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How to Read Her Signs?

How to Read Her Signs

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about How to Read Her Signs.
Understanding a woman can be very challenging for some men. However, most women are open books if you know how to read and interpret their signs. We are not bold as men and we tend to send silent messages hoping that the guy will see them. Most guys lose out on a good woman because they didn’t see the signs she was sending them. Reading her signs is a skill that all the ultimate alpha males have to master. Here are techniques on how to read her signs:

Check out her eyes

You can lie through your teeth but your eyes will always sell you out. Women have mastered the art of seduction using their eyes. When we are interested in a guy we always use eye contact as the sign of invitation. Often we look at the guy and when our eyes meet we maintain eye contact for a few seconds before looking away or down. Most men think that looking down is a sign of blushing while in the real sense it’s a sign of submission. It means get up from where you are and start pursuing. The eye contact is usually repeated and it’s crowned by a warm smile. If you saw her eyeing you and she doesn’t do it again then it might be a sign that she hadn’t noticed you or she is not interested.

Body language

You will be amazed by the things you can learn about women when you learn to interpret their body language. A girl who is interested in you usually feels comfortable and safe around you and they pose an open body language. They will sit straight and show off what their mama gave them. She will have her body pointing towards you especially her knees, feet, and torso. a girl who likes you will unconsciously imitate your actions like lean towards you when you lean towards her.

How to Read Her Signs

A girl who is not interested will have a closed body language. She will have her arms and legs crossed and body will face away from you. She will have a curved-in posture to prevent you from seeing her goodies.

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