s a sign that she’s avoiding any contact with you. She might be seated next to you, but in her mind, you don’t exist. 5.      She makes her life private How much you know about a girl can help you determine if a girl has been avoiding you. A girl that you have been in a long-term relationship with you will not immediately start a blackout. It will be gradual as she slowly emotionally detaches. It’s the nature of people to want to tell their stories. That’s why in relationships people tend to highlight everything that’s happening to their partner. It’s a sign of trust and comfort to your partner. When a girl is avoiding you, she’ll not feel the emotional urge to share things with you. You’ll find that with time you also find out important events in her life like everyone else. She’ll make life-changing decisions without seeking your counsel or opinion. A girl that’s avoiding you will tell you less about her each time. That’s a sign that she’s creating an emotional distance deliberately by avoiding you. 6.      She frequently flakes on your plans. How to tell if a girl is avoiding you can be determined with vivid signs. You can know if a girl is avoiding you by noticing the emotional or physical changes. There are silent commitments we make to each other to keep our relationship interesting. But a woman that’s avoiding you will avoid anything that ties her to you. For instance, if you like to go to the movies together, she’ll start finding excuses not to go. She’ll turn down your attempts to maintain the distance that she’s building. (Yet another valuable article for you to read on online dating: How to start a conversation on tinder). A girl that wants you to pursue her even if she’s avoiding you will cancel your plans but give you room to move the plans for another time. On the other hand, a girl that wants you to let her go is focused on disappearing. She’ll cancel your plans because she doesn’t want to spend time with you. 7.      She insists on coming with someone else A girl will not feel comfortable around you if she doesn’t trust you. Avoidance can also be a sign of a lack of trust. A girl that is avoiding you will not want to be alone with you which will prompt her to want to meet you in a public place or have a company she trusts. It’s also a reverse psychology technique that women use to prevent intimate connection. Most people are shy when they feel they’ll be judged by what they’ll have to say. You’ll avoid topics that are designed for two which would have sparked a different type of connection. (Sharpen your flirting and conversation skills with this article: How do you flirt with a girl). A girl might avoid you because you want a romantic relationship and she desires a friendship. She’ll be okay around you in situations that facilitate friendships and you’ll feel she avoids you in things that can inspire a romantic relationship dating coach for men. 8.      You are not a priority. It’s easy to know your place in a girl’s life once you understand her priorities. If she had a last-minute cancellation because her friend broke a nail, then you know your place. You’ll know if a girl is avoiding you by what she prioritizes where you are involved. For instance, she might not show you the attention you desire during your important events in life. She’ll not show up to your birthday party and you are lucky if she even remembers it’s happening. A girl that’s avoiding you because she wants you to let her go might not feel any emotional connection to you. That will make her disinterested in anything that happens in your life whether significant or not. 9.      Focus on yourself We indeed pursue what our minds and hearts desire, but we have little control over how sometimes situations turn out. The girl can have reasonable reasons for why she’s avoiding you. Not every girl that avoids you is worth holding on to. Focusing on yourself will build your confidence and attractiveness. You’ll attract girls that are interested in you rather than trying to figure out the thoughts of a girl that’s avoiding you. Final Take I’ll say it again, it’s wise to put in context why a girl is avoiding you because not always that a girl will avoid you will mean that she’s not interested in you. A girl avoiding you can be a sign of emotional distress. Identifying the signs early can assist you in formulating a technique that will get things to normal. However, the knowledge is also useful to help you know when you are chasing the wind. There’s little you can do to change the mind of a girl that made up her mind about you. Do you want to drastically improve your dating life? Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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