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How to make women want you sexually

How to make women want you sexually

Most guys want to impress women with tangible things like looks, wealth, and other achievements.

They can wow a woman but it’s not enough to make her crazy about you. The attraction psychology of women is very different from that of men.

It’s challenging for most men to turn the tables because men draw their thoughts from logic more than emotion.

Women want you sexually

Women on the other hand are more in touch with their emotions. How she feels will highly influence the decision she makes about you.

You have to understand your current relationship to be able to know how to make a woman want you.

It’s important because you’ll work with the attraction and interest intensity you have with the woman.

In this blog, you’ll explore different ways to make a woman want you. We’ll look at different angles that you might be and still get a woman to want you.

Whether you want to rekindle lost spark with your girlfriend, or you have a crush on a woman and you want her to want you, you’ll get the answers you need here.

1.    Maintain a sense of confidence

One thing you should always remember about relationships is that women will always treat you how you treat yourself and how you allow them.

It is a common mistake among guys to lose themselves in a relationship when they are crazy about a girl. A woman can use that as a weakness.

And it will be challenging to get her to want you when you are on the defensive side.

Your value is what will make a woman want you. It’s easy to establish boundaries and display your self-worth when you are confident.

When you are getting to know each other, a woman will test you to determine your worth and confidence.

Maintaining a sense of confidence will prove you high-value and it will inspire the woman to want you. Women always want good things that are in limited editions.

2.    Inspire trust and comfort

Most guys assume a personality they think a woman will like when trying to impress her.

However, not being a genuine self can make you inconsistent in subtle ways that will make you look dishonest or cunning.

That can trigger doubt and make a woman erect her defense walls.

Building trust with a girl can inspire a strong emotional connection.

The girl will be comfortable around you which can motivate her to open up. The woman will grow emotionally attached to you.

The emotional connection will make her trust deeply. That’s motivation enough for a woman to want you.

3.    Understand what the woman desires

Relationships are designed to be give and take. You want the woman because of what she has to offer and she likes you because of what she gets.

Understanding her desires puts you in a better place to know what she needs.

A person’s desires can make them vulnerable and trigger a daring personality just to achieve what one desires.

A woman will open easily to you once there are trust and comfort. You can explore what she desires in a man, sexually, emotionally, and physically.

A woman will want you because she feels fulfilled when she’s with you. Emotional dependency is not a bad idea if you want a girl to crave for you badly.

4.    Build a strong emotional connection

Women are more attracted to what appeals to them emotionally.

Creating an emotional bond with a woman you want will make you indispensable.

The woman will also find you more attractive because people tend to overlook imperfections in people they are attracted to.

Strong emotional connection can create the illusion of ‘Us against the world.’ That can create a very compelling force to push a woman to want you.

An emotional bond with a woman can give you access to her innermost circle. Women desire men they feel understand them.

You understand her emotional connection to things and so you understand her decisions and reactions.

She’ll want you because you are the only one that seems to understand her.

5.    Make your intentions clear

One common mistake that guys make sometimes is trying to pretend to be the woman’s friend with no expectations of romance.

That’s how you get stuck in the friend zone of the woman you want. Making your intentions clear from the start eliminates doubt.

That gives you an ample state to build trust and comfort. You’ll trigger curiosity in that direction.

A woman knowing that you are sexually attracted to her will make her consider if she wants you sexually.

She will feel comfortable investing her emotions in you because the chances of rejection are slim.

The sneaky part about making your intention known early is it shows you if there are chances of success or not.

Rejection will not be as painful as one that you had invested your emotions in.

No matter how good we are, sometimes a woman may turn you down for her reasons.

6.    Make the woman feel special

The first hack to getting any woman is to make her feel good.

A woman’s confidence around you will grow when she’s happy. She’ll start daring herself because of the newfound confidence and you might just be the major beneficiary of her daring self.

A woman that feels special when she’s around you will always want to be around you. That can foster and grow strong emotional bonds.

The first and fool-proof way to make a woman feel special is by giving her your undivided attention.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met her or you have known each other for a while. Paying attention to your woman will make you notice little things about her.

