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How to pick up girls at the beach?

How to pick up girls at the beach? Hi Ladies and Gents it’s none other than Iain Myles here from and I am back for yet another action packed video for you today! In fact today I’m going to be showing you an infield video with both myself and with Special Guest Mr. Kamalifestyles himself so I hope you like it! So today I’m going to be talking to you about how to pick up girls however it’s going to be centered on how to pick up girls AT THE BEACH to be specific. You know, speaking for myself, I like meeting girls anywhere – whether it’s at a beach, at a busy shopping district or even at a loud night club. I love them all! And I kind of get a kick from not having met a girl at a certain place.

For instance, when I’m sat on the plane with the Kama Gang: Emre and Annabella, I might see a really gorgeous flight attendant come in through the hatch doors. This will be fun I would think to myself, I would LOVE to meet and hook up with a beautiful flight attendant there and then, so I’d turn around to my left and tap them both and gesture what I’m just about to do, and they would just snigger or cheer me on, welcome to Kamalifestyles my friends. So as I’ve already mentioned, I love meeting women anywhere but there’s something really adventurous and memorable about meeting a girl at the beach.

How to pick up girls at the beach?

Guys the bottom line is, it really doesn’t matter where you approach girls, whether it’s at the beach, whether it’s at your gym or even if you spot her standing at your local bus stop. It really doesn’t matter! However today we’re going to be talking about how to meet and pick up girls whilst you’re at the beach. Why the beach you make ask? Well I suppose this video was designed for those of you who have decided to take a weekend away with your mates and you find yourself at a beach town where the beach is heaving with beautiful girls. It could also be that you’re travelling solo and you’d like to meet someone whilst you’re at the beach. So if you feel like you can relate then I’d definitely watch the rest of this video!

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Okay so enough of that chit- chat and why don’t we begin by watching the infield footage where Emre and I cold- approach these two girls at the beach. So let’s see how we get on with them, so stay tuned!

Okay I hope you liked that and I hope it can give you an idea of what to expect when cold- approaching girls who are passing by. As you can see it’s really no big deal and the conversation just flows. You can also really get into a deep conversation as I did. Okay so what are the main tips that I can give you in order to help you succeed with picking up girls at the beach.

