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How to tell a girl you love her

Before telling a girl that you love her, some questions often come to mind.

•    Does she like me enough to love me back?

•    Is she the right girl?

•    Is this what she wants to hear?

The reason being, opening up about your feelings for a girl happens to be a difficult part of life for every man because of the inevitable, rejection. However, that shouldn’t limit you from finding your soul mate.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to tell a girl you love her and most importantly in a way that doesn’t scare her away but gets her reciprocating the feelings.

1.    Spend quality time with her

This is one of the love languages that entail expressing love and affection through undivided attention. When you create time to spend with a person you love, it is always important to show her that your time is all hers and nothing comes before her. This will make her feel loved and special.

With technology, it becomes hard to put your focus into the time without having to peep through your phone; this refutes the purpose of spending quality time. For a girl whose love language is quality time, showing her that your attention is divided by constantly checking your phone or being absent-minded doesn’t get you in her good books.

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Times have changed tremendously with how women as well as men prioritize their careers and goals and hardly have time to meet, talk has fun together. Therefore, a person seeking to find love, don’t only set aside time to spend with her but be intentional about how to make the best of the time together.

Here are some tips to help you with expressing your love on a babe that cares about quality time.

  • Be an active listener. We understand that you just thought of an interesting contribution towards the topic but don’t rush into giving your opinions while she is talking. As an active listener, focus on what your date is saying, affirm her words by nodding and ask thoughtful questions.
  • Make a plan on how to spend the time. Don’t just ask a girl out and when the time comes you have zero ideas on how to make of it. Plan where or how you’ll spend your time, be it a movie, dinner, out on a play date, or just indoors catching up.
  • Make eye contact. This is a sign that your attention is undivided and communicates interest, love, and value. If you keep checking your phone while your girl is talking, you ruin the whole purpose of quality time by making them feel unimportant to you.
  • Put your gadgets away. Make it a habit to put your phone away while you have purposed to spend your time with your loved one. It is not only hurtful but utter rude to see your partner on their phone while you’re talking to them. Choose her over technology and let them know they come first.

2.    Words of affirmation

If your partner gets the thrill from telling her sweet words of compliments, appreciation, and gratitude, it means that’s her way of receiving love. Expressing your true love in words should come from the heart.

It could be either saying in person or writing down your affections through magical words of love and affection and sweet little nothings which mean everything to them.

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For some people, words really matter and could potentially uplift their spirit, they find fulfillment by positively complimenting them or showing gratitude for something they did or who they are. Some examples of on words of affirmation include;

•    I love you

•    I am so proud of you for…..

•    You are so special to me

•    I appreciate you for…

•    You look amazing

Affirming your partner through words should be done with care as to why your partner would love to hear what you have to say.

Some tips on how to make the best out of these sweet and loving words;

•    Express the affirmative words often and mean them.

•    Be authentic. Show that you know her and appreciate her for who she is.

•   If you can’t say them, write them down and let the message speak to them from your heart.

3.    Take the lead

There is no better feeling for a woman than being courted. There is something magical about this old-fashioned dating move that makes a man sexy and should come naturally for a guy to lead in the relationship.

A man working to win a girl’s love and respect without complaining or seeing it as too much become the winner. It doesn’t necessarily matter what her position is in her workplace, bottom line is that every woman wants a man that’s on top of things.

Be laid back and natural when it comes to taking the lead, she will love and appreciate it. Don’t come off as a toxic male by conforming to male traditional gender roles, instead be masculine without being toxic.

Lead a girl because you love, respect her, and because you are confident in yourself. You not only earn her respect but also her heart. For a woman to respect you, you must step up and be confident.

4.    Talk to her about the future

When you sincerely love someone and consider her as part of your future, you should involve her in your plans. As much as it might seem like a rush to talk about major and uncomfortable issues, it is the best way to confess love and find out if you’re on the same page.

The best tip to make this successful is by being neutral when things differ. Avoid freaking out and running your mouth if she has different plans from you. However, consider revisiting the issue at a later date.

