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How To Meet Girls Anywhere?

How To Meet Girls Anywhere?

Hi Ladies and Gents it’s none other than me, Iain Myles here, from Kamalifestyles and Kama TV. And I AM BACK for yet another action packed video for you today! As always, today’s video will include some real- life infield footage followed by some tips on how you can succeed in these sorts of situations yourself. If you feel like you’re not quite there yet with your dating life, and say for instance – you’d love to get into a relationship with a girl of your dreams, then I’d highly recommend you have a look at our Residential Training Programme. The Residential Programme is a 70- hour- plus Immersion course where Annabella Rose, Emre and myself will literally cram in everything we know about dating and cold- approach. We will essentially teach you everything we know in these 70 hours – it’s a combination of theory work as well as practical work, where for the latter part, we will physically take you out to the bars and to the clubs, as well as to various shopping malls during the day time. So the whole idea of the course is to give you that initial boost you need to get you socialising with beautiful women. And even if you’re fairly experienced and, say, you’ve been in a few relationships before, that’s fine too – the course will also cater for your requirements. Also bear in mind that this is not a one- size- fits- all Bootcamp and also you’re not going to be part of a large group of guys, NO. This is 1- on- 1 confidential training with either Annabella, Emre or myself. So if you feel like this tickles your taste buds, then go ahead and click on the link in the video’s description right down below, or you can alternatively click on the card right above, where it will take you to the Residential page. So anyway let’s go back to the task at hand – today’s video.

So in this very footage, myself and Mr. Kamalifestyles himself, we find ourselves in a fairly quiet bar where we extract two really cute girls directly from the night club and we take them home with us. It was an amazing night, the girls were also really lovely, so I hope you like the clip. Okay so let’s see how we got on with the girls, here we go!

Okay so Emre and I, we make our way into this rather swanky club where the cool crowd goes to. SO we make our way in and as we arrive at the top of the flight of stairs, to our shock and horror, we find that the club’s COMPLETELY COMPLETELY empty! I step inside and I pan my head across the room, across the dance floor, and it’s literally empty, no one at home. It’s like the place had been evacuated, it was odd. But when I look at my watch, I see that it’s not even super early in the evening. It was about 1am, so there should be more people around. You know the feeling… no one traditionally likes entering into an empty venue, people usually love it when it’s super busy. But anyway, we make our way inside, and as we do, I SUDDENLY tap Emre on the arm quite intensely – “wing me, wing me”– I tell him, there and then. And then it’s like our minds merge into one and we enter the Matrix – he turns his head into the direction I’m looking at, as we notice two really jolly girls dancing the night away, right in the corner of the night club. So I move across towards them – I don’t walk face- on to them as that would be far too keen and too blatant – so I kind of slingshot towards them – straight into the unknown. And when it looks like I’m just about to pass them, I just lightly tap the Blondie on the arm and I start a conversation with her. And the rest’s history as you saw from the infield footage!

Meet Girls Anywhere

Okay so what can we learn from this whole experience? I suppose the moral of the story here is, it doesn’t really matter how quiet the night is or how empty the venue appears to be where you’ve arrived. It doesn’t matter. Now let me explain before you starting coming up with questions… You have found yourself there, you’ve found yourself in this empty soulless venue, but just realise that you can’t change that, you can’t change that moment and you can’t change the feeling of disappointment so my advice to you is : just make the most of it! I mean, of course, you still need to use your common sense here because if the venue is completely and utterly empty and soulless then you’re almost certainly not going to meet any girls there, that’s obvious. But, a big but, is the venue you enter really and truly empty? You see if the clubs’ open for business, and if the music’s playing… then I don’t think so. And how much effort does it take to have a look around? Not a lot.

I mean look, don’t misunderstand me here. The point that I’m trying to make is is that in some parallel universe, I could’ve tapped equally Emre on the arm and I could’ve encouraged him to leave the venue, straight away, instead of approaching the two girls that I saw in the corner. My sub- consciousness could’ve been programmed completely differently, which would have lead to a completely different course of events, a completely different reality, where we wouldn’t have taken the girls home with us…BUT, that didn’t happen!:)

Looks guys, I’m not here to encourage you to go to bad venues, that’s besides the point. I’m trying to get you to start thinking more about your mindset here, and to really begin to start questioning your mindset and the thoughts that flow through your head when you arrive there through those doors. I’m trying to get you to look past the intricacies of the venue and I’m trying to get you to think about your beliefs. Because you should start questioning your thoughts and your beliefs in relation to venues, in relation to where you should and shouldn’t go out. But also in relation to your perception of how good a venue is.

