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How to tell a girl you like her

How to tell a girl you like her
It takes courage to talk about your emotions without a guarantee that the person you like likes you back. However, that shouldn’t excuse you from expressing your feelings. Life is full of risks and it’s no different when it comes to matters of the heart. In this article, we’ll explore how to tell a girl you like her and have her hooked to your ‘charms’.
It is easier said than done; but, there is no gain in keeping feelings to oneself. 1.    Make her laugh If you want her heart, give her a good laugh. Life is so serious that having a person that makes you laugh is an extreme sport. Laughing makes a lady feel good, alive and is a good way to know that you speak the same language. Making her laugh is similar to making her happy which means she’s enjoying a good time with you. (Here’s another way to win her heart: How to win a girls heart). Also, if she laughs and enjoys your sense of humor, it is a good sign that she likes you and feels closer to you. You don’t have to get her bursting in laughter, getting smiles and giggles from her does the trick. If you constantly show her that you’re all about putting a smile on her face and lighting her up, she’ll know for a fact that you like her. 2.    Spend time with her How to tell a girl you like her can be translated by the effort you put into making time for the girl. Consistently planning to meet her despite the busy schedules is a sign that you’re invested in her and she’s in your thoughts. (Another incredibly useful article for you: How to tell a girl you love her). Insist on face-to-face interaction to let the girl know that you like being around her. While with her, put your full focus towards making the best out of the time together by exploring your interests. Let her know that you’d make time for her without you sneaking to check everything that pops on your phone or receiving endless calls. Make her feel like she matters by giving her undivided attention. The connection builds up when a lady knows you’d drop everything for her. As you spend time with her, make the best out of it to build more connections. 3.    Treat her like she’s special Women do not just want to be loved; they want to be respected, cherished, and appreciated. Treating a girl like a queen comes down to how you express it and your attitude. Some tips on how to make a girl feel special include;
    • Being present while interacting with her. Nothing annoys a person like talking to a person that is easily distracted. Be interested in her experiences and receptive to what she shares with you.
    • Treat her to a homemade dinner once in a while or take her out.
    • Empathize with her. This goes as far as offering to calm her nerves if she had a stressful day.
    • Care about the things important to her. Being invested in things she likes is a way to let her know you like her as well. If it is family that means the world to her, reflect positive interaction when it comes to family talks.
  • Value her ideas. Respecting her ideas and beliefs even when you do not subscribe to their school of thought is important.
(Do you want a girl like you? Check this out: how to make a girl like you). 4.    Make eye contact and smile Body language speaks volumes and your mood can be interpreted from how you position your body. It’s one of the sneaky techniques of how to tell a girl you like her. Give her a big and genuine smile. This not only makes you more attractive but it also shows your excitement to see her. You also appear as a happy person which is everything to admire. (For some general tips on how to attract women: How to get girls to like you). Flashing a smile shows the recipient that you like her. Ensure that while smiling at her, you’re keeping eye contact. Combining a smile with eye contact is an effective way you say you like a lady. While looking away indicates a lack of confidence, looking into her eyes shows interest and engagement. More ways on how body language helps you show a girl that you like her;

How to tell a girl you like her

Lean towards her. It indicates that you are attracted to her and what she has to say. Physical touch is also a good way to show your liking for her. This creates intimacy. Touch her arm, hair, and shoulders while complimenting her to avoid making it awkward. (How to make female friends? Check this out: How to make female friends). 5.    Regularly check up on her Technology has made it simpler to express your feelings even when miles away. Reaching out to her and asking about wins and struggles is an indication that you like her. It is important to let her know that you’re thinking about her and that you care about her daily experiences. A simple phone call and text go a long way in showing your interest in her. Having a long conversation about your interests and challenges creates an even deeper connection with her. The last thing you want is a guy who is inconsistent with his acts. You can’t call one day and disappear only to reappear after weeks. 6.    Show support for her interests Everybody likes to feel supported by people close to them. Giving attention to her likes will help you show her that you care about her. If a girl mentions her interest to you, show your support by going out of your way to make sure she feels your presence in it. (I’d highly recommend you read this article: How to compliment a girl). Some tips to carry this out effectively are; Being present in her interest. For example, if a girl tells you she likes talking runs in the morning, propose to show up and support her actions. This shows how genuine and invested you’re in her.