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People change decisions all the time. This does not necessarily mean you table everything in one sitting; you could end up making her feel pressured and scare her away. Be patient and with an open mind, ready to compromise.

5.    Pamper her with thoughtful gifts

The act of giving gifts to a person you love is a sign of affection and it shows your thoughts of bringing a smile their way. No one minds a good gift every person would love to think they are special to someone. The present is nice but the thought behind it counts more.

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Getting a girl something that constantly reminds her of you should make you consider this idea. Some people prefer being shown affection through gifts.

Therefore, it is important to know your partners’ love language and if it happens to be receiving gifts, ensure the gifts are thought of and outstanding. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a ‘gift person’ is materialistic, no.

You’ll realize that a simple gift such as grabbing her coffee on her way to work keeps you in her thoughts. Making it all about money ruins the whole purpose of it being a loving gesture.

6.    Offer to help her in running errands

Helping your partner is beneficial for any healthy relationship. It is important to check on your partner while at work or running errands to ensure that she isn’t feeling overwhelmed with tasks while you’re up watching TV or doing something less meaningful. Offer to help her around to make her know you care and love her.

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Acts of service might not be your way of showing love but here are tips to consider when your partner is moved by you helping her out;

  • Take notes and pay attention to details. Small things matter a lot and helping her with things she can comfortably do herself shows a good signal.
  • Offer to help with things she least enjoys doing.
  • Utilize your manpower in the services. Take up roles that require muscles.
  • Take upon acts that you can be able to fulfill. It would be rude to offer help and end up disappointing due to a tight schedule.

Therefore, it is important to release your partner of some roles as a way of telling her you love them without actually saying it.

7.    Make her feel special

By nature, women are emotional beings. Treating a girl in a special way different from other women sends the right message of love. Being actively involved in her interests and hobbies will make her feel loved and cared for.

Tips on how to make a girl feel special;

•    Take notes of the little details

•    Be physically and emotionally present

•    Be open and honest about everything

•    Spice it up by spoiling her with gifts, dinner, and random outings

•    Play with her hair

8.    Openly communicate with her

Good communication is something to look out for in a partner. A person that loves you will openly communicate their feelings; make their message clear and accurate. Openness and honesty help love grow more.

If you can respectfully hear your partner out without losing your cool on things that are uncomfortable to hear, you’re on the good path.

Sharing your mind on life’s perspective is a good way on how to tell a girl you love her. When you’re with a person you love, you realize that future talks arise, you make partnered goals and get to see their reactions in plans they don’t conform with. If she opens up to you about her plans in life, she feels comfortable with you.

9.    Be a gentleman

Be different from other guys and avoid making the same predictable wrongs that others have made.

Class never goes out of style and being patient and gentle with a woman is the way to go. In this generation, it has become hard to identify whether a person is being real with you. However, that shouldn’t deter you from finding a good person.

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By being a good person you’re likely to attract the good traits. Women are attracted to men who value and treat them like queens that they are. A bad boy vibe attracts a temporary situation, so when you find a girl you love, remember to treat her well.

Some tips on standing out as a perfect gentleman include;

•    Holding the door open for her

•    Putting the phone away while you are out with her

•    Offering to pay for her cab or dinner

•    Arriving on time for a date

•    Offering your coat to keep her warm when it gets chilly

10.    Be direct about your feelings and needs

Letting your partner know what you feel for her is also something to consider. Some people are slow to pick up hints of love therefore, instead of beating around the bush, why don’t you tell her how much you love her.

It takes courage to take it upon yourself to let a lady know what you feel hence, this move is more admirable. A woman that loves you will be so excited to hear you confess your love for her. In the sense that you don’t get the expected reaction, it helps you avoid overlooked effort.

Final take

Telling a girl that you love her isn’t as challenging as it seems. First learn her, her likes, hobbies, and dislikes to know the dos and don’ts.

Another major hack is to learn her love language and make the best out of it. While that wouldn’t guarantee immediate love in return, it could make her consider growing to love you.

I do hope this blog has given you some valuable insight on how to tell a girl you love her

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