I mean, it’s without a doubt that the particular venue where Emre and I found ourselves in, in the infield footage, was far from the ideal place to meet women, and so the example I’m using here is an extremity. I mean, combined, Emre and I probably have around 20 years of coaching experience, so you don’t need to shoot yourself for not approaching at a dire venue.

So what am I trying to tell you here? Well I’m basically encouraging you to be unconstrained and I’m really telling you to become limitless in terms of interacting with the opposite sex – because guys often arrive at a venue – even when the venue could not be more perfect – and they moan and complain that they’re not at the right venue, they say that the music’s too loud or the girls are not attractive enough – I mean, yes, for sure some venues are going to be better than others in terms of the volume of girls, or say the ratio of girls to guys, however we need to understand that the environment and the conditions will never be right for you. The venue will never ever be 100% perfect and 100% right.

It’s actually the anxieties in our minds that play tricks on us, which come from certain beliefs we hold. Let’s take an example, perhaps you have been to a remarkable venue in the past, where you had a really good night, and you sub- consciously assigned your success in that very night to the venue you were in. You’ve basically created a limiting belief in your mind that’s dependent or relies on the shape of the venue, which is bad. So then, upon entering into a different venue which doesn’t quite size- up, the emotional- parts of our minds feel reluctant about the venue, and this triggers the excuses.

So in response to this, I would say just accept where you find yourself. Accept where you are, and be pragmatic about it. And this really is a healthy way of thinking because if you go on a night out with this type of non- judgmental and indifferent mindset, you are so much more likely to get results because you will completely be focused on the social interactions at- hand rather than the materialist side of things, such as the type of venue or even the volume of girls inside the venue. You’ll be focused on the task at- hand, which is where the real joy lies.

Essentially, and in a nutshell, you’re going to be having fun, and you’re not going to care about where you are. And I would extend this even further to say that you should enjoy these types of venues and just laugh about it – if you only see a pair of girls there then find the humour in speaking to them even though it seems like an In- Betweeners moment haha. But, jokes aside, you’ll be having the last laughs so don’t underestimate what you can achieve when your expectations are lowered.

In some ways, you could even seek these venues out in the sense that you see it as a challenge. I mean there’s nothing to say that you can’t leave the venue after a short period of time so why not make the most of it? So I would definitely encourage you to approach each and every girl you fancy in the venue because you just don’t know what will happen and what could happen… you just don’t know. So make the effort to approach and initiate the conversations and meet the girl of your dreams.

Guys, the bottom line is, is that it’s all up to you here. So really get the inspiration, get inspired to make things happen despite of the conditions around you and in front of you. Every moment leaves us like a flash, and we will never EVEEEER have those moments back, EVER, so make them moments to remember! Make those small efforts and take those small risks, as over time, you will see they will be all worth it and they will all pay off.

And I know and I realise that going out and trying to meet women at the night time is never going to be an easy ride, especially when you’re doing it sober. And I know it pains and I know there’s a tremendous amount of anxiety involved… But, take a step- back, and imagine that you are in the very small minority of people who can actually enjoy themselves without any sort of artificial stimulation. You are the very small fraction of people and of guys who are willing to take those risks, you are brave enough to take those risks. You are the 0.001% of guys who are ready to take that leap of faith, and are ready to venture for a happier life.

So if you feel like you would like to embark on this journey and if you feel like you need a bit of a boost to get you going, then, as I mentioned at the start of this video, don’t forget to have a look at our Residential Training Programme by clicking on the link in the video’s description below or by clicking on the card above. We are always very open to customising the programme to your needs, to your work schedule and to your skill level. So please don’t be afraid to get in touch!

Anyway guys and girls, that’s all I have for today unfortunately, I hope you enjoyed it today and please do put your comments and your feedback in the comments section of the video, right down below. So Today you were joined by none other than Iain Myles and I shall see you next time!

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