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How to Seduce Girls with Eyes

How to Seduce Girls with Eyes

How to Seduce Girls with Eyes

Shouting my name or screaming in my ears in a loud place or a club will not attract my attention. Sometimes body language and non-verbal communication speak louder especially when we are in a place that verbal communication is put to the test. You can flirt and get me to do what you want without even saying a word. Our eyes are our best seduction tool, and even though ladies have mastered this art, men can also use it to their advantage. However, there are ways to seduce us using your eyes without looking like a creep or like you are having a seizure.

Sexy eye contact

We like to be the center of attraction, and you can use your eyes to show us we are the fairest of them all in the room. However, when maintaining eye contact, it can be easy to us to misinterpret your signals. When the gaze is too firm, you pass out as a stalker rather than a guy who is interested in me. Relax your eye muscles just like you do when you see the woman you like. When our eyes meet to maintain the eye contact for a few seconds before looking away.
The catch to using sexy eye contact is to read my body language. When I smile and look away, that is a positive response. But when I put my handbag near me and my phone in a safe place, then you passed out as a thief.

The ‘Eagle eye

We love confident men because we feel safer around them. Also, confident men have a sex appeal that we cannot explain. I call it the ‘Eagle eye’ because eagles have confident gaze, but there is also something warm in them. You can use your eyes to portray your confident personality. However, when using the ‘Eagle eye’ be cautious not to overdo it because it may intimidate the woman you are trying to seduce. Use a smile to complement your eagle eye so that you don’t appear so rigid and serious.

Flattering eyes

Did you know that your eyes can tell us what you are thinking? You can intentionally guide our imagination to where you want with just the look from your eyes. However, when using flattering eyes, you need other non-verbal communication to compliment it. Flattering eyes are soft and loving. Occasionally you will break eye contact and stare at any body part that will send signals of what you want. Use a soft brief smile as a sign of approval that you like what you see. When I read your signals, you may find me involuntarily blushing. So, you also need to know the body language when a woman likes you or if she wants you.

The triangle gaze

One of the classic eye seduction techniques is the triangle gaze. I am not sure why it gets to us, but it sends chills down my spine when a guy uses this technique. The gaze involves looking at one of my eyes then moving your eyes to my next eye then smoothly transitioning the gaze to my lips, and the cycle continues.
It allows you to focus on me at the same time it gives me a wild imagination ride. The imagination can spark a series of raging hormones.
Seducing a woman using your eyes can be a great tool, but it is easy to appear creepy. When doing it, relax your facial muscles and wear a sexy smile to compliment the signals that your eyes are sending. Read the body language of the woman and if she appears confused by your signals, then it time to fall back. Forcing eye seduction is creepy, and you will make your lady run the opposite direction.

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