  • Well, for starters, stay hydrated. You’re going to a hot climate and if you’re from high- up in the Northern Hemisphere like myself, you’ll definitely need to get through a few cups of water whilst you’re walking along the beachfront. So bring a cold bottle or even an iced bottle of water with you when you’re out and about. The next thing I would say is; definitely wear a hat to avoid getting bad sun- stroke, also wear a high factor sun cream to avoid getting roasted if you’re as white as I am. When you get into a good interaction with a girl you may end up sitting there for hours upon hours on end and you won’t even realise that the sun’s battering down at you. So look at the weather beforehand and really do prepare yourself. Having said that, it might be a wise idea to avoid the sun when it’s at its highest point of the day. Just wait inside until after 3 pm when it cools down, don’t worry you won’t be missing anything out and you’ll also feel so much more energetic when you approach and interact with women you don’t know when it’s cooler.
  • The next tip and probably the most important tip to succeed in meeting women on the beach is none other than taking action as soon as possible. Guys it’s really important to take action and to approach a girl as soon as you land at the beachfront, otherwise your emotions will get the best of you and they will prevent you from taking action. Your emotions will begin to tell you that the environment is too open to cold- approach a girl you don’t know – you’re too exposed as you’re standing up and everybody else is sitting down, or even that there are too many people sitting around listening, or you might even think that it’s too low energy to be cold- approaching someone and girls wouldn’t like to be cold- approached when they’re lying down on the beach, they’re too hungover, but this is absolutely incorrect. Don’t let the sheer openness or sometimes, what appears to be a lack of energy of the environment freak you out.
  • Remember people are there on holiday most likely, they’re not at work and so of course they do want to socialise because they’re really bored and they want to have some fun! Even if they appear not to want to socialise, it’s really up to you to brighten up their day and to get them socialising. Get them off their butts and get them busy. I was always the type of guy who got really really bored just lying down at a beach. I mean I could read a few lines or a paragraph from a book but then when I’d see girls flocking to the water in their bikinis, it just didn’t feel time well spent reading that book. So really have a think about it – I would suggest leaving your book at home and really take action as soon as you land there. And remember that things don’t always appear as how they look at first glance, the environment may seem low energy and low key, but who cares! Make it higher energy and make it your environment, sculpt it the way you want it and absolutely own the place like I do! So definitely motivate yourself to take action!
  • The other point that I want to make is – don’t limit yourself to approaching girls who are only walking on the main walkway – I do realise that I approached 2 girls who were walking around, in my infield footage, but you don’t need to entirely limit yourself to approaching girls in these situations. And likewise don’t also limit yourself to cold- approaching girls who are lying down on the beach, too. You can approach girls virtually anywhere on the beach and even if they’re in big groups too, as there are likely to be many hen parties going on at a beach town! I suppose the best way to look at this is always to go to the busiest places – as volume is your best friend in these situations. Remember it’s always a numbers game and so you will find more girls walking around or lying down on the beach where it’s busiest – it may sound pretty obvious but our anxieties can sometimes play tricks on the logical parts of our minds when we arrive at the beach or at any new location. And we may unconsciously move ourselves away from the busier sections of the beach, so just be aware of that, and always gravitate towards the most populated areas to boost your success rate.
  • Guys what I would also say is – don’t limit yourself to approaching fully clothed girls at the beach – what I mean is; it doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a bikini. Heck it doesn’t even matter if she’s topless or fully nude too, as you’re at a public place so you can be casual and socialise!…I’ve approached girls in bikini’s a countless number of times before and I’ve never had a bad reaction, ever. I’m actually going to be publishing a footage, really soon, where I cold- approach a really gorgeous girl wearing just a small bikini to prove my point about this. So watch out for it! In some ways it’s great when you meet a girl who’s in her bikini because there’s definitely an element of her feeling more comfortable showing her body to you when you’re in the bedroom, which can save you a lot of aggro later on.
  • And, moving onto my next point, the real real beauty about cold- approaching girls at the beach is that you can practically, intimately, and sexually escalate with her, anywhere! I don’t mean on the beach itself! What I mean is is you can easily ask her for a swim in the sea where you can treat the sea as your bedroom 😉 Your emotions are heated up at this stage and you both have many things going through your mind, it would just kill the mood if you suggested getting a cab to your place. I mean, look, don’t get me wrong here you can still do it and you probably will hook up together but I like being creative and adventurous and I can’t be asked packing my stuff on the beach or looking for a cab driver. On the other hand, if you’re not feeling so confident taking her to the sea straight away, you could also suggest a coffee or an ice cream as an instant date, as there would be loads of places on the beachfront you can sit with her to get to know her more.
  • I’m going to go off on a bit off- tangent now so forgive me, but you see this also holds true if you find yourself interacting with women later at night, as you don’t always need a bedroom if you’re close to a beachfront if you know what I mean, as you can escalate with her on the beach. Obviously, try to be as sensible and as discreet about this as you can and please do respect and learn the laws of the land you’re socialising in, so do use your common sense here too.

So I do hope you found these insights useful and you now know what to do if you find yourself at a beach. Feel free to put down your adventure stories in the comments section right down below.

How to pick up girls at the beach?

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So you can find more about the programme by clicking on the link in the video’s description below or by clicking on the card above! As I’ve already said, we will coach you anywhere, at the beach, at the bars and the clubs too. In case you’d like to arrange it abroad, it doesn’t have to be yet another aimless holiday where you get fat and drunk, you can use it as an opportunity to develop yourself and actually meet gorgeous women who like you back.

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