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How To Meet Women When Low Energy | Infield Video

How To Meet Women When Low Energy | Infield Video

Hi Ladies and Gents it’s me Iain Myles here from and I AM BACK, I’m back for good and I’m back with yet another exciting infield video for you today! So today I’m going to be showing you some real-life infield footage where Mr. Kamalifestyles and I approach two really gorgeous British chicks. We actually cold- approach these two girls right from the street, we get into a conversation with them and get them attracted to us, and we also get their numbers so that we can meet up with them later that night, so I do hope you like the footage!

Guys I have a small problem here because when I approached the two girls I was actually feeling really tired and sluggish as you will see from the infield footage. I didn’t really want to approach them and speak to them but…I ended up doing it anyway. So today’s video is actually going to revolve around this very issue, around tiredness, and what this means when we’re interacting with women.

Look I’m only human just as you are and I do get tired too. I mean I work at least a 70 hour week, 7 days a week and so I know how it feels to be tired from work and I know how it feels to be tired from the lack of sleep. However, at the same time I really love to go out and to socialise and there’s nothing better in life than interacting with a gorgeous woman. In fact I would go further to say that I don’t feel complete and I don’t feel balanced in life if I don’t socialise and especially with girls. There were various times in the past, many many years ago, when I did feel too tired to go out.

I would end up staying inside and so my tiredness prevented me from cold- approaching girls however over time I came to the realisation that this was just a petty excuse – it was due to the emotional part of my mind playing tricks on me – so I learnt how to deal with it over time and now it doesn’t affect me whatsoever. I can now go out with 6 hours sleep, with 4 hours sleep and even with 2 hours sleep, it’s absolutely fine. I mean I might look like a train- wreck or a walking zombie but that’s only temporary as I will look to get a full night’s sleep later on.

Before we get going though, I just want to remind you, once again, not to forget to follow me on my various social media handles, that’s none other than my instagram and my facebook pages. I publish regular free content on these pages and you can also put your questions and comments on there too so we can all get into a healthy discussion. So I’d encourage you to check them out when you get the chance.

Okay so enough of that and why don’t we begin by watching the infield footage where Emre and I cold- approach these two girls right off the street. So let’s see how we get on with them, so stay tuned!

Haha hope you enjoyed that, they were actually top girls. So I suppose the bottom- line here is:

Don’t let your tiredness, or the negativity that arises from tiredness, don’t let it stop you from going out, don’t let it stop you from cold- approaching women you don’t know and from having extended conversations with those women – I mean when you look back at the footage, I was actually ridiculously tired in this interaction even though I was incredibly attracted to the girl I was talking to. I had just finished training a client who had signed up to our Residential Training Programme; in fact we had a really really late night together the day before. And so you can see it from my face and from my actions as I just couldn’t be bothered to interact with them at all.

Meet Women

I even tell the girl that I’m tired at the beginning, I actually like being honest about these things. It’s funny because I didn’t think she cared as she goes on to ask me if I’m going out later on – I didn’t quite get the logic of asking me that, but I found it amusing and I suppose I really felt her positivity and her energy grew onto me in a few split- seconds. And then I kind of thought..Why wouldn’t I potentially want to see her later on and go out with her..I then told her I would do it and I’d go out, why not. But it’s funny because when you look back at the footage I was scratching my face at the time, as I just couldn’t be asked to be there. I think I must be mad… But anyway I pulled through and I continued with the interaction, I didn’t let my tiredness get to me.

I must say though and I can’t stress the importance of staying fit and of working out in order to help you stay energised when you’re out and when you’re trying to meet women.

I mean I love lifting weights and pumping those muscles but I have to say that I find doing cardiovascular exercises makes me feel really good a few hours after I do it. It doesn’t even have to be anything miraculous, you can go for a quick intense run, or if you have more time go for a longer run. I find after I’ve raised my heart- rate for a decent period of time, it boosts my mood, I really do feel the serotonin which is the feel-good chemical, I feel it flowing through my body, which helps when you to engage with women so I’d highly recommend you trying it.

I would also recommend losing any excess body fat you might have. I mean look I’m not saying that you need to become some sort of fitness model and obsess about your look, no! You need to be fit and energetic in order to give you the maximum amount of opportunities when you’re out, I mean you’re basically like an athlete when you do this, you need to be functioning well. So think about measuring your body fat level as it should be at a healthy amount, anything over 20% is too much guys, you need to take steps and actions to reduce it down.

For those of you who have been following KamaTV for the past few years, you may have noticed that I’ve lost a lot of weight throughout the years. To put this in numbers for you, I’ve actually lost 17kg, which is just under 40lbs for the guys and girls who go by the Imperial measurement system. I mean it’s not a ridiculous amount of weight but it’s still a lot. And frankly I didn’t feel great when I weighed more, I would always feel sluggish going into the evening as I was carrying around that extra weight on me, but now I feel like a superstar – I’ve got so much more energy than before, I could go on and on forever which is amazing.

