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How to make a woman sexually addicted to you?

How to make a woman sexually addicted to you?

They say addictions are bad for you.

Smoking, drinking, I can understand. But what about sexual addictions?

Specifically, what about those sexual addictions where you are that subject of the chase?

Morals and ethics aside..

Today I want to give you a cheat sheet on how to addict the woman you want sexually such that she can’t help but keep coming back for more!

Now, who better to give you this information than a woman herself?

Imagine having the power to please any woman to the extent that she wants to have sex with you at all time.

That would be great, right?

The good news is, you actually can.

Orgasms are incredibly addictive. Brain scans of women’s brains during orgasm appear similar to those of people who shoot heroin.

Due to the brain’s ability to change form and functionality, repeated orgasms can make a woman’s mind addicted to dating coaches for men.

All you have to do is give her a bunch of orgasms.

Yeah, easier said than done.

Most women don’t even get to one orgasm the first time she sleeps with a new man.

With these tips, however, you will be her first!

Woman sexually addicted

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Give her an orgasm during foreplay

Rarely do men do this.

A good number of them, if not all, rush to the finish line, after which there is nothing else to do.

So, if you want to addict her, strictly make her cum before the actual sex.

You have the freedom to do this; however, you please: use your tongue, use your fingers, or go for a toy.

Whichever means you choose, make sure you make her climax before sex.

Make her squirt

According to statistics, only 12% of women aged between 18 and 25 have ever squirted.

The chances that the woman you are with has squirted before are rather slim.

It is therefore needless to say that she will certainly be addicted to you if you can give her an experience she has never had before – she will be craving your touch and presence.

Now, to get her to squirt, you will have to stimulate the g-spot.

It is roughly 2 inches inside the vagina on the upper side.

Therefore, instead of moving your fingers in an in- and- out- motion, go with a come hither motion.

As the momentum picks up, and you can see her responding to what you are doing, you need to start going harder and faster.

Now, no matter what happens, do not stop even when she is already squirting.

If you keep going, there is a chance you’ll make her squirt some more, so keep at it.

Note, she might feel like she is about to pee. That is normal.

It’s the feeling a woman has right before she squirts. She might pee all over your bed, but she might also not.

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Have enough stamina to hold several orgasms

When a woman is with you for the first time, she will naturally focus on your pleasure and neglect hers.

This happens to a good number of women hence the reason why it is difficult for women to get orgasms during that first time.

Therefore, if you could last up to two or three times, you will give her a chance to now concentrate more on herself; hence she will be more likely to climax.

Now, lasting up to two or times might sound hilarious. But it’s simpler than you think.

After your first orgasm, switch to other forms of stimulation like oral sex.

You can go down on her until your mojo comes back, after which you can go for another round.

Another way to last up to two or three times is by trying “tantric sex” whose practices teach men how to get off several times in one session without ejaculating; hence no recovery time.

The upside to this whole thing is that she will think that you are a sex ninja when you last two or three times, and she will be telling her friends all about you.

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You now have your cheat sheet on how to addict your new catch sexually.

The good news is, even if you try one of these tips, you are still going to be the best lover she has EVER had.

Don’t be shocked when she starts calling you and showing up at your place without an invitation.

Lots of love,

Annabella Rose

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