How to tell a girl you like her

Inviting her for a date to spend on making the best out of her interest. It could be swimming or helping the needy. Make plans and invite her just to see her happy. Buy her gifts that align with her interests. For example, if she mentions that she likes reading and can’t wait to read the new book of her favorite writer, just do your research, make sure you get her a copy and show up with it or send it as a gift. This shows her how much you like her by going out of your way to make her feel thought of as a dating coach for men. 7.    Talk to her about your plans Involving her in your plans is a good way to let her know that you like her. Talk to her about your goals and strategies towards actualizing them. While at it, ask her to give you opinions. This shows her opinion is valued and that her perspective is important to you. (This is guaranteed to get her hooked onto you: How to make a girl fall for you). Involving her in such plans makes her feel part of it and she will also soften slowly and be able to tell you about their plans too. You only trust someone who you like and are comfortable with and this is a certain way of slowly creating trust. 8.    Be a good friend Friendship is the most important gift you can offer her if you like her in that line. Being a great friend takes a lot of work, commitment, and showing her how much you care for her. Offer her your support when she’s going through a tough time and listen to her needs. Sometimes, personal space is what she wants but doesn’t want to hurt your feeling by telling you this, hence, learn her as much as possible. Some tips will help you learn how to build a strong friendship;
    • Get to know her. Taking an interest in her life is a good way to show her how much you like her.
    • Be honest. Her knowing that she can rely on you is the key. Also, nobody likes being friends with a liar, therefore, be truthful and keep your words.
  • Be real. A girl will be comfortable around you when she realizes you’re not trying so hard to be someone you are not. Just be yourself and let her like you for who you’re.
9.    Compliment her Words are so important when it comes to women. A genuine compliment goes a long way in letting a girl know you like her. Avoid compliments that are out of the blues since, even though sincere, they may scare the lady at first. First, get to know her before complimenting her to ensure the compliment is taken more sincerely and involving. Finding something unique about a lady and complimenting it is the way to go. For example, you can tell her how lovely her blue eyes are as a sign that you took your time to study her. Better still, rather than complimenting her physical appearance, compliment her actions or behaviors. One’s character defines who one is. A girl is likely to assume that by complimenting her physical appearance, you are only interested in their beauty. Find the personality trait that makes her beautiful and compliment it. 10.    Let her know how you feel This being the last option also makes it the bravest of them all keeping in mind that rejection is likely to come. However, when you throw hints to a girl and she does not seem to get them, try being direct and telling her how you feel. This might get her attention. (Yet another great article on how to get her interested in you: How to get a girl to like you). Here are some tips that can help you approach this mean strategically; When she asks you how you feel or she fearfully expresses her feelings to you first.
    • Some ladies decide to talk about how they feel about you but fear doing it openly since they assume you will be chased after. If you sense such, then this should be the time to tell and assure her that whatever she feels is good and mutual. Tell her exactly how you feel about her but avoid overdoing it so as not to appear desperate.
    • Do it privately. When you decide to be direct with her about how you feel, do it privately. The reason being doing it publicly may make her panic or feel uncomfortable and trapped hence bring forth a negative response. It is also a good way to avoid public humiliation in case she rejects you.
  • After telling her how you feel, assure her that she does not need to respond immediately and she should take her time to think about it. Giving her time to think about it prevents rushed answers and gives you more time to prove yourself to her.
Although speaking about your emotions might appear hard, people should normalize it since it helps avoid wasting time and effort. Remember, as long as it comes from the heart, be proud of your bravery. Final take How to tell a girl you like her only becomes complicated when you haven’t figured out your feelings and emotions to have the right mindset and the place you want her positioned in your life. Take control of your emotions and maintain your cool when letting a girl know you like her. Remember, this girl might not like you back and that should be okay. Don’t let her have too much power over your emotions. Do you want to drastically improve your dating life? Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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