So aside from losing that excess body weight, I must say that eating well and focusing on your nutrition is also equally important in maintaining your energy levels.

Guys to enable me to lose that 17kg of weight I mainly changed my diet and that’s actually all. I basically cut out everything sugary in my diet, which includes soft drinks, juices as well as sauces too. I actually got into a regime, or should I say, I developed a habit where I monitored the amount of carbohydrates I was putting into my system. I didn’t obsess about it or write down each and every food I ate, however I did consciously keep note of how much bread and pasta I would eat daily. And so it took me about 3 to 4 months to begin to see the results and in 6 to 7 months time I had shed all of the weight completely, which was amazing.

On top of this, and it may sound like a no- brainer, but be sure to stay away from fast food as I find that these really kill my energy levels and especially if I’m engaging in a social activity.

Okay and the next point that I want to make in relation to tiredness is to be sure you get plenty of rest for a few days in- a- row beforehand so that the rest accumulates before you go out – for instance, you might have to wake up early on a Friday morning for a work event but you badly want to go out in the evening. What I would suggest is is to get a string of early nights throughout the week so that your rest accumulates and then you won’t feel so tired in the evening. You’ll be surprised that the rest does accumulate and it really makes a difference when you have to stay up late on the Friday night, which could be your make- or- break when you’re interacting with a chick you like.

So you have to be disciplined with yourself in order to get those early nights, get your ass to bed early! I sometimes hear people say how they’re so tired from work by the end of the week and they can’t be asked to go out. I never really understood that because if you were really keen to go out and if you were really motivated to meet beautiful women than you would do whatever it takes to get the rest as well as to get it beforehand. But seriously, if you get enough rest and if you carefully watch your diet and construct your diet, you shouldn’t be tired by the end of the week that is just an excuse!

I think in general though you should learn to be more aware of your energy levels and what impacts them. Some people feel really low in energy after they’ve had a lot of sugar in their diet. Strangely enough I find for myself that if I drink too many cups of coffee early in the morning I experience a low point later on at night and that effected me in a few interactions in the past. So to prevent this from happening, I would simply steer clear of coffee until later on in the afternoon or even in the evening.

Okay and aside from your dietary requirements, I would also highly recommend you go out with someone who’s energised and who you find has a good energy – if for instance, you meet up with your friend and he feels tired on that day, is it really a good idea to be out with them? Especially if that becomes a recurring theme.

I mean honestly sometimes you have to be selfish about these things, be selfish about your goals so that you can prioritise your goals over anything else, which will allow you to become more selfless in the future, so definitely think about gravitating around those guys who can cope with less sleep and with tiredness. There will be a point in the future when you’re going to be able to motivate these lower energy guys so I wouldn’t feel bad about it at all!

Okay and the holy grail of getting over your tiredness is fundamentally just to go out more often, because if you’re just starting off in this stuff and in cold- approach, you naturally will have a greater amount of anxiety when it comes to going out, and so any tiredness you feel will be an extra excuse for you not to go out. It’s really just your anxiety telling you not to do it. However if you go out more often, the beauty is is that you’ll get so used to the whole activity of approaching girls and you’ll be more able to disregard your tiredness.

So definitely make the effort to go out more often, and look I’m not saying that you have to go out 7 nights a week, NOT QUITE. But do make the effort to go out when it matters, such as on weekend nights and basically Thursday onwards. So when you do go out more often everything will just feel so much easier and the weight will be lifted right off your shoulders. We may struggle in this because we procrastinate in an activity for too long and it takes so much more initial momentum to get us going, so don’t let this happen to you and keep the momentum going!

Guys you have to realise that our anxieties derive from how we view ourselves and are based on what we believe about ourselves, so it’s confidence related. Sometimes we might have thoughts that we are not good enough or we can’t do it, which will increase your anxiety in situations when you’re feeling tired. The truth is is is that you are good enough and you can do it! And everyone deserves the best. You have unique characters that will attract someone to you the more you approach people. So make an effort to work on yourself, on your self- esteem and on your self- worth.

In a scenario such as this, I would therefore recommend taking- up my Supreme Confidence Course, as in this 8- week programme we will look at your negative thoughts and your limiting beliefs together, we will work together to discover new empowering beliefs that are more useful for you in dating. So if you’d like to find out more about the programme then do go ahead and click on the link in the video’s description below, and you can also click on the card above too.

Anyway that’s all from me today; in case you missed it at the start of the video don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and my Facebook pages as I post regular dating and confidence related content on there too. Hope you liked the video today, there will be many more infield videos to come from myself and from the rest of the gang here.

Today you were joined by none- other- than Iain Myles and I shall see you next time!

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