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How to stop thinking about girls

How to stop thinking about girls
The heart always wants what it wants. That can make it very difficult to tame it. But what cost do you endure to give the heart what it desires?

stop thinking about girls

Sometimes you come to the realization of how much your desires cost you and feel it’s more than you can afford to pay. Most people feel hopeless when they reach a point they are addicted to their desires even though they know the problem. Realizing that you need to take it a notch lower on women, is the reason you are seeking skills of how to stop thinking about girls. You have already solved the challenge halfway by identifying what you want to change. In this blog, I’ll give you a guide that will turn your realization and desire of how to stop thinking about girls into action. I desire that after reading this blog you’ll have found some clarity on your quest to live a self-fulling life and stop thinking about girls. A few years ago, I met a very passionate life coach who is a good friend of mine now. And when we met I asked him, “What is that one thing that you feel gave you unnecessary stress?”
He told me “Ian, when I was struggling getting girls, all I could think about is how can I get a girl? I would see a woman passing and immediately vet them as potential girlfriends. I never thought I would be good with girls and that made me anxious. Now, I get girls ringing me, sliding in my DMs, but I don’t give it much thought.” It’s natural to be obsessed with something you desire but don’t have. That’s why some people study all their life just to master a craft. It’s difficult to stop thinking about women when all you can think about is women. Keep reading as soon you are going to find out how you can detangle yourself from a toxic mindset and build one that will elevate you to the height you desire. 1.     Why are you thinking about women? Your mind is always a battleground for conflicting ideas all the time. You have to be the inventor, observer, judge, and jury of your own thoughts. Understanding what you are going against is the best way to beat it. Most guys find it challenging when they think about how to stop thinking about girls because they want to stop immediately. Like there’s a switch you can just turn off. Then after doing it for a few minutes you find yourself thinking about women and catching yourself to it when you have gone too deep. The reaction you when find yourself thinking about women is to bash yourself for being weak. That’s a very dangerous path that most people take because it beats down your confidence. It’s how you end up knowing the problem but feeling hopeless to face it. Understanding why you are constantly thinking about girls can show you where your obsession stems from. When you drift into a frenzy where you have all women adoring your greatness, instead of fighting the thought, understand what the thought is feeding and what is inspiring it. Once you understand why you think about women you know your trigger and it can be easy to find ways to avoid or overcome the triggers. 2.    Why do you want to stop thinking about girls? I don’t think anyone will want to stop something that gives them joy, fulfillment, and thrill in life. We are in a continuous state of trying to improve our lives and happiness. When you feel that you have to give up something, it’s because what you want to achieve is of greater value. I sometimes get clients and they tell me “Ian, I want to be a women’s magnet.” And I ask them why and most of them don’t have a solid reason why they want to do it. The building or improving skill in your life is about adjusting your mindset to a certain frequency that will make you good at what you want.   Ask yourself, why do I want to stop thinking about girls? What is thinking about girls taking from me that I want to stop? When you understand why you want to stop thinking about girls, you’ll form a stronger motivation that will help you transform your mindset. For example, you are thinking about women so much because they keep rejecting you. And you can’t think of anything other than ways you can come up with to impress a woman and score her. You’ll be motivated to stop thinking about women when you understand that it’s draining confidence from all other aspects of your life; even things you are good at. You can do a little exercise that will help you up to this point. Write down the why you want to stop thinking about women. And on the opposite side, write what you want to think of instead. 3.    Start engaging your mind with what you want. Most people don’t succeed in transforming their mindsets because they don’t know why they are running or where they want to go. It will come naturally to you how to stop thinking about girls when you know why you are doing it and what you want to get instead. It will be a gradual process to stop thinking about women because you are not only getting rid of a mindset but also a habit. When you start engaging your mind in what builds you, you’ll soon get rid of habits that don’t contribute to achieving your goal. Maybe you want to stop thinking about women because it’s making you broke. Let’s face it, dating in the 21st can be expensive. You want to stop thinking about women so that you spend more on your dreams rather than trying to impress women. Or maybe, your thoughts about women all the time are making you susceptible to infidelity and it’s ruining all your relationships. You just want to stop thinking about women so that you can enjoy a stable relationship with a woman you love. When you start engaging yourself in what you want rather than don’t want, you’ll start noticing you are thinking about women lesser. You are up in your hustle or focusing on building your relationship that your mind is too preoccupied to think about other women. It will not be an easy journey, but making a few adjustments to your habits can have a significant influence on your mindset. 4.    Build your skills with women As my life coach friend, maybe you are obsessively thinking about girls because you are not successful in relationships and dating coach for men. Sometimes when you are faced with rejection is something that you want so bad, your brain can create alternate realities where you have everything you want. You look at women and immediately withdraw to your fantasy world where you are the supreme ruler. Sometimes the only way to get over what you want is to get what you want. Building your skills with women can make you good with scoring women and reduce the amount of time you spend thinking about them. You have to be painfully honest with yourself when thinking about why you are not good with women. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a beautiful girl? How does the girl respond to your approach? At, guys get guides on how to take stock of what they have and lack in their skills box that will make them top of their game with girls. The skills required to make you a master of approaching and scoring women are vast. But some of these skills you possess naturally and some you have to build from others. When you know the type of skills you need to work on, you’ll have the best materials from to help you move forward and master the skill you want. 5.    Find new hobbies and interests One of the common misconceptions people have about relationships is that it will change their lives and make them happy. The truth is that relationships can make you happy but it’s you that brings happiness to the relationship. You can be constantly thinking about women because it’s the only thing that you find exciting and thrilling. Finding new hobbies and interests is a clever way of how to stop thinking about girls. Your mind will be obsessed with how you can explore and exploit the new interest of hobbies that you’ll go for days without thinking about girls. Sometimes you have to trick your mind to drop an obsession by finding it another obsession. Conclusion It can be challenging to stop thinking about girls when you have been doing it for a while. But what’s the point of not trying to overcome it when it’s clearly making you feel sad and unfulfilled in your life. Building a strong mindset to overcome something you don’t want needs you to have a stronger motivation. You might not get it right the first time trying to build a new healthy habit. But when you keep trying that’s when it becomes a habit. You’ll find that you are restructuring your mind at a subconscious level when you keep trying. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you treat yourself with kindness when you are trying to change your mindset and build healthy habits. Be your comfort when you feel like you have failed. You don’t have to do it alone. has tools and materials that can help you overcome negative thinking that limits your ability to move and conquer what you desire. You’ll find programs that will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to take on the challenge. Do you want to drastically improve your dating life? Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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