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How to tell a girl you like her over text

How to tell a girl you like her over text
One of the most challenging things about gaming a woman over the phone is expressing your feelings exactly the way you intend the girl to see it. Most guys run out of words when they want to tell a woman how much they like them. And it’s normal to lack words when you are experiencing overwhelming emotions and setting high standards for yourself to impress the woman.

How to tell a girl you like her over text

The competition for beautiful girls inspires men to bring their top-notch game to impress the girls. So, if you are reading this blog, I know things have gotten a bit confusing or you are feeding curiosity. Whatever the case, by the time you complete this blog you’ll have known how to tell a girl you like her over text.
Guys that will find this blog very useful are guys that are trying to build a long-term and solid relationship. Nevertheless, if your goal is something short-term you can read on to get tips on how to be sneaky in certain texting situations.
Some guys that game women over text start pouring out their hearts out hoping the girl will be impressed or have mercy on them and start dating them. But the trick is never in what you tell a woman over the text. It’s the action and emotion that the woman texts that gives you a winning strike.
When you are texting a girl and she’s thinking to herself, “This guy is really caring.” You’ll have an easy time showing her that you like her as compared to a guy who starts pouring his heart out without setting the stage.
Let’s explore how to tell a girl you like her over text in ways that will get the girl to experience what you are saying and also inspire her to like you back.
1.      Build a chatty relationship
If you are going to do everything over the text, you might as well build a solid relationship that revolves around that type of communication. It takes time to learn a person’s communication patterns, which includes their nonverbal cues in face-to-face communication. That could potentially mean that texting will take longer.
Building a chatty relationship with a girl you like is crucial for both of you to understand each other’s communication patterns. You know how to tell a girl you like her over text if you understand how she communicates.
Texting is susceptible to miscommunication and the last thing you want when confessing your feelings to a girl is her interpreting something different. You’ll also want to understand how she feels by reading her text. Is she interested or are you just entertaining her?
Building a chatty relationship can make a girl comfortable talking to you about some things over text. Telling a woman how you feel, that’s some heavy stuff. It might feel awkward for the woman if it came from nowhere or she didn’t have that comfort level with you.
There are a few tricks that can help you make a girl you like chatty. These include:
    • Asking her the right questions. Ask her things that encourage her to talk and open up.
    • Be original in the conversation. A generic conversation will never escalate your interactions from small talk to real deep talk.
    • Master ways to transition the topics during the chat. That will help avoid boredom that comes from over-exhausting one topic.
  • Have a good sense of humor. It will make the girl associate you with a good time which can be instrumental when the girl feels low and wants someone to talk to.
2.      Forge an emotional connection
What’s the value of your word? Your word will only mean as much as it means to the person. The best way of how to tell a girl you like her over text is to forge an emotional connection.
People lie a lot and it’s difficult to trust new people or people that have not proven they are trustworthy. Someone might be telling you over the text that they feel low and in bed while in actual sense they are out partying and drinking.
Telling a woman that you like her and expecting her to like you back there needs to be something you share more than each other’s numbers. Forging an emotional connection can be tricky because of the physical absence but it’s not impossible.
When you tell a woman that you like her, one of the thoughts that strike her mind is “why”. The emotional connection can be instrumental in this case to make her see why you like her and what shows you actually do.
Sharing your memories with a girl you like is a genius way to forge an emotional connection. Most people are skeptical about people they don’t know.

How to tell a girl you like her over text

However, sharing your memories with someone subconsciously makes them relive the memory with you. The girl will feel like she knows you from way back.
Share with her some photos of your life that can trigger different kinds of emotions. The more emotions she shares with you, the stronger the emotional bond between you grows.
3.      Balance your approach with humor
When you are expressing your emotions, words might never be enough to put across what you want. You might have to take someone deeper and deeper until they understand how you really feel. Emotionally heavy subjects can be exhausting especially over text.
If you spend one hour just telling a girl how you like her over text, she’ll probably get bored or find you weird. Balancing your approach with humor is a sneaky technique of how to tell a girl you like her over text.
As you let the girl deeper into your emotional world, balancing it with humor can make your approach very interesting and compelling. Your next girlfriend will feel comfortable opening up about her emotions as well as listening to you.
4.      Let your actions speak
It’s easy to show your personality over text but you need time. That’s why building a chatty relationship takes you a long way if you want to confess how you feel. A skillful way to tell a girl how much you like her is by showing her.
I know you are wondering, “How can I show her I like her over text?” One thing that women like more than themselves is a guy that can intentionally listen to them. When you like a girl, you can easily take an ear beating with a huge smile on your face.
The level of enthusiasm in your text is also another way you can show a woman that you like her. Eventually, you’ll have to tell her with words. But if you can show her your intentions over text and she stays, you can start smiling because she also knows it’s a matter of time before you ask her.
You can get script builder from It’s a marvelous tool that has guided thousands of guys with a lot of success. The script builder allows you to structure your conversations and get what you want at the end. The interesting part of the tool is that it makes conversation engaging and prevents any surprises that might act as a barrier.
5.      Understand the girl you like
I can write one thousand-page manuscript of how to tell a girl you like her over text, but if you don’t understand the girl you are approaching, you’ll not get her. Women are unique in what they desire and need in men that are interested in them romantically.
For example, timing is everything when you are approaching a girl whether face-to-face or over text. When you start texting a girl emotional stuff during her office hours, you’ll not get the response and engagement you desire from the girl.
Understanding the girl gives you a sneak peek of how to approach her and tell her how you feel. You’ll know her conversation patterns so you’ll know when it’s a bad time and when she’s in the mood for something deeper.
It can be challenging to understand a girl over text. So, I’ll give you a few pointers to help you with the process.
    • Talk about the things she loves and find what you have in common. It forms a good bonding ground to get to know the woman better.
    • Observe her texting patterns at different times of the day. You’ll know when she’s most busy and when she’s not. It will also help you know how she texts when she’s happy or moody.
    • Find out her perception of men, marriage, and dating coach for men. It will give you an idea of the kind of resistance you might experience.
  • Get to know her pet peeves and deal-breakers. They show you the girl’s character and personality in a different light. It will also show you where not to poke.
Parting Shot
What you do before telling a girl you like her over text is as equally as important as how you express your feelings to the girl. Expressing your emotions should be part of your interaction and not the highlight of it.
When it feels like part of your interaction, it lowers the emotional stakes and increases comfortability to explore further your feelings. Also, revealing your genuine intention at the beginning of your interaction can make it easy for you to express how you feel later on.
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