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How To Project A Strong Confident Image To Women

How To Project A Strong Confident Image To Women

Your image can be defined as your impression or the way people perceive you. It is created by many factors, such as your voice tone and volume, your body language, your dress sense and your ability to connect physically with the other person while you speak.

However, aside from fashion, all the other factors are driven by your beliefs going into the particular situation. If you are meeting some friends or family, your beliefs are that these people respect you and love you and you have nothing to prove to them or no real need to impress them.

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Therefore, you don’t need to force anything and you come across as natural and relaxed. However, when you go into an interaction with a beautiful woman that you have never met before, you thoughts are completely different. “I must impress her or I won’t get the number” or “She is out of my league” may be some of the thoughts you would think.

However, you can change this by coming up with positive thoughts but the key is that you must believe these thoughts to be 100% true. If there is the slightest shadow of a doubt, then your mind with fight it and argue against it.

It is important to think up thoughts that genuinely make sense. For example, you may believe the following “As a person, we have many sides. She undoubtedly has a positive, nice, friendly side and it is up to me to access it. If I do, then I have a great chance of connecting with her”.

If this belief doesn’t do anything for you then choose another. For example, “If I approach, I will learn something about myself” or “She may be single and looking for a boyfriend. Perhaps she wants guys to approach her” or “If I approach directly with a compliment, then chances are she will smile and take it well”.

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Just keep playing around with words until you find the right combination that is like a light bulb switching on in your head. You want to construct a belief that makes you realise that you have never thought like this before.

You only need 2-3 of them and in the few minutes leading up to your approach, start playing them in your mind. You will notice a big difference in your attitude and you have a far greater chance of succeeding with the approach.

How To Project A Strong Confident Image To Women

You will begin to see strangers as friends you have not met yet and this is probably the most powerful mindset you can have as you are not seeking to gain anything from the interaction, you are only going in to give value to the other person and have fun.

It is this giving attitude that attracts people and once you master it, you will have an abundance of people in your life, not just women. Your social circle will grow and it is vital to have a large mixed social circle. So start work on your beliefs today and watch your life transform.

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