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How to pull hot women

How to pull hot women

Edward spent every Friday and Saturday evening in bars and clubs, trying to pick up hot women. He tried everything from chat-up lines to buying them drinks, but he got rejected time and again.

Even though he wasn’t particularly attractive or rich, Edward didn’t feel that he lacked confidence. He simply needed to learn how to pull hot women.

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He came to Kama Lifestyles for help.

While teaching Edward how to pull hot women, his dating coach explained where he was going wrong.

Edward was only looking for women at parties, bars or in clubs. As a student, he was surrounded by women in class, in the library, in the cafeteria and everywhere he went at university.

Women spend time in shopping malls, in stores and walking down the street. Edward needed to broaden his horizons.

Stale chat up lines seldom work. His Kamalifestyles coach pointed out that hot women have people telling them how beautiful they are all the time. Offering to buy her a drink gives her the idea that he’s willing to pay her to spend time with her because he’s not worth her attention without a bribe and is a not recommended as a technique in how to pull hot women.

Empty compliments are common and even if she does appreciate the comment, he’s done nothing to set himself apart from other men and becomes the next in a line of forgettable faces. Engaging her in conversation with an original comment will get her attention. He has to be calm and casual and remember not to comment on her appearance. It’s better to tease her or make a (non-offensive) joke at her expense.

Treat her like a friend. Edward tended to constantly tell women how hot they are. Flooding a woman with compliments and putting her on a pedestal won’t prove his worth. She’ll get bored as there’s no challenge. He must show her that he values himself and that she should value him too. How to pull hot women doesn’t rely on bending over backward for them. Doing that will make him seem too needy and eager to please.

Keep talking. Edward had to learn to keep her attention once he had it. The kamalifestyles training included a section on conversation and how to be a good storyteller. An interesting story is an excellent tool for letting women know about their health and social position in a subtle way.

Edward had to learn to talk about his interests with enthusiasm, allowing emotion into the conversation without monopolising the chat. He had to learn not to interview women and ask too many questions, using statements to learn about her instead.

Get her number. Once Edward learned how to pull hot women, he had to learn how to get their phone numbers. It’s important to end the conversation on a high note. Edward should excuse himself politely, saying he needs to get back to his friends.

Once he has her number, he should text her as he’s leaving and phone her the next day to keep the momentum of their first meeting going. There’s no need to call and text each day. If he thinks he’s sounding needy, he probably is and should back off for a couple of days.

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Edward practiced the methods he learned on how to pull hot women while his Kamalifestyles coach watched, giving him pointers and further advice.

He put it into practice at university and found that only a fraction of the women he approached rejected him. He met Stephanie in his Economics class. They’re not only an intellectual match – she’s beautiful and sophisticated.

Edward’s Kamalifestyles course on how to pull hot women paid off.

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