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How to Show a Girl You Are Interested

How to Show a Girl You Are Interested

How to Show a Girl You Are Interested

Girls are a mystery to almost every man, and it gets harder if you like her because you try so much to impress her. You also do not want to look like a weirdo or a stalker, which is a thin line when you like a girl. Here are some few tips to show her that you are interested in her without coming off as a weirdo or a stalker.

Maintain eye contact

If you are in a public place or hanging out with your friends and she is part of your circle, just maintain eye contact with her. Steal glances and make sure she notices you do this avoid staring because there is a fine line between maintaining eye contact and staring. You don’t want to look like a creep. When she looks at you smile gently or wave. Her body language will help you know if you can approach her.

Get to know her.

When you finally get the opportunity to talk to her, get to know what she is into. Give her undivided attention. Ask her open-ended questions and mostly, let her do the talking. She will share a lot and that way you will know what she likes and what she is interested in. Show interest in her stories and laugh at her jokes. Share your own stories but allow her to do all the talking. Doing this will even give your ideas on places you can take her for dates, so listen carefully.

Ask her on a date

Nothing says “I am interested” in asking her to go a date with you. Also, avoid coming on too strong. Be prepare for a positive and also a negative response. Asking her on a date will also help you know if she is interested in you, her body language towards you will also show you if she is really into the date idea. Give her the opportunity to choose a place where you will go on your date. This will make her feel considered and special.

Find common ground

As you get to know her, highlight the things you have in common. Show her that you have plenty in common, this will allow her to see you as an ideal partner. Every girl wants a man who can engage her in things she likes doing without being forced to.

Be patient

Lastly, you have to be patient with her do not rush her into a relationship. Be patient with her responses and if she would like to slow things down, then slow things down because if you rush it, you might lose her before you get her.

Compliment her

Compliment her in every way but do not overdo it, she might think it is flattery so be minimal with it. You can complement her looks or dress code or something she is good at. Every girl likes to be told how pretty she is or beautiful she looks in a dress, or it could even be her shoes.

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