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How To Rebuild Attraction With Your Girlfriend

How To Rebuild Attraction With Your Girlfriend

You may have heard the old adage that, “looks don’t matter”.

Well… I beg to differ.

Physical attraction plays a crucial role in the minds of all men.

The sex appeal is built on what you see, not feel!

That can pose a problem to your relationship if your woman’s physical appearance changes.

How To Rebuild Attraction With Your Girlfriend

It’s common for couples to be comfortable in a relationship and neglect taking extra care of their physical appearance as they get so used to each other dating coaches for men.

However, that doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

You can still find the lost spark.

So, today, I want to dedicate this email on how to rebuild attraction.

What are some of the things that you can do if you feel you’ve lost interest in your partner?

Let me tell you right now.

Get sexy back

The truth is is that no matter what she does, if she doesn’t shed a few pounds, there will be trouble in paradise.

The tangible features of a woman attract men.

It’s easy to build attraction towards a woman you find sexually appealing.

So, the first step to rebuild attraction is getting back the sex appeal.

Find a creative way to get her to work out.

Women are very emotional, and telling her to work out because she’s added a few pounds can damage her self-esteem.

She will read through the lines that you are no longer attracted to her because she’s fat.

Start working out and encourage her to join.

Make it an activity that you enjoy doing together!

Go back to the start

It’s true that men are attracted to physical features first, but we settle with a woman for different reasons.

The physical attributes inspire lust, but it’s the qualities that we can’t quantify that make us fall in love.

So, it’s easy to lose sight of what made you fall in love when your eyes are not excited about what you see.

How To Rebuild Attraction With Your Girlfriend

You’ll start looking outside and feel more frustrated because you see what appeals to the eyes, but you cannot get because you are in a relationship.

However, there’s a reason you settled with her and not the other gorgeous woman.

Go back to the start and uncover your girlfriend’s unique traits that made you settle with her.

Instead of looking at what frustrates you, start taking into account the things that excite you about your partner.

You might find a lot of desirable qualities that will trigger attraction.

Imagine losing them

It’s normal for relationships to come to a natural end.

But sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with that fact, and we force things to work.

When you are in that stage of a relationship, you’ll start losing interest.

You’ll start looking for the small things that irritate you about them, and that can make you look at their physical attributes and find them unattractive.

Imagine losing your girlfriend…

Are you okay with her walking out of the relationship?

How would you act if you know your relationship is ending?

Asking yourself these questions can help you get another perspective on the issue.

It will help you understand the value of the relationship.

You’ll know if it’s worth saving or better letting go.

Work on your communication

Clear communication can save nations from war.

I believe that it can save a relationship from falling apart too.

What strengthens a relationship is talking about what most couples shy away from.

Tell your partner that you are losing the spark in the relationship.

It’s easy to rebuild the attraction when you know where the other person stands.

It also offers your girlfriend an opportunity to play her part in rebuilding the attraction.

Communication can rebuild emotional connection, which can trigger attraction.

Take an inventory of your relationship and figure out the underlying issues that might have also contributed to the

loss of interest.

If it’s only the weight, you’ll develop ways to tackle and overcome the challenge.

Take some time off

Breaks can be healthy for relationships.

It gives you time to analyse and understand the value that your partner has in your life.

I usually discourage men from walking out of a relationship before they are sure they want to.

If you are not sure, it might pose a challenge to the new relationship you’ll find yourself.

A break can give you the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

If you miss them, it shows that you still have an emotional connection to them.

It can be an indication that her physical changes are not such a big deal as you thought!

However, be mindful that a relationship can reach a plateau phase.

It’s a phase where you feel the relationship is not progressive, and you might lose attraction.

But how you handle the situation will determine how you enter your next phase… alone or together.

All the best,