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How to make female friends

How to make female friends
Friendship cannot grow when only one person is putting in the work. Making and building a strong friendship requires time, effort, and patience from both parties. It becomes even harder when you’re looking for friendship in your adulthood. You have to put yourself out there to interact and meet people who become potential friends.

Make female friends

It takes work to have a meaningful friendship and for this reason, men have a hard time getting friendship to that point since their attention is often divided. That’s why you’re likely to meet a lot of guys who are eager to find friends. Talking is the first step and it is the trickiest part to overcome. If you sing over and over how much you need to make female friends and don’t commit yourself to that, you are not likely to make it happen.
In this blog, we discuss the best techniques that can guide you not only on how to make female friends but also create meaningful, real, and lifetime friendships.
    • Expand your circle
    • Identify the qualities you want
    • Start a conversation
    • Be at your best self
    • Discuss individual interests
    • Be positive and fun
    • Follow up with her
    • Share your experiences
    • Make plans for activities
  • Introduce her to your other friends
1.    Expand your circle The reason you haven’t found a female friend yet could be because your circle is small. Limiting yourself to a number of people lowers your chances of meeting other people. Look for ways to be more active and social to build connections. Some ways you can expand your circle include;
    • Joining social activities within your community- social activities offer you the opportunity to interact with different people. You’re more likely to create connections with ladies if you put yourself out there.
    • Joining social media platforms- platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to make friends by putting you out there to attract like-minded individuals.
  • Accepting invitations to events and functions- offers you an opportunity to meet different people from all over. It is in events where people can talk about random things and like each other. Identifying what you want when looking at lady friends makes it easy to attract one who closely relates to your needs.
(Do you want a girl like you? Check this out: how to make a girl like you). The more people you meet the more likely you are to make female friends. 2.    Identify the qualities you want You’re more likely to speed up this adventure by knowing what you want from the friend. Knowing what you want frees you from putting too much pressure on yourself. You focus on only building connections with people who have the qualities you desire. (Here’s a great article on how to tackle the dating scene: How to start dating). Talking to everyone you meet doesn’t guarantee that you’ll relate to your qualities but having qualities to look out for increases your chances of making friends. This is a good idea of ‘short-listing’ you to people you choose to interact with. This method increases your chance of meeting people you’d love to hang out with and be with friends. For instance, if you want to make friends with people who love music or reading, you’ll know the places to hang out to find them. 3.    Start a conversation Mastering conversation skills can make you swift on how to make female friends. You may not know the person you wish to make a friendship with but it would be good to have someone break the ice. (Learn how to master the art of seduction: How to Seduce a Woman).