You’ll be able to understand what she’s saying without her voicing it (Most women communicate like that especially when she’s experiencing undesirable emotions.

7.    Project a future together

The media shows love and romantic relationships as the most blissful things on the planet. The truth is relationships are tough and sometimes love alone is not enough.

A woman will want you because she loves you and she sees potential. Projecting a future together can show her your potential and what she’ll potentially miss if she lets you go.

The trick when you are projecting a future together is to understand what the woman desires.

If she’s family-oriented, you can project your family together and discuss what both of you would want.

The woman will associate you with achieving that aspect of her life which can be a significant motivator for her to want you.

8.    Show her your vulnerable side

Some guys have mastered the art of getting women’s attention and interest with sad stories. Sad stories show your vulnerable side.

When you are experiencing or talking about your vulnerability, you get submerged subconsciously in the emotional wave that it triggers.

But women have high emotional intelligence and can relate or try to feel what they are feeling.

Your pain can make a woman want you because she knows she’ll make you happy again.

Most women have a messiah complex and that’s why they always think they’ll be the one to change a guy.

However, there’s a thin line between getting her to want you and making her feel pity for you.

Showing too much vulnerability might make you seem unstable to have someone else in your life.

She’ll feel sorry for you and you might end up in the friend zone. Balance your vulnerability and strength to lure her in.

9.    Show your passion and adventurous spirit

The easiest way to make a woman want you is to attract her. Women are attracted to guys that are passionate and enthusiastic about life.

A girl will feel safe wanting you because she knows you’ll be passionate and enthusiastic with her.

Her perception of how you’ll treat her can trigger a snowball effect of thoughts which can build a strong attraction.

Her mind doesn’t really know if she’s experiencing what she’s thinking.

That can make her subconsciously drawn to you even if you’ve not explored much together.

The advantage of being passionate and adventurous with life is that you’ll always have something new to do.

Engaging a woman in new activities can build a strong emotional connection that will propel the girl to want you.

10.    Become her escape

One of the fool-proof techniques to get a woman to want you is becoming her escape.

It can get overwhelming sometimes for a woman when she’s experiencing undesirable emotions.

Building an emotional connection and trust can make a woman confide in you. She’ll want to share with her good, bad, and ugly news.

That’s a huge sign that the woman has formed an emotional dependency on you. That can be easily used to create sexual interest and make a woman want you.

Provide her with a safe space that she can open up without fear.

When you become her escape, she’ll associate you with her peace.

She’ll feel secure and comfortable around you, which will make it easy for you to escalate and turn the tables.

You’ll also get her because once you become her escape, you’ll know too much about her.

Information is the most crucial bargaining chip.

11.    Be patient with her and yourself

Sometimes guys lose a woman that is interested in them because they want things to happen too fast.

An attraction is a gradual process whether it’s aimed for the long-term or short-term. Courting women is like marinating them for the big move.

Being patient will allow nature to help you get the woman you want.

She’ll have a build-up of desirable emotions if you play your cards right and that will push her towards you.

Patience is crucial because it allows escalation to come in naturally.

When you are trying to escalate and a woman objects, it might trigger self-consciousness or doubt in her that will make your escapade very challenging.

She’ll think you are just after the cookie and then disappear.

Patience builds emotional connection and trust which are crucial to getting a woman to want you.

12.    Give time for the woman to miss you

Relationships are selfless and selfish. Although the woman cares about you, she cares more about herself.

When you withdraw to make the woman miss you, she’ll miss the parts of you that make her life exciting and adventurous.

She’ll want you because she cannot do those things by herself or they don’t feel the same as when you do.

A little emotional and physical absence can help a woman realize your worth in their life.

If you are a high-value guy to them, they do anything to keep you to themselves.

She’ll be careful how she relates with you because she doesn’t want to lose you.

That gives you a pass to escalate and cement the bond you have.

It’s crucial that you show the woman the cards she’s dealt with in the early stages if you desire her to pursue you. It gives both of you clarity on how to handle each other.

When you impersonate a character you think the woman desires, you’ll lose your authenticity because you can only keep up the act for a certain period.

Allow the woman to see you and try to understand her because that’s where the magic happens.