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How to make her chase you in a relationship

How to make her chase you in a relationship

Most guys have never experienced the thrill of being chased by the woman they like.

It’s an addictive feeling that you can’t get enough of.

However, you cannot blame guys because we are the hunters and most women are too shy to chase a man.

How to make her chase you in a relationship

The life-changing question for most guys is how do I get the woman I like to chase me? It’s easy to make any woman chase you if you can get the one you like heels over you.

When you like a woman the stakes usually go up which can make it challenging to get her to chase you. In this blog, you’ll learn how to make her chase you in a relationship.

It’s easy for women to make guys chase them because most guys are interested in sex. They are enticed by what they see. A woman will skillfully use her physical charm to lure in men and get them to chase after her.

What attracts women to guys? Most women want a guy that’s romantic, financially stable, funny, confident, and good-looking. That looks like a rare kind of man to find. And that’s what women desire most in men.

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Women desire men that are rare to find. That’s the only way that you’ll get a woman to chase you.

Women will chase a man because he has something they desire, but they can’t get it from just any man.

Here you’ll explore both psychological and direct ways to make yourself enticing and irresistible to a woman you want. Let’s look at how to make her chase you in a relationship.

Make yourself enticing.

The first rule to make women chase you is to make yourself as enticing as possible. You need something that will make you stand out and act as bait.

Building your image can make you appear as a high-value man, which will attract women to you. A woman that finds you attractive will easily build her interest in you. You can use her interest in you to spread roots and make yourself irresistible to her.

When a woman is attracted to you, she tends to be more permissive to your escalation. That can give you a very special chance to make her crazy about you and get her to chase your dating coach for men.

Here are ways you can make yourself enticing to women:

  • Build your confidence. Women are attracted to confident guys because of the composure and stability they inspire. Confident men know what they want and that gives a woman a sense of security when you approach her. In her mind, you’ll have approached her because she’s the one you want. Lack of confidence can easily be misinterpreted for desperation.
  • Work on your appearance. Your appearance will inspire your first impression. A woman’s idea of you can make her chase you. How you take care of yourself also communicates your worth.
  • Show your passion. Women are irresistibly attracted to men that display passion because of their enthusiasm about life and the positive vibes they give. It’s euphoric to be around people that see the good in life because you share that perspective when you are around them.
  • Share with her your ambition and values. It’s imprinted in women to yearn for stability and security. You can use that to entice a woman. A woman will chase you because of the focus and potential you display.

The second step to ensure a woman chases you is understanding what she wants. Relationships have a trading nature in them that most people choose to ignore.

But if you know what’s being traded, you can place yourself to get a good deal. If you can deliver what she wants, her thirst to fulfill her desires will motivate her to chase you.

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Every woman has a soft spot that drives her desires wild. It’s a place where resistance is at its lowest and attraction at its peak.

It’s important to understand your girl so that you focus all you’ve got in one place. Some women are a sucker for old romance, that’s her switch. You can metamorphosis into dear Shakespeare, wow her, and make her crave for more.

Here are some tips to find out what makes her tick:

  • Build trust and comfort. You’ll need the woman to trust you to make her open up something that makes her vulnerable. You can start a trust snowball effect by showing her you trust her. You can tell her something that makes you vulnerable but not something she can use as a weakness before you get what you want.
  • Genuinely listen to her. It’s easy to conquer something you are familiar with. Listening to a woman with the intention of understanding can give you an idea of what she desires. A woman can tell when you are listening, which might inspire her to tell you more about herself.
  • Establish an emotional connection. Most of the time women hide what makes them tick because it exposes them. Emotional connection can further strengthen trust and build comfort. That will make it easy for her to tell you what she wouldn’t tell a guy or anyone.

Build sexual tension.

The third rule when you want a woman to chase you is building sexual tension. A woman’s sexual desire can motivate her to be very daring in her pursuit to fulfill her desires. Building sexual tension can trigger a strong sexual attraction.

How to make her chase you in a relationship

Beautiful women are approached by many guys every day. Most of these guys will want to offer more than you can offer. To make her chase you, you need her to feel that she needs you. She will want more of you around her.

You’ll be in a powerful place to make a woman chase you if all her focus is on you. The intense mixed emotions a woman experiences with growing sexual tension can make her all about you. Since you’re the one who has triggered the reaction, she’ll associate you with calming them.

Sexual tension takes you from a friend to someone she wants to sleep with. Here are tips to build strong sexual tension:

  • The power of touch. Breaking the touch barrier allows for physical escalation, which is crucial for building sexual tension. Although the covid aspect is not making it easy to break the touch barrier, sharing things can make contact more likely.
  • Flirting is one of the most foolproof techniques of building sexual tension. Women have wild imaginations and fantasies. Playing around with the idea you will be the one to fulfill her desires can make a woman crazy about you. Flirting also lightens the mood for escalation.
  • Seduction is the most flawless technique to build sexual tension that will get a woman chasing you. Seduction preys on the power of mystery. A woman’s imagination will do more of the work. Understanding a woman’s dark desires can make you irresistibly seductive. Women have a weakness for seductive men because of their mastery of persuasion.

Launch the exit plan.

When you have built a woman’s interest, attraction, and curiosity in you, then it’s time to pull out. Pulling out to get a woman to chase you can be a challenge to most guys.

Women will offer resistance when you are trying to change the tables. Most guys fear losing the woman and so they go back to pursuing the woman. That will make your chances very slim to get the woman to chase you next time.

Before you launch the exit plan, it’s good to know that the woman is where you want her. When you launch too early, you’ll lose the woman.

Qualifying a woman is the sneakiest way to determine if the woman is hooked. Qualifying can also be a good transition to get her to start chasing you. Challenge the woman’s intention to know if she is fully in. If she tries to justify and convince you of her intentions then she’s fully in.

After qualifying a woman and knowing that she’s hooked, you can start pulling out. Here are sneaky ways how to make her chase you in a relationship:

  • Tone down the attention and affection. Women like to feel like they are the only woman that exists in your reality. Feeling special is something they can’t get enough of. When you tone down on attention and affection, the woman will want to maintain the status quo. So, if you are going to her place rarely, she shows up at your place often.
  • Introduce other women. Introducing other women to make a woman chase you needs to be done skillfully. The trick is for the woman to know you have options but to also believe you are not interested in those options. Competition can make a woman step up and start chasing you.
  • Have a life and live it. Having a life will make you scarce. But the trick to using this technique is to show your passion in life and enthusiasm. A woman will want to be part of it and that can motivate her to chase you.
  • Capture her social circle. Social circles can have a powerful influence on a person’s decision. Capturing the interest of a woman’s social circle makes you social proof. When you are withdrawing to make her chase you, that’s the time to keep her social circles close. If you are in their good books, they’ll be the ones to motivate her to chase you.
  • Know when to say NO. Most guys fear telling a woman they want no because they are scared of losing them. Doing whatever it takes to keep a woman is what makes a guy lose her because it can easily pass as desperation. Knowing when to say no allows the woman to know when it’s her time to step up. That can motivate her to chase you.

It is easy to get a woman you want to chase you if you know what she needs, show her that you have it, then let her work for it. However, you also need to find a balance to know when to pursue a woman and when to let her do the chasing.

Women have mastered how to test guys and make them fall for their charm. She will play hard to get so that you chase her. But when you have what she desires tables change.

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