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How to Make a Girl like You through Text

How to Make a Girl like You through Text

How to Make a Girl like You through Text ,Getting a girl to like you through text is much easier than you think, you just can’t overthink it.

You finally have the girl’s number, now what?


Under no circumstances should you dwell on it.

Do not wait a week or a few days, message her the next day!

Girls like guys that are consistent and that don’t lead them on. No girl wants to wait days for that, “hey, how are you?”, text message.

Just remember, girls move quickly.

If you do not get in there, in time, someone might just beat you to it.

Now do not get confused, you can get a girl to fancy you and like you through text messages. However, that is it!

You will not be able to make a girl you barely know fall in love with you through only messaging, so don’t expect miracles.

You first need to look at the situation for what it is, how long have you known this girl? Are you trying to make a girl like you, before you ask her on a first date? Or is this a girl you have seen for a while and you are trying to make her like you even more through messaging.

It is much easier to get a girl to like you through text, if you already know her or have met her before.

As you know what her “banta” is like, what her personality is saying, what energy surrounds her, and you will have a better understanding of her, so it will be easier to flirt.

This is why you need to have you’re A game on when you first start messaging her and ask to see her relatively soon.

So that you can carry on to get her liking you through text but the difference is you have the upper hand of knowing her a bit more, and this will play in your favour.

No one starts to like a stranger they have never met, she may fancy you because you are a good texter but you need to meet her and unlock all the other things before a girl will start properly liking you.

For instance, the main thing is: does she find you attractive!?

She will only be able to decide this once she has met you!

Make a Girl like You through Text

Now before you meet her you obviously need to exchange a few words, get to know her a few days on text, get her to warm up to you and ease into the question of, “when shall we go out”?

Things to do and not to do when messaging a girl

    • Before you can consistently message someone, you need to    establish a connection, get to know her first, see what she likes, let her get to know you. Establish that vibe between yourselves.
    • You need to know when to message her, you don’t need to message her all the time, it’s unnecessary. It will bug her if you are trying to message her everyday all day. She has a life let her get on with it, and it will make her think you don’t.
    • But saying this, do not be flakey. Keep it together and keep it on track. Do not let yourself become derailed.
    • Be consistent in messaging her, don’t message her once in one day and then not for a few days. Do not become inconsistent in messaging her, she will lose interest.
    • You need to have flirtatious energy between each other, not too flirty if you don’t really know her yet. But just enough to ease your way in. Once you have met a few times you can turn the volume up on the flirting, as you will know her boundaries.
    • Just be very careful not to be over flirty this can be a slippery slope, she may think you are only after one thing and that you see her as an object.
    • You need good energy within your texts, be nice, this is key! No girl likes a guy who is overly confident with his texts.
    • Make sure every message has a question in it, so you know she can respond, if you send a dead reply you are most likely going to get ‘left on read’.
    • You need to match her energy; match her tone and the way she flirts. If she uses emojis you use emojis, it is that simple.
    • Girls absolutely hate it when they feel a guy cannot take their jokes or humour, or better yet, cannot match it.
    • Don’t forget she’s much in this conversation as you are and if it is painful for you it is most certainly painful for her also.
    • Try asking to phone call or facetime her every once in a while. This will help the messages be less awkward. Talking to someone over the phone is way easier than text message. There is less misunderstanding, you can tell the tone of how everything is being said and it is easier to get to know her more quickly than you would have done if you were texting all day.

After you have finished the phone call, don’t message her straight away, you don’t need to seem too keen!

Just remember every girl talks to a few guys when she is single, if you want her to like you, you need to stand out!

  • Be witty, make her laugh, be a gentleman above all!

It is very clear if a girl is not feeling the conversation, girls are not exactly subtle.

Ways to know she is not feeling the conversation

    • Slow replies, does it take her hours to reply to you? If this is the case, she does not care for the conversation. But don’t get this wrong with her matching the time you take to reply that’s normal!
    • Is she being blunt? if she’s sending you one worded answer or just a few words she’s not feeling the conversation or you for a matter of that fact.
    • You have asked to meet her, and she has said no. Safe to say that’s the end of that.
  • Is she not asking you any questions about yourself? If she is just answering what you are asking her, this means she does not care about you or intrigued enough by you to ask about yourself.

You will understand if a girl is starting to not get interested through text, the mood of the conversation will change instantly, and you will get that gut feeling.

Just remember… If she is not feeling the conversation, she is not feeling you.

Sometimes the spark was never there in the beginning and sometimes it gets lost in translation.

On certain occasions you can win her back but in other times you may not be as lucky. But rest assured there are plenty of fish in the sea!

If she has stopped replying to you all together, time to find another girl. However, if she is replying but her replies are lifeless and boring, you still may have time to win her back….

The best ways to win a girl back is to relax a little, look at the situation for what it really is and not what you have imagined it to be!

Have you been too keen?

Too jokey in your messages?

Too flirty perhaps?

Or have you been too serious? If so try playful humour, try to make her laugh.

If you are telling her jokes all the time, it’s time to hold back and be more serious in the conversation, you’re not a clown.

If you have been replying really fast, start slowing this down let her wonder where you are, but do not leave her hours and hours.

Whatever you have been doing is clearly not working, so time to switch it up, change direction and change your tactics!

How to notice when a girl is starting to like you through text:

    • Can you feel the energy between yourselves, can you feel that connection? You will be able to feel that your messages are on the same vibe? Is she throwing back what you are giving?
    • Is she trying to flirt with you? If yes this is a good sign
    • Are her replies fast? Does she reply sometimes within minutes, even if you left her waiting for hours?
  • Are her replies long? Is she trying to keep the conversation alive? Do her replies contain a question, is she answering all your questions in full? This means she’s interested!

Once a girl is interested, if you carry on what you are doing, she will eventually start liking you.

One key rule mentioned at the beginning of this blog, do not drag out the texting!

It’s like a free trial, the trail has to come to an end and you either buy or reject. But it will be you getting rejected.

Getting a girl to start to fancy you on text is easy, you just need to say the right thing at the right time and know how to structure your messages.

Girls catch feelings so easily, it’s really not rocket science, you just need to think like a girl.

Imagine yourself in their shoes.

If you think like a girl, you will start to think about what they like, once you know that ‘shabang’ you are there, the connection is established.

Just remember one thing, a girl loves a guy who listens, and acts interested in what they are saying, a girl can tell if you are not fully there.

Overcome the obstacle by staying interested and focused in what they have to say on text.

This will make a girl like you through messaging, guaranteed.