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How to Make Women Chase You

How to Make Women Chase You

How to Make Women Chase You

When I first started out at dating I remember I started slowly to get accustomed to consistently approaching women and over a period of weeks I started to get numbers.

How to Make Women Chase You?  This was such a big deal for me at the time and eventually I started to go on dates. One of my biggest gripes was that the women that I really liked started to flake on me and I would usually never see them past the first date.

We have all been in this situation where we have felt that we have been chasing our tails trying to make this girl we really to like to like us back. When I finally figured it out I was surprised how simple the solution was and I will share some important tips in relation to this below.

Be Authentic

I have said this before and I cannot say it enough but be your true authentic self. One the main reasons I had girls that I really liked flake on me was at the beginning I was afraid of what they thought of me so I tried to be someone else. This was such a cop out on my behalf.

Instead of the confident funny guy that all my friends and family knew very well she had to get to know this nervous, indecisive and needy guy that was looking for her approval. I was afraid that she would reject me for who I really was.

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So instead the more dates I went on with beautiful women I started to make a conscious effort to really let her get to know me in terms of my humour, values and beliefs. So do not be afraid to be yourself and to challenge her on her beliefs.

She will respect you as a man who is confident in himself and his own reality and she will find you far more attractive as a result. My dating success immediately increased as a result.

Stop Giving Her Value

Another major mistake that I made and most guys make is that they give women that they really like way too much value. Remember women are very intuitive and they will pick up on this from the get go and from their point of view they will be used to this. This is not what women want.

So stop treating her like royalty based on the fact that she happens to be born with a good cheekbone structure. She is human just like you and she has her own insecurities as well.

So instead your angle should be that she may be physically attractive but does she have the personality that suits you? Remember that beauty is only skin deep and there are tons of beautiful women out there that may suit you better than her.

This is a mind-set that you will consciously have to work on but over time you will develop a habit of doing this.

Keep Your Options Open

This is a very common mistake that a lot of guys make is that once they meet a beautiful girl they tend to put all their eggs in one basket with her and essentially become infactuated with her.

As I mentioned before women will pick up on your behaviour and what you think of her very quickly and from her point of view she will know that you are coming from a mind-set of lack.

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How to Make Women Chase You

This happened to me when I first started dating but the more dates I went on the more confident I became and I started to develop a healthy abundance mind-set. Most guys almost convince themselves that they are cheating on her and they don’t want her to know that they maybe dating other women.

The reality is that she is not your girlfriend and you do not owe her any explanation. I am not saying to rub her face in it that you are dating other women but do not try to hide it either.

Not only will it give you a healthier mind-set but she will start to see you as a guy in demand and as a result you will appear far more attractive.

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