This will help you show her that you gathered the courage to approach her because you want to know her deeper. You might want to consider some tips that will help you through;
    • Be friendly. Don’t come off as a jerk; say the right things that will earn you her need to make you a friend too. Things like offering to help her out with something, recommending something to her will make you look better.
  • Keep the introduction light with open-ended questions. Starting a conversation with a stranger isn’t an easy thing to do. Avoid complicating it by asking something interesting. To keep the conversation going, consider asking questions that require her to think and give feedback.
4.    Be at your best self Most women are attracted to people who take their time in self-care. Presenting your best self to her will have her admiring you and possibly seeing you being closer. A good-looking person creates a good first-time impression and this matters a lot. However, being good-looking doesn’t only revolve around how smartly dressed you’re, saying the right things makes you more attractive. Ensure that you’re comfortable with how you look; it will give you more confidence to talk to her. For instance, if you’re a lady looking to make female friends, avoid putting on too much makeup; it might end up making you look like a crown. Making the first move isn’t an easy thing to do but being at your best self makes things easier for your dating coach for men. 5.    Discuss individual interests Talking about your interests is a great way to tackle the issue of ‘how to make female friends’. You might discover how alike you are by talking about things you’re both passionate about. Enhancing a good foundation in growing a friendship makes the bond stronger and you are inseparable. (Learn how to go from friendship to romance: How to tell a girl you like her). Talking about your interests is likely to invite you to do some activities together. When you discover that you love doing similar fun activities, you might be inspired to do them together creating a bigger bond for friendship. Also, asking her about her interests will make her see that you are interested in knowing her deeper and better. A person is only interested in knowing more about someone when they have feelings for them. When she shares her interests, share yours too. Building friendships takes two people and it is only fair when you tell her about your passions too. 6.    Be positive and fun Friendship is supposed to be fun and full of laughs. The last thing you want as a friend is boredom and judgement. You attract who you are so avoid having traits you’d hate in another person. Being fun makes you attractive to girls and makes them wish to be friends with you. Body language can help you read how people react when you’re out there having fun. Some tips to guide you on how to build the right energy are;
  • Be open-minded. Don’t put some much emphasis on qualities you’re looking for in a friend that blinds you from meeting some amazing people. Humans are full of shortcomings. Therefore, it would be a good idea to give people you admire the benefit of the doubt and connect. Being too picky will make you miss the finest of people.
  • Enjoy carrying out outdoor activities. Having yourself locked indoors prevents you from building real connections with people. Outdoor activities are fun and create a chance of meeting potential female friends.
  • Avoid being uptight. People who are uptight miss out on so much fun. Don’t be a person who fails to experience fun just because you don’t like the activity. Try out as many fun things as possible and you’ll realize how amazing it feels at the same time meeting amazing people.
7.    Follow up with her One of the best ways to create stronger bonds is constantly checking up on your friend on remembering their important dates. Follow up on the plans they have in place and ask to help. It is always good to have an important person who is present in the good and bad days and what’s a better way than being that person. (Another awesome article for you on how to text girls: How to text a girl for the first time). Remembering your friends’ birthdays and making surprise parties or sending them gifts is what good friends do. Also, constantly calling or texting to check up on them makes you a good person. Any gesture, no matter how small it is to show her how much you care, will mean a lot. 8.    Share your experiences Take some time to just talk and share experiences. Talk about your dreams as a child, what you wished to be when growing up, how your childhood was, and the influence it had on you. Talk to her about your work experiences and the ones you’ve had in relationships as well. Letting your friend know the things you have experienced while growing up will make her know you on a deeper level. It’s like leaving yourself ‘naked’ for her to see the scars that have made you stronger and things that make you the person you’re. Sharing your experience is likely to influence your friend to see you as a safe-to-go place. It might help them share their pain and learn to let go of things that bring them down. Basically, talk about everything and anything. Sharing creates a better bond for a better friendship. 9.    Make plans for activities Friendship is made stronger when you engage in fun activities together. While at it, you get to discover so many things you didn’t know about them and vice versa. Making plans will help you get out of your comfort zone and try out new adventures. (Read this for some general tips on how to find beautiful women: How to meet women). Having a female friend that is always psyched to have some fun is amazing. Fun plans influence you to be positive towards life and live fully. It is always nice to be a free spirit once in a while so you can discover what life has to offer. Making random trips to new countries, signing up for yoga classes, and learning a new hobby are just a few of the choices you should consider when making plans. 10.    Introduce her to your other friends Only when you have made a strong connection with your female friend should you consider introducing her to your other friends. When you get to a point of making this decision, you’re sure about them and feel like they are family to you. Introduce her to the larger family which is your other friends and let her know that she’s a part of you now. Letting her know the position you have placed her in your life will make her feel more special, appreciated, and important. (This article is class: How to kiss a girl ). It is good to ensure that she gets invited to the group events and your important days as well. Your other friends will also appreciate this gesture since it is a sign that you don’t take friendship for granted. Final take How to make female friends can make you good around even women you are attracted to. Having a friend that makes you see a family in them is an even bigger blessing since you can be sure of counting on them at anything. Before highlighting the qualities, you wish to find in your new friend, ensure that you’re a good friend first. It would be so hypocritical to desire what you can’t be. Avoid being so picky too, take it as an experience to learn people and find the good in them. However, amidst so much fakery, remember to go slow on the process of making someone your friend. Learn their approach to life and how trusted they can be when put to test. Do you want to drastically improve your dating